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Publication numberUS3641946 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1972
Filing dateDec 29, 1969
Priority dateDec 31, 1968
Also published asDE1964682A1, DE1964682B2, DE1964682C3
Publication numberUS 3641946 A, US 3641946A, US-A-3641946, US3641946 A, US3641946A
InventorsCharnay Henri
Original AssigneeCharnay Henri
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Drawing tables
US 3641946 A
Drawing or draughting table comprising a board, fast with plates oscillating on a pivot on which slide two arms adapted to also slide along two posts, pins on the arms penetrating into apertures formed in the plates and in the posts and a cam controlling the sliding action of the arms on the pivots.
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United States Patent Charnay [4 1 Feb. 15, 1972 s41 DRAWING TABLES 3,140,559 7/1964 Grow et al. 108/6 3,199,825 8/l965 Bellows 108/6 [721 "9'!" Charm, 148 Rue mum?" 3,273,517 9/1966 Amthor, Jr. et al.. 108/2 PM, 15 we, France 3,358,620 12/1967 Parigi l08/6 22 Filed; 29 19 9 3,364,88! 1/1968 K001 ..l08/i0 [2i] App]. No.: 888,304 Primary Examiner-Bobby R. Gay

Assistant Examiner-Glenn O. Finch 301 Foreign Application Priority Data Dec. 31, 1968 France ..1s2s77 ABSTRACT Drawing or draughting table comprising a board, fast with [52] US. Cl. ..108/6 plates oscillating on a pivot on which Slide two arms adapted 1 t t 10 to also slide along two posts, pins on the arms penetrating into [58] Field oi Search ..l08/ 1-] 0, 136 apertures formed i the plates and in the posts and a cam controlling the sliding action of the arms on the pivots. [56] Reierences Cited 1 Claim,'4 Drawing Figures UNITED STATES PATENTS l,956,546 4/1934 Froelich ..l08/2 n 0 we on uantum 4 PATENTED EB 15 I972 SHEET 2 [IF 2 DRAWING TABLES The invention relates to a drawing or draughting table the board of which is adjustable as to slope and height.

Some constructions make use of systems involving a deformable parallelogram and heavy, cumbersome weights permitting simultaneous locking adjustments, whereas others employ slides having, however, two independent locking adjustments.

The invention relates to a drawing table which is adjustable as to height and inclination and is characterized in that the drawing board is mounted to oscillate on a pivot constituting the connecting means between the board and two arms sliding on the one hand along two fixed legs and on the other hand on the pivot, each arm having two locking pins, one fixing the vertical position of the arm by penetrating into an aperture formed in the leg and the other fixing the angle of inclination of the board by penetrating into an aperture formed in a plate fast with the board, a control device permitting the sliding of the arm on the pivot so as to disengage the pins from their aperture.

Further, supplementary features of the invention will be disclosed in the description given hereinbelow, with reference to the accompanying drawings. Of course, the description and the drawings are given purely by way of nonlimitative example.

FIG. I is a lateral view, in elevation, of a table according to the invention;

FIG. 2 is is a front, elevational view of the table shown in FIG. 1, without its casing;

FIG. 3 is a section taken along the line llllIl of FIG. 1;

F IG. 4 is a section along the line lV-lV of FIG. 3.

According to the invention, the drawing table shown in the Figures comprises a base 1 on which is secured a frame 2 comprising two posts or uprights 3 between which slide, vertically, two arms 4 supporting the drawing board 5.

The board 5 is provided with two plates 6 between which is secured a pivot 7 on which slide the two arms 4.

The arms 4 are provided at both ends with pins 8 one of which penetrates into the apertures 9 formed in the posts, so as to fix the height of the board and the other into apertures 10 formed in the plate 60 so as to fix the angle of inclination of the board, the said apertures 10 being arranged in an arc of a circle about the pivot 7.

In order to control the removal of a pin, a cam 11 formed from a rod of oval section acts on a bar 12 fixed perpendicular to the arm 4 and the end of which remains in contact with the cam due to the action of two studs 13 disposed at each end of the arms 4 and urged by a spring 14 against the plate 6 on the one hand and the post 3 on the other hand.

The pins 8 are provided with a spring 15 enabling the pin to withdraw if it is not positioned opposite an aperture.

The pin 8 and the stud 13 are disposed in seatings l6 and 17 at the end of the arm 4, the springs 14 and 15 being maintained in the seating by a plate 18 formed with two apertures for the shank of the pins 8 and of the studs 13.

In order to compensate for the weight of the board 5, the bars 12, which are guided on rods 19, are urged by springs 20 surrounding the said rod 19.

In order to provide for the guiding of the lower ends of the arms 4, the frame 2 is covered on either side by walls 21 one of which is formed with an aperture for the passage of a handle 22 for manipulating the cam l 1.

The invention is in no way limited to the mode of embodiment described and illustrated but, on the contrary, covers all variants.

What is claimed is:

l. A drawing table comprising a base member, a vertical frame secured to said member including two apertured posts or uprights, two arms disposed between and in slidable contact with said posts, spring actuated pins located in the lower end portions of said arms for engagement in the apertures in said posts, to fix the height of said arms, a drawing board, circumferentially apertured arc shaped plates secured to the underside of said card in alignment with said posts, a pivot passing

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U.S. Classification108/6
International ClassificationA47B27/00, A47B27/02
Cooperative ClassificationA47B27/00
European ClassificationA47B27/00