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Publication numberUS36478 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 16, 1862
Publication numberUS 36478 A, US 36478A, US-A-36478, US36478 A, US36478A
InventorsCharles H. Phelps
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Improved can or tank for coal-oil
US 36478 A
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' 0. H. PHELPS.


I No. 36,478! Patented Sept. 16, 1862..

Q xm wmw if'n r MIMI], Wm H!!! H'IWW'I'I1M )IIHI W W I I I my w in nu .II I if!!! WWII ; NITED STATES P TENT OFFICE;


Specification forming part ofLc-ttcrs Patent No. 36,478, dated September ltl, 1562.

To all whom it 71mg concern.-

Be it known that I, CHAR-LES H. PHELPS, of the city,- county, and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Can or Receptacle for Goal-0il, and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being bad to the accompanying drawings, making a part of this specification, in whichv Figure l is a front View of my invention. Fig. 2 is a side sectional view of the same, taken in the line a: m, Fig. 1.

Similar letters of reference indicate co'rre-- spending parts in the two figures.

The object of this invention is toobtain a can or receptacle for coal-oil which will effectually prevent all leakage or evaporation from the same, and admit of the oil being drawn'froni it as required for use, and also admit of being readily filled when necessary, and conveniently transported from place to place.

\Vooden vessels cannot be inade to holdcoaloils. The latter penetrate the pores of the wood, and a vast deal is lost by evaporation and leakage, and as the smell of the oil is very oftensire it cannot be carried as freight with many other articles without great risk of injuring them, especially many kinds of provisionssuch as butter, cheese, flour, &c.--and special cars and special apartments in boats are neecssarily provided for it at an advanced rate of freight. Again, the evaporation and leakage of the oil is a serious loss to dealers, especially the retail portion, who are obliged to purchase in small quantities as they require it, and consequently are d ebarrcd from taking advantage of the market when the material is at a moderate price. I

My invention, it is believed, fully obviates these difficulties, the oil being tightly inclosed in a metallic box protected by a wooden case, 3

and provided with a faucet and screw-plug, all arranged in such a manner as to effect the desired end. To enable those skilled in the art to fully understand and construct my invention, I will proceed to describe it. 4

A represents a box constructed of sheet n'ict-al, and of quad rilaleral or other form. This box is inelosml within a wooden box or case, 13, of similar form, and of such (infill-- sions that the metal box may fit snugly within soek et has a circular opening at its center, provided with an internal screw, 0, in which a screwplu'g, D, is inserted, said plug being pro vided with a flange, b, at its outer edge, which, when the plug is screwed into the socket, abuts against a shoulder, c, in the latter, and forms a tight joint. (See Fig. 2.) The socket C does not proj ect beyond the side of the box A, as a depression is made in the side of said box to receive the socket, as shown in Fig. 2.

E is an opening or hole made in one side of the wooden case B, and in line with the socket C, the diameter of E being a trifle greater than that of the socket; and F is atube, which is ,to its top, and having its lower end pass through the side of A, just above the Socket 0, the orifice of F being closed by a screw, d, or any other suitable plug or stopper.

with a spigot, H, arranged in the usual or in any proper way. 4 The barrel c of the faucet has, two screws, ff, on its external surface, 'one f, being at its outer end, and the other, f, adjoining the tube 9, in which the spigot H is placed. These screwsff are of such dianieter that they will screw into a l'en'iale screw at the center of the plug 1). I WVhen the can or receptacle is in use, the faucet Ghas the outer screw, f, on its barrel 6 'fittcd in the plug 1), and the tube 9 of the faucet projects beyond the side of the wooden case B, so that the spigot TI may be turned conveniently. The barrel e is prevented from being screwed out from the plug 1) in consequence'of .a flange, 71., at its outer end. ,(See Fig. 2.)

When the can or. receptacle is not in use, the barrel 0 of I the fir-u'cet is unscrewed at its outer end from the plug D and shoved inward, and the screw f screwed into the plug D, the tube r/ being within the hole or opening E of the box or case B. By this arrangement it will be seen that the faucet is entirely out of the way when the device is being transported y from place to place, and they may be packed or stowed away in close cont-act side by side,

nent-lyto it by solder or other means. .This

fitted within, the metal box A, extending nearly G represents a faucet, which is, provided and without the liability of ha'ving the sockets knocked ofl' or bent, as would be the case if they were allowed to project from the boxes or cases.

In drawing the oil from the can the screw or plug or stopper (1 is removed from the orifice of the tube F to admit ofrair passing within the box A, and when the box Arequires to be -fi11ed= it is turned upfso that the plug D' will beat theupper' si'de of the box, and the plug is unscrewedvfrom the socket Q, the oil being poured into the box A throughsaid socket.

In order to preyent the plug D being casually unscrewed from the socket G, a screw, t, may pass into the socket and have its head fit in a recess or notch in the edge of the plug. V

. Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Pz ttent, is-

1'. A sheet-metal can or receptacle provided with it faucet inserted in a s,c1'ew-p1ug, for the purpose specified.

2. The constructing of the faucetwith two scr ws, substantially as shown, whenused in combination with the screw-plug, asand for the purpose herein described.


\Vitne'sses: v


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