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Publication numberUS3648700 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1972
Filing dateMar 19, 1971
Priority dateMar 19, 1971
Publication numberUS 3648700 A, US 3648700A, US-A-3648700, US3648700 A, US3648700A
InventorsHarold W Warner
Original AssigneeHarold W Warner
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Contraceptive device
US 3648700 A
A contraceptive device for the male comprising a somewhat resilient receiver which has a unitized lining of highly absorbent character and which may be thimble-shaped and dimensioned to fit over the forward end of the male organ with sharp portions extending rearwardly to an attaching band dimensioned for overlapping encirclement of the organ behind the glans.
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United States Patent Warner 1 Mm. M, 1972 [54] CONTRACEPTIVE DEVICE 2,389,931 5/1944 Welsh ..128/194 2,433,538 9/1945 Warner 128/294 [72] lnventor. lcla;' rfillgzllblwarner, 233 A St., San Diego, 2,577,345 9/1950 McEwenm 128/294 2,891,546 6/1959 Galloway ..128/295 22] il M 19, 1971 3,398,745 8/1968 Tjemeld et al ..128/295 PP 126,100 Primary ExaminerCharles F. Rosenbaum Attorney-Knox & Knox [52] [1.8. (11.... ..l28/294 [51] Int. Cl. ..A6lf 5/42 [57] ABSTRACT [58] Field of Search ..128/ 294, 295 A contraceptive device for the male comprising a somewhat resilient receiver which has a unitized. lining of highly absor- 5 Referen e Cited bent character and which may be thimble-shaped and dimensioned to fit over the forward end of the male organ with sharp UNITED STATES PATENTS portions extending rearwardly to an attaching band dimen- 824,634 11/1904 Ezell ..128/294 for overlapping enclmlemem of the organ behmd the 967,269 8/1910 Tibbs... ...128/294 2,123,109 5/1938 Jakala ..128/294 5 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures Patented March 14 3,648,700

INVENTOR. HAROLD W. WARNER Y Mam CONTRACEPTIVE DEVICE BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Many items have been developed for the general purposes of birth control and of these some have been designed for the use of the male. Such items, such as the ordinary condom, reflect concern for control of disease as a primary or secondary function, giving rise to the use of the term prophylactics to describe these thin sheaths capable of being worn by the man and covering the entire male organ. For a purpose similar to that of the instant invention, some of these prior art sheaths are provided with a reduced neck portion and a forwardly extending pouch for reception of semen. All such items are objectionable in that they reduce sensitivity and are somewhat prone to inadvertent detachment. Other devices, relying on use of medicaments and items such as diaphragms and intrauterine devices used by the female, are of course structurally quite distant from the present disclosed item.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION As herein claimed this invention is of unitary or one-piece construction, the material being rubbery and resilient yet form-retaining, there being three principal portions, namely, the forward end cup or thimble-shaped receiver with an absorbent lining unitary therewith which fits onto the forward portion of the male organ, a fastening or attaching band which has an adhesive inner surface and which is dimensioned for overlapping encirclement of the organ, and straps acting as tether means to hold the receiver in place.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the contraceptive device; FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken on line 2-2 of Figure; and FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3-3 of FIG. 2.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF A PREFERRED EMBODIMENT This invention as illustrated in the above mentioned figures comprises a receiver at the forward end of the item and this receiver is unitary with the other portions of the item, the whole being of rubbery material which should be tough in the sense of being rupture resistant but also quite resilient yet form-retaining and this material must also be impervious to moisture in at least the outer surface layer or portion 12.

The inner surface or layer portion 14 of the receiver 10 is made highly porous and absorbent. Since the material will be rubber, synthetic rubber, non-allergic plastic such as surgical plastic, or the like, this inner porous layer 14 can be readily accomplished by foaming or like processing the interior only and alternatively the absorbent material can be adhered to the inner side of the layer 12 or the receiver can be formed over a pre-formed inner portion 14.

The configuration of the receiver 10 may vary considerably but a preferred form is the illustrated thimble-shaped with a rounded or streamlined nose portion. At the rear of the receiver 10 I provide a reinforcing annular rib I6 which may take the form of a radially outwardly extending head, as shown, and this rib accentuates the natural form-retaining characteristic of the thimble form of the receiver.

A cowl 18 may be considered as a portion of the receiver 10 extending rearwardly beyond the reinforcing rib l6 and it will be noted that this cowl 18 is relatively short and merges into two strap portions, an upper strap Zlll and a wider lower strap 22. These straps may be considered tether means to connect the receiver 10 with the split attaching band M. The band M may be unitary with the straps 20 and 22 and the interior surface 26 of this band is provided with an adhesive similar to that used in adhesive tape. The length of the band 24 is somewhat in excess of the circumference of the cowl 18 to permit overlapping. The entire inner surface of the band may be made adhesive. I i

In use, the receiver, or more specifically the reinforcing rib 16 and/or cowl 18, will be pressed against the forepart of the glans penis and retained in that position by the straps 20 and 22 which bridge over the corona, and the band is adhered in overlapping encircling attachment to the shaft of the penis a short distance behind the glans. It will be clear that the receiver will contain any semen ejaculated thereinto and the porous portion M absorbs of least a large portion thereof. The adhesive band can be relied on to hold the item against inadvertent detachment. The item can be economically produced and is expendible. Since virtually the entire corona remains uncovered by the item there is minimal interference with sensitivity and, used correctly, the device gives complete contraceptive protection.

I claim 1. A contraceptive device for temporary attachment to the male organ, comprising:

a hollow thimble-shaped receiver of tough, externally moisture-impervious flexible yet form-retaining material, and having a streamlined forward end and a substantially annular rear opening;

a split attaching band on the order of4.5 inches and capable of encirclement of the shaft of the male organ behind the glans penis, the ends of said band being separable for ease in attachment and being overlapping when the device is in use and the interior surface of the attaching band being adhesive; and

tether means unitary with said band and receiver and connecting said receiver with said band, said tether means being dimensioned to bridge the corona portion of the glans without covering a major portion thereof.

2. A contraceptive device as in claim 1 wherein said receiver has a lining of highly porous material.

3. A contraceptive device according to claim 2 wherein said lining is unitized with the remaining portion of the receiver.

4. A contraceptive device according to claim 1 wherein said receiver has a reinforcing rib encircling the thinble-shaped receiver adjacent to the rear end thereof.

5. A contraceptive device according to claim 1 wherein said tether means comprises two straps having the forward ends thereof unitary with substantially diametrically opposed portions of the rear part of said receiver.

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U.S. Classification128/844, D24/105
International ClassificationA61F6/04
Cooperative ClassificationA61F2006/044, A61F6/04
European ClassificationA61F6/04