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Publication numberUS365245 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1887
Publication numberUS 365245 A, US 365245A, US-A-365245, US365245 A, US365245A
InventorsJames W. De Graff
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James w
US 365245 A
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(No Model.)



No. 365,245. Patented June 21,1887.


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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 365,245, dated June 21, 1887.

Application filed April lil, 1896. Serial No` 198,805. i (Nn model.)

To @ZZ whom, it may concern: joined inthe usual manner. rIhe otherend, f,

Be it known that L JAMES XV. DE GRAFF, a is permanentlyjoined to the top b and to the citizen of the United States, residing at Plainsides d, but is not joined to the bottom a. lield, county ot Union, and State of New lhe top I) is made in two parts, which are Jersey, have invented certain new and useful hinged together, as shown at g, and the sides 55 Improvements in Packing and Show Boxes, d are divided on oblique lines extending from fully described and represented in the followthe hinge g to the lower front corners, thus ing specification and the accompanying drawproviding triangular portions 2, which serve ings, forming a part ofthe same. to hold the l'ront end portion, f, rigidly in poto This invention relates to a box which is desition. lhe inner drawer or tray of the box 6o signed and adapted for the storage and exhiis also of rectangular form, and is made of bition ot' gloves, laces, embroidery, skeins of such size as tojust it into and be inclosed by thread, silk, yarn, embroideringswool, and a the outer casing. rlhis tray consists of a botgreatvariety of other classes ofgoods which it tom, h, sides t', and ends k, which'are peris desiralde should be put up in such form for manently joined in the usual manner. The 65 the retail trade that they will be protected tray thus formed is provided with anumber of from dust, and at the same time be in convenlongitudinal partitions, Z, by which it is diient form for exhibition to customers without vided intoa number of narrow compartments, the necessity of handling. m, of suitable width, to receive the different It is the object of the invention to provide a goods or varieties otfgoods which the box is to 70 box of this class which can beproduced at a contain. small cost, and in which a number of dirler- The manner of using the box thus conent kinds of goods, or a number of varieties structed is as follows: To till the box, the end of the same class of goods, can be packed in portion, f, and the hinged portion 8 of the top such manner as to be entirely inclosed and Z) will be turned back, as shown in Fig. 1, and 75 protected, and in which, also, the different the tray will be withdrawn from the casing, as lgoods or varieties can be readily exposed,so as indicated by dotted lilies, for which purpose to be inspected and compared by customers the tray is provided with a loop of tape, as n. without the necessity of handling. Af er the compartments m of the tray have As an understanding of theinvention can be been filled thetraywill be slid into the casing, so best imparted bya detailed description ot' the as shown in Fig. l. \Vhen the goods are not' box embodying the same, all preliminary debeing exhibited, the end portion, j', and the scription will be omitted anda full description portion 3 will be turned down, as shown in given, reference being had to the accompany- Fig. 2, thus entirely inclosing the tray and ing drawings, in whichw protecting its contents vfrom dust. /Vhen the S5 Figure l is a perspective view of a box embox is in this condition, the loop n will serve bod in@ the )resent invention, the box beinea as a convenient means for withdrawinfr the P y a zg, a;

shown opened so as to exhibit the contents. box from the shell". Vhen the contents of the Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section of the box, box are to be exhibited, the end portion, f, and 4o showing the same closed so as to protect the the portion 3 will be turned up, as shown in -90 contents; and Fig. 3 is a crosssection of the Fig. 1. The ends of all the compartments m box. are then uncovered, so that the contents of all Referring to said igures, it is to be undercan be inspected and compared without handstood that the box therein shown consists, esling. If, for example, the box contains emsentially, of two parts-an outer shell or casbroidering wool or silk, the different shades 95 ing and an inner tray or drawer which lit-s or numbers will be placed in the several cominto and is inelosed by the outer shell. The partrnents, and they will thus be exposed in y outer shell or casing ofthe box is of rectangnclose proximity to each other, so that they can lar form, and has its bottom c, top b, sides d, be compared and the desired shade or number l 5o and one end, e, rigidly and permanently selected without handling or removing any of roo the goods from the boX. After aselection has been made the article selected can be withdrawn from the compartment Without drawing the tray out of the casing. If any of the contents are removed at anytime and are not sold they can be restored by simply Withdrawing thetray. In the case of those goods-such as gloves, skeins of silk, embroidering-wool, and

the likethe size or quality of which is designated by numbers, Words, or signs, the portion 3 of the top may be provided with a row of numbers, Words, or signs-as 8, 10, 12, 8Go.- indicating the size or quality of the goods -in the several compartments beneath.

It is to be remarked that in' some cases,

when the articles are of large size, the tray may consist of only a single compartment.

What I claim is- The herein-described packing and sliotv box, consisting of the tubular shell or casing closed at its ends, and having a portion of its ,top hinged so as to turn back, and its sides divided on oblique linesextending from the hinge. to the lower front corners, the front end of the easing andthe triangular portions of its sides being attached to the hinged portion of l Witnesses:

J. A. HovEY, J As. J. KENNEDY.

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