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Publication numberUS3655036 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 11, 1972
Filing dateMar 2, 1970
Priority dateMar 2, 1970
Publication numberUS 3655036 A, US 3655036A, US-A-3655036, US3655036 A, US3655036A
InventorsRobert Corelli, Olga V Corelli
Original AssigneeRobert Corelli, Olga V Corelli
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Litter bags and dispenser combination
US 3655036 A
A litter bag and dispenser combination. A holder for bags is provided with a self-adhesive coated hanging tab for securing to a supporting surface. A plurality of litter bags folded in accordion-like fashion are secured to the holder. Perforations provided in the top portions of the bags make it possible to tear off successive bags after each one has been filled with litter.
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United States Patent Corelli et al.

LITTER BAGS AND DISPENSER COMBINATION Inventors: Robert Corelli; Olga V. Corelli, both of 35 West 74th Street, New York, NY. 10023 Filed: Mar. 2, 1970 Appl. No.: 15,720

US. Cl. ..206/57 A, 206/D1G. 8, 206/DIG. 18 Int. Cl ..B65h 55/00 Field of Search ..206/57 R, 57 A, 45.19, 80 R,

206/D1G. 8, DIG. 18; 229/53; 248/95, 99, 101

' References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 8/1964 Lowry ..206/57 A 9/1967 6/1936 7/1956 1 Apr.1l, 1972 11/ 1967 Schwarzkopf ..206/57 A 3,361,294 1/1968 Bjerum..... ..206/57 A X 3,285,406 '1 1/ 1966 Winesett ..206/57 A FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLlCATlON S 1,016,676 l/ 1966 Great Britain ..206/57 A Primary Examiner-Joseph R. Leclair Assistant Examiner-Steven E. Lipman Attorney-Jacob L. Kollin [57] ABSTRACT 3 Claims, 6 Drawing Figures P'ATENTEDAPR 11 I972 INVENTORS ROBERT CORELLI BY OLGA V. CORELLI ATTORNEY LITTER BAGS AND DISPENSER COMBINATION BACKGROUND or THE DISCLOSURE This invention relates to bags and dispensers therefor in general, and in particular to a novel combination of litter bags and a dispenser therefor.

An important object of the invention is to provide a novel dispenser for litter bags which is easily attachable to a supporting surface.

Another object of the invention is to provide novel-shaped litter bags which are detachably secured to said dispenser and are easily removed therefrom after use.

A further object of the invention is to provide a novel dispenser and bags which may be used in homes, offices, automobiles and various other locations where it is necessary to dispose of waste and litter.

Still another object of the invention is to provide a combination of the above described character which will occupy a minimum space in packaged form, thus rendering it economical for storing, shipping and display purposes.

Yet another object of the invention is to provide a combination of the above described character which is simple in construction and inexpensive in use.

These and other objects of the invention will become apparent from the following description and the accompanying drawing illustrating a preferred embodiment thereof.

IN THE DRAWING FIG. 1 is a front elevational view of the bag dispenser;

FIG. 2 is a perspective view thereof, prior to its attachment to a supporting surface;

FIG. 3 is a rear elevational view of the dispenser, showing the holder for the bags and FIG. 4 is a partial view of the dispenser secured to a supporting surface.

FIG. 5 shows the blank of holder 8 from which well 8 is formed.

FIG. 6 is a perspective view of the holder and the well.

Referring now to the drawing in detail, the dispenser, generally indicated by the numeral 5 in FIG. 1, comprises a holder 8 formed with a well 8 for a plurality of bags to-be dispensed, only two of which, 6 and 14, are shown in the drawing, for simplicity of illustration. As seen in FIG. 5, holder 8 is formed from a blank of thick paper including vertical panel 17 and horizontal panels 18,19, and 20. End panels 27,29 and securing tabs 28,30 are connected to horizontal panel 18 by score lines 23, 25 and 24, 26, respectively. The well 8' of holder 8 is formed by folding horizontal panels 19 and 20 along score lines 21 and 22 to bring panel 20 in parallel, but spaced, alignment with panel 18. End panels 27,29 are next folded along score lines 23,25 while securing tabs 28,30 are folded along score lines 24, 26 and glued to the inside of panel 20 (FIG. 6). The holder 8, is formed with a triangular apertured securing tab coated on its back surface with a self-adhesive coating 11. A protective backing 12 of non-adhering material is removably secured to the tab 10 over the self-adhesive coating 11. The apertured securing tab 10 is formed by perforating the holder 8 at its top portion, at 9, so that the tab 10 may be separated from the tongue 13 and secured to a supporting surface by means of the adhesive coating, by applying pressure thereto. The tab 10 is shown in its initial unseparated position in FIG. 1.

As may be seen in the drawing, the bags 6 and 14 are secured to the holder 8 by a staple 16 which is passed through the tongue 13, the backs of the bags and the holder 8. The bottom portions of the bags are inserted in the well 8'. The bags 6 and 14 are formed with accordion-like pleats 18, so that a number of bags may be folded fiat above one another to form a compact package and enclosed, if desired, in a packaging cover (not shown) of a translucent material such as plastic foil, cellophane or the like.

When thus folded fiat, the bags occupy a minimum amount of s ace for stora e, trans ortation and dis la u oses.

T he back pane? of each bag is perforateii ai fl s shown in FIGS. 2 and 4, thus making it possible to tear off each bag along said perforations 9', after it has been filled with litter and is to be discarded.

In use, the apertured triangular tab 10 with its protective cover 12 is separated along the perforations 9 (shown in FIG. 1) and unfolded into the position shown in FIG. 2. The protective backing 12 is removed from the self-adhesive coating 11. The holder 8 is secured to a supporting surface (not shown) by applying pressure to the securing tab 10, thus causing the tab to adhere to the supporting surface. The foremost bag of the plurality of bags in the holder 8, such as bag 6, is unfolded as shown in FIG. 2, thus forming a container for waste or litter, indicated in dotted lines in said Figure.

When the bag 6 has been filled and needs to be discarded, it is only necessary to tear it off along the perforations 9 and to remove the bottom portion of the bag from the well 8. The following bag 14 is then unfolded in a similar manner and is ready for use. As noted before, only two bags 1 have been shown in the drawing for the sake of simplicity. It will be apparent that any number of bags may be secured to the holder 8 to constitute a desired supply of such bags.

It is to be understood, however, that the above embodiment was described by way of illustration and not of limitation and that various changes in the detail construction and shape of parts may be made within the scope of the invention.

Having thus described our invention, what we claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is:

v1. A litter bag and dispenser combination comprising a holder for a plurality of bags, said holder having a front face and a rear face and means for securing the holder to a supporting surface, a plurality of bags being arranged in a stack and having back portions detachable secured to said holder, and means for securing the bags to said holder, said holder having a'triangular top extension of tearable material being folded along its base portion to overly the back portion of the bags and being defined by a pair of converging edge portions, said extension being provided with converging perforations extending parallel and inwardly spaced from said edge portions to define a securing tab between said perforations and said edge portions, with a tongue being defined by the remaining portion of said extension spaced inwardly of said perforations, said securing tab being formed by tearing said top extension along said perforations to comprise a triangular apertured securing tab, said apertured tab having a front face and a rear face, said triangular apertured tab being coplanar with the holder and being provided with a self-adhesive coating on its rear face, said means for securing the holder to a supporting surface comprising said apertured securing tab, said means for detachably securing the bags being a staple extending through said tongue, the back portion of said bags and said holder said apertured tab being provided with a protective backing of non-adhering material detachably secured thereto over the self-adhesive coating.

2. The combination as claimed in claim 1, wherein said bags have closed bottom portions and are formed with accordionlike pleats, whereby said bags may be folded flat above one another to form a compact package with said holder.

3. The combination according to claim 1, wherein said holder has a bottom portion formed as a well 7 receiving the bottom portions of said bags.

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