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Publication numberUS3656648 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1972
Filing dateApr 24, 1970
Priority dateApr 24, 1970
Also published asCA937535A1, DE2113507A1, DE2113507B2
Publication numberUS 3656648 A, US 3656648A, US-A-3656648, US3656648 A, US3656648A
InventorsPowaloski Joseph C, Westfall James E
Original AssigneeContinental Can Co
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Composite closure
US 3656648 A
A composite closure consisting of a flexible plastic fitment and a gasketed rigid metal closure panel. The metal closure panel is retained within the fitment by a circumferential shoulder. A lifting ring in the top of the flexible plastic fitment is joined to marginal portions of the fitment panel by breakable bridging portions and by a substantially unbreakable integral hinge portion attached directly to a portion of the skirt. Once the breakable bridging portions are broken, the semidetached ring serves to alert shoppers that the closure has been previously tampered with or removed. The exterior face of the downwardly extending skirt of the plastic fitment is substantially straight, and extends to tight abutment with a shoulder on the container making it difficult to pry the fitment off the container with an ordinary knife blade.
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