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Publication numberUS36571 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 30, 1862
Publication numberUS 36571 A, US 36571A, US-A-36571, US36571 A, US36571A
InventorsMyron Moses
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Improvement in breech-loading fire-arms
US 36571 A
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M. MOSES. V BREECH LOADING FIREAEM Patented Sept. 30, 1 862.



Specification formng part of Letters PatentNo. 36,571 dated September 30, 1862.

To aZZ whom itmay concern' Be 'it known that I, MYRON MoS'Es, of 'Maloneiu the county of Franklin andState of New York, have invented certain Improvement's in Breech-Loadin'g Fire-Arns, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact descrip tion, reference being had tothe accoripanying drawi'ngs, making part of this specification, in which- Figure 1' is an elevation of a pis'tol Fig. 2, a longitudinal section through the same. Figs. 3 and4, details to be referred to.

My present invention relates to that classof breech-loading fire-arms in which a renovable metallic cartridge case or chanber is inserted in the rear end of the barrel; and it consists,

first, ,in forming the front end of the cartridge- -case andthe portion of the barrel against which the case rests of such a shape that the gas from the exploding powder will not pass betweenthe barrel and the cylindrical portion of the cartridge -'case and .foul it; secondly, in

combining with a removable metallic cartri d gei case, into-the rear end of which is inserted a cap tube or nipple, a cup which covers the captube and prevents the gas from the exploded cap from fouling the lock .or other working parts, "while the'gas is permitted to escape through a channel made for the purpose.

That others skilled in the art may understand and use my invention, I -will proceed to describe the mann'er in which I have carried it out.

`In the said drawings, A- is thestock; B, the barrel, which is pivoted at a to-the stock, so that the barrel maybe vibrated into the position shown in Fig. 1, to remove the cartridgecase for loading. Atongue, b, attached to the under side of the barrel, plays in a corresponding slot or groove in the stock, and, being made of considerable length, prevents any lateral movement of thebarrel as it is vibrated. A stop, c, on the barre] catches under the head of a trigger, C, when the barrel is down in the position shown in Fig. 2, or ready for firing, and holds itin place. By pulling on the trigger C, against the resistance of the spring d, the barrel is released and may be vibrated.

A metal breech or cartridge-chamber, D, (shown detached in Fig. 3,) is introduced into the rear end of the barrel. Thischamber,

whichI prefer to make'ofbrass, is turned down" at its front end at z', as shown in Fig. 2, and a corresponding recess or shoulder is fomed in the barrel, thus making` three shoulders or -faces, over which the gas from the exploded powder must pass before it cau coneinto con-` contact with 'the 'cylindrical surface o of the chamber D. This I find of great advantage. as it prevents the case froni becoming oul, which would interfere with its removal. and would also prevent .its surface from coming into intimate contact with the barrel when it is expanded bythe discharge. As this friction of the chamber against the barrel prevents the chamber fron being driven back by the discharge hard against the recoil-plate E, it is very necessarythat the surface o should be kept as clean as possible. The rear end, p, of

the chanber D is made sufficiently heavy to receive the nipple r, which is screwed into it, and leave a body of metal, 3, between the base of the nipple and the bore of the charnber. This p'eventst he strain of the exploded powder from coming directly onto the base of the nipple, and permits a shorter screw on the nipple to be used without danger of its being blown out. The fire from the exploded cap passes through a small hole in the metal base 3.

Acup, G, of steel is fitted in the recoil-plate E. It h`asa pin, u, on its real' end, which projects through the recoil-plate and is struck by the han'ner H. When the triggerI is pulled out to fire the piece,-a screw, 4, unters a slot in the upper side of this pin u and secures it, while a small amount of motion is allowed to the cup toward and from the barrel B.. An` opening, x, in the top ot' the recoil-plate Eand a corresponding one, 5, in the upper side'of the cup G pernit the nipple to pass when the barrel is brought down into the position shown in Fig, 2, and also allow the gas from the exploded cap to escape without itshaving access to the lock. When the barrel is brought down, as in Fig. 2, after being loaded and capped, the cap on the nipple r bears against the cup G and crowds it in, so that the end of the pin a projects slightly from 'the back of the recoilplate E, ready for the hammer -H to strike it and explode the cap.

i The removable chamber D must not be confounded with a metallic cart-ridge which is used in some breech-loading pistols, but is a part of the pistol itself, which is removed to load' it and is again returned into its place.

The following is the operation: The barrel' being in the position shown in Fig 1,the cartridge-chember D is removed, is loaded and capped and returned to the barrel, which is vibrated into the position shown in Fig. 2. The pistol muy now be ooeked and fired, the hammer H, as before stated, striking the pin u of the cup Gana clriving it against the cap on the nipple a'.

' What 'I claim nyinvention, and' desireto* .secure by Letters Putent, is-

1. In eombina tion with the removable cherge holding chambe' or eylinderD, the neck' and -shoulder nezr it on the outside 'and front end ofsa-id chamber o' cylinder and the reoess in the bore for receiving both the neckand the shoulder, for the purpose specified.

2. The novable cup Gr, with its opening 5, in conbinztion with :n opening. x, for the passage of the nippler us the burrel is vibi'eted, and fogthe escape of gas from the exploded cep, m'mnged and Operating substentially as described. v



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