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Publication numberUS3658028 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1972
Filing dateAug 27, 1970
Priority dateAug 27, 1970
Publication numberUS 3658028 A, US 3658028A, US-A-3658028, US3658028 A, US3658028A
InventorsKoons A Eugene
Original AssigneeKoons A Eugene
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Tubular thrust propeller
US 3658028 A
A thrust producing device including a hollow tube carrying a shaft and a propeller, the tube having water scoops for the entrance of water into the tube and a gear driven propeller shaft is included in the tube so that the motor will rotate the propeller.
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United States Patent Koons [451 Apr. 25, 1972 [54] TUBULAR THRUST PROPELLER [72] Inventor: A. Eugene Koons, Proctor Star Route,

Williamsport, Pa. 17701 [22] Filed: Aug. 27, 1970 [21] Appl. No.: 67,428

52 us. c1 ..115/42 [51] Int. Cl.,... ..B63h 5/16 [58] Field of Search ..115/42, 12 A; 60/221 222 [56] References Cited I UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,136,628 11/1938 Lundell ..115/42 2,965,065 12/1960 Tinker ..60/221 3,149,605 9/1964 Broadwell ..1 15/42 X FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS 'l,284,170 1/1962 France ..1l5/l2 A Primary E raminen-Andrew I-l. Farrell Attorney-Brady, OBoyle & Gates [5?] I, ABSTRACT A thrust producing device including a hollow .tube carrying a shaft and a propeller, the tube having water scoops for the en-' trance of water into the tube and a gear'driven propeller shaft is included in the tube so that the motor will rotate the propeller.

5 Claims, 5 Drawing Figures FATENTEBAPR 25 19?? 3,658 O28 INV/iN'l UH A. fqyene Koans 1. TUBULAR THRUST PROPELLER This invention relates to propulsion devices, and more particularly to a propulsion device for boats and the like.

It is therefore the primary purpose of this invention to provide a tubular thrust propeller for outboard and inboard boats which will provide less water turbulence as compared with propulsion units of the prior art and the device will impart greater steering control for the boat it is attached to.

Another object of this invention is to provide a device of the type described which will have the propeller on the internal part of the tube thus protecting the propeller from rocks, mud, ice or other submerged obstructions.

A further object of this invention is to provide a device for boats which will have intake water scoops allowing for the water to be drawn intothe tube and the forward portion of the tube will be conical in shape so as to reduce drag and to guide the tube pass any obstructions and the device will also have an air intake tube.

A still further object of this invention is to provide a tubular.

thrust propeller which will have rudder means secured to the exterior of the tube to increase the maneuverability of the boat that the device is attached to.

Other objects of the present invention are to provide a tubular thrust propeller which is simple in design, inexpensive to manufacture, rugged in construction, easy to use and efficient form of the invention.

According to this invention, a tubular thrust propeller is shown to,include a tubular member 11 having oppositely opv posed water inlet scoops l2. Tubular member 11 is provided with a conical end 13 for reducing water drag and providing guide means against underwater obstacles.

Tubular member 11 also includes an open end 14 from which the water is expelled. The shaft housing15 of outboard motor 16 is secured fixedly to the top of tube 11 and carries the drive shaft 17 which has attached to its end a bevel gear 18. Gear 18 engages a similar gear 19 which is fixedly secured to the propeller shaft 20.

Also secured to propeller shaft 20 is the propeller blade 21 on the interior of tube 11. A vertical and hollow tube 22 is provided with a plurality of openings 23 near its upper extremity and the lower extremity is provided with an opening 24 on the interior of tube 11, tube 22 providing air intake means for tube 11 when motor 16 is in operation.

At the open end 14 of tube 11 is fixedly secured a lug 25. A rod 26 is attached to lug 25 and one end is attached at its other end to a collar 27, lug 25, rod 26 and collar 27 are secured by means of suitable fasteners 29 and the collar 27 is carried on the shaft housing 15 of motor 16.

Also secured on top of tube 11 is a rudder 28 which when handle 28 is rotated will aid in steering the boat 28".

Looking now at FIG. 4 of the drawing, one will see a modified version of tubular thrust propeller 10, the air intake tube 22 being omitted, the operation being similar to that o 11 end 14. The drive shaft housing 15' extends into tube 1 and the propeller 21 extends rearwards in a well known manner.

A lug 25' is secured to rod 26 by means of fastener 29' and affixed to the top of tube 11 is a rudder 28. An air intake tube 22 extends downward into the conical end 13 of tube 11 and water is introduced into scoops 12, one of which is shown.

It shall further be noted that the scoops 12 shown in FIG. 1, may be omitted as the conical end 13 maybe of wire mesh to allow for the entrance of water into the tube 11.

It shall further be noted that the heretofore described assemblies may be adapted to inboard engine powered craft and the propeller 21 may be omitted and the use of an elongated auger type propeller may be used in its place.

What I claim is:

1. A tubular thrust propeller apparatus comprising a hollow conical kit tube, scoop means carried by said tube for the introduction of water into said tube, a bevel drive gear carried by said apparatus and propeller shaft means carried within said tube for driving a boat, rudder means carried by said tube providing steering means for said boat, lug, collar and rod means carried by said apparatus providing stability for said tube of said apparatus, air intake tube means carried by said apparatus for introducing air into said tube and bracket means for supporting said propeller shaft.

2. The combination according to claim 1, wherein said tube of said apparatus includes a conical end, said conical end providing guard means against obstructions when said boat is being propelled forward and water is taken into scoops oppositely opposed on the exterior of said tube when the motor of said boat is put in gear when propeller is longitudinal within said tube andsaid propeller is secured to said shaft rearwardly of said water intake scoops and a bevel gear secured to said propeller shaft engages a similar bevel gear secured to the drive shaft of said motor, said tube provides enclosure means for said propeller and protects it from obstructions.

3. The combination according to claim 2, wherein said boat said apparatus is attached to is steered by means of a vertical rudder, said vertical rudder being secured to the top of said tube rearwardly of said motors drive shaft housing and air tube means extends partially down into said tube of said apparatus said air intaketube having aperture means for the entrance of air above the water line.

4. The combination according to claim 3, wherein collar means carried by said motor shaft housing extends above said rudder and said tube and rod means carried by said collar is secured to a lug extending from the rear end of said tube, said lug, rod and collar carrying suitable fasteners, the combination serving to stabilize said tube of said apparatus when said motor is in operation.

5. The combination according to claim 4, wherein motor shaft housing is secured to the top of said tube forwardly of said rudder of said apparatus and said propeller shaft is supported longitudinally within said tube by means of a pair of radial shaft supports, said shaft supports being secured fixedly to the inner periphery of said tube of said apparatus.

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