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Publication numberUS3659373 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1972
Filing dateFeb 4, 1970
Priority dateFeb 5, 1969
Also published asCA917917A, CA917917A1, DE2004843A1, DE2004843B2, DE2004843C3
Publication numberUS 3659373 A, US 3659373A, US-A-3659373, US3659373 A, US3659373A
InventorsDaeninckx Jean
Original AssigneeOreal
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Receptacle for insecticide plate
US 3659373 A
The receptacle includes two identical covers provided with grilles for circulation of air and snaps for holding the two covers together with the insecticide plate enclosed between them and held spaced from the grilles by spacer elements formed on the insides of the covers.
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D United States Patent [1 1 3,659,373 Daeninckx [4 1 May 2, 1972 [54] RECEPTACLE FOR INSECTICIDE PLATE [56] References Cited [72] Inventor: Jean Daeninckx, Saint-Denis, France UNITED STATES PATENTS [73] Assignee: Societe anonyme dite: LOreal 3,484,015 12/1969 Rowan ..220/60 X Filed: Feb. 1970 1,972,368 9/1934 Alex ..239/55 X 2 APPLNO; 515 PrimaryExaminer-WamerH. Camp Attorney-Cushman, Darby & Cushman [30] Foreign Application Priority Data [57] ABSTRACT Feb. 5, 1969 France ..6902574 The receptacle includes two identica] Covers provided with grilles for circulation of air and snaps for holding the two [52] U.S. Cl ..43/l25 Covers together with the insecticide m enclosed between [51] Int. Cl. ..A0lm 13/00 them and held Spaced f the iu by demems [58] Field ofSearch ..43/l24, 125, I29, 131, 132; f d on the insides fth covers,

239/515, 53, 55, 56; 220/59, 60, 3.8, 4 E; 206/1 A, 1.5, 45.14, 56 AB 5 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures 1 RECEPTACLE FOR INSECTICIDE PLATE SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides an inexpensive, readily made receptacle for holding powerful insecticides in solid form or in the form of insecticide impregnated plates of porous or spongy material.

The receptacle includes two identical covers provided with grilles for circulation of air and snaps for holding the two covers together with the insecticide plate enclosed between them and held spaced from the grilles by spacer elements formed on the insides of the covers.

The snaps on one cover are advantageously provided by thin, longitudinally projecting blades with hooked outer ends for hooking with like members on the other cover.

Advantageously, the preferred embodiment of the device is provided with a horizontal, elongated base plate which may be moved through 90 about a vertical axis to bring it from a storage position aligned with the line of juncture of the two covers to a support position wherein it lies traversely of said juncture line.

The principles of the invention will be further hereinafter discussed with reference to the drawings wherein a preferred embodiment is shown. The specifics illustrated in the drawings are intended to exemplify, rather than limit, aspects of the invention as defined in the claims.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. I is an exploded perspective view of a presently preferred embodiment of the invention;

FIG. 2 is a longitudinal, vertical sectional view of the device of FIG. 1 after assembly, the section being taken substantially along line II-IIofFIG. l; and

FIG. 3 is a bottom plan view of the assembled device with some portions broken away and sectioned to expose details otherwise hidden in this view.

DISCUSSION OF THE ILLUSTRATED, PRESENTLY PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The receptacle for housing a plate 1 of insecticide includes two identical covers 2, 3 which may be snapped together to enclose the plate 1, and a support plate 14 (which need not be used if the receptacle is to lie on one of its faces or be hung).

In the illustrated embodiment, the plate 1 is generally rectangular and so are the covers 2, 3. Each cover 2, 3 is centrally apertured by being defined by an array of spaced slats 4 surrounded by an unapertured, flat border 5 in the form of a frame. A rearwardly projecting peripheral flange 6 is connected at its forward end to the outer edge of the flat border 5. The flange is substantially perpendicular to the plane which contains the outer face of the cover portion 4,5.

On the inside, rear surface of each cover 2, 3 there are formed several projections 7 located at the juncture of the slats 4 and border 5. The several projections 7 are scattered about the periphery of this juncture and are so oriented that when the two covers 2, 3 are snapped together with rear edges of the two peripheral flanges 6 peripherally, extensively engaging one another the projections engage opposite faces ofa plate 1 of insecticide at its edges and securely hold it spaced back of both arrays of slats 4.

Spaced about the inside, rear surface of the frame 5 are a plurality of hooks 8. Two are shown on each leg of the frame, both of the two comprising a thin, longitudinally projecting base and a bent-over, i.e., hooked outer end.

Adjacent hooked outer ends of the same leg of the same cover are hooked in opposite senses. Thus, since the covers 2 and 3 are actually preferably made in the same mold and are identical, and since the hooked outer portions on each cover project beyond the rear extent of the flange 6 on that cover, when the two covers are turned inside to inside and urged together all of the hooks on one cover interlock with all of the hooks on the other cover.

Likewise, a longitudinally projecting truncated conical stud 9 is provided at each of two diagonially opposite outer corners of the inside of each cover and two correspondingly shaped sockets 10 are provided at the other diagonally opposite pair of corners. When the covers are properly urged toward one another in assembly of the insecticide receptacle, each socket 10 receives a projection 9 thus correctly orienting the two covers 2, 3 and ensuring their correctly positioned, locked assembly as the hooks 8 snap over their opposite numbers.

To assemble the receptacle, one of the covers is placed horizontally, inside up and the insecticide plate is centrally placed on it with its periphery supported by the projections 7. Then the other plate is placed horizontally thereupon. inside down and pressed until all ofthe snaps 8 interengage.

It should now be noticed that there is a part spherical protrusion 12 formed centrally of the bottom rear of each flange 6. The flat surface of each protrusion 12 faces rearwardly and the spherically curved surface thereof faces forwardly so that when the covers 2, 3 are snapped together, the two protrusions 12 together constitute a generally spherical ball. The elongated horizontal support base 14 includes a generally cup-shaped, centrally located upwardly opening socket 13 into which the ball may be snapped in order to support the receptacle upon the base 14. In FIG. 2, the base 14 is shown extending longitudinally to provide most support for the receptacle. For storage or to conserve space, the base 14 may be rotated about a vertical axis to align it with the receptacles width direction as clearly depicted in FIG. 3.

Instead of being supported on the base 14, the receptacle may be hung, eg on a nail via apertures 15 provided in the border 5, centrally, near the top.

-It should be noted that once the receptacle has been assembled and the hooks 8 snapped together, it is very difficult to open, in order to prevent users from easy access to the material 1 which could be harmful if contacted.

Each cover 2, 3 is preferably molded as a one-piece unit from synthetic plastic resin; the base 14 is molded of such material also.

It should now be apparent that the receptacle for insecticide plate as described herein above posseses each of the attributes set forth in the specification under the heading Summary of the Invention hereinbefore. Because the receptacle for insecticide plate of the invention can be modified to some extent without departing from the principles of the invention as they have been outlined and explained in this specification, the present invention should be understood as encompassing all such modifications as are within the spirit and scope of the following claims.


l. A receptacle for a plate of insecticide comprising: two covers; means providing air openings through each cover; each cover having a central portion, a frame bordering the central portion and a peripheral, rearwardly directed flange having a rear edge; hook means formed on the rear of each cover, said hook means on one cover being interengageable with said hook means on the other cover to hold said covers together with the rear edge of the flange of one cover in peripheral contact with the rear edge of the flange of the other cover to enclose the plate of insecticide between the covers; and means within said receptacle for holding said plate of in secticide.

2. The receptacle of claim 1 in which said holding means includes projection means formed on the rear of each of the covers and projecting toward the other of the covers, the projections on one of the covers being axially spaced from respective of the projections on the other of the covers by an amount such that the plate of insecticide when gripped between the respective projections is held spaced back of the air opening means of said covers central portions.

3. The receptacle of claim 1 further including means defining at least one truncated conical stud on the rear of each cover and at least one correspondingly shaped socket on the rear of each cover; the studs and sockets being so positioned said support base plate whereby said receptacle is supported upon said support base plate for rotation through about a vertical axis; said support base plate being generally horizontally disposed and elongated, whereby said support may be turned between an orientation of alignment with said receptacle to an orientation ofextension crosswise of said receptacle.

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U.S. Classification43/125
International ClassificationA01M1/20
Cooperative ClassificationA01M1/2055
European ClassificationA01M1/20C2S
Legal Events
Jul 17, 1989ASAssignment
Effective date: 19890703
Jul 17, 1989AS02Assignment of assignor's interest
Owner name: LOREAL, 14, RUE ROYALE, PARIS-8
Owner name: S.C. JOHNSON & SON INC., 1525 HOWE ST., RACINE, WI
Effective date: 19890703