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Publication numberUS3660858 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 9, 1972
Filing dateJun 1, 1970
Priority dateJun 1, 1970
Publication numberUS 3660858 A, US 3660858A, US-A-3660858, US3660858 A, US3660858A
InventorsOrville S Smith Jr
Original AssigneeConston Inc
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Car beauty care center
US 3660858 A
A car beauty center providing a plurality of optional services for the care and beautification of automotive vehicles including fueling, car washing and waxing, as well as custom interior, facilities.
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United States Patent 51 3,660,858 Smith, Jr. 1 May 9, 1972 CAR BEAUTY CARE CENTER References it d [72] Inventor: Orville S. Smith, Jr., Columbia, SC UNITED STATES PATENTS 73 Assigneez Conston, Inc, CommbiaY SC 2,763,446 9/1956 Hanson ..243/l9 X 3,162,883 12/1964 Culver ..l5/3l4 X [22] Filed: June I, 1970 Primary Examiner-Edward L. Roberts [21] Appl' 41,868 Attorney-C. Gordon McBride 52 us. Cl ..15/1 57 ABSTRACT [5 I] A car beauty center providing a plurality of optional services for the care and beautification of automotive vehicles including fueling, car washing and waxing, as well as custom interior, facilities.

9 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures P'A'TENTEnm 9m 3,660,858



CAR BEAUTY CARE CENTER This invention relates to an automotive service center and more particularly to an automotive beauty care center.

Various apparatus has been known in the past for accomplishing the washing of automotive vehicles. Generally, this apparatus includes a station for applying wax for exterior protection and a drying operation. In some instances this service has even included the utilization of fuel locations to permit the purchase of fuel by the customer before the cleaning operation. However, the previously known car washing facilities have been deficient in providing an economical type of facility that permits the customer to obtain any of a number of. the desired services in an expeditious manner and at his option. Furthermore, it has been extremely difficult in recent years to obtain a sufficient number of employees for operating such a facility and it has been common for various aspects of the facility to require out-of-doors operation rather than in a controlled environment removed from the heat, humidity and noise normally attendant to such a facility. Also, there have been delays experienced with moving vehicles through the facility which, in turn, creates excessive and dangerous congestion of public street traffic in the vacinity of such facility. Lack of physical security of the facilities has often led to an increased incidence of theft and robbery.

The instant invention overcomes the disadvantages of the prior art in provision of a car beauty center concept adaptable to various physical locations and which requires minimal manpower for complete operationof the facility, as well as offering a facility permitting various business advantages. Generally, there is provided a fuel service area located near a cashier in a teller type booth who advises the customer of the optional automotive services'available and receives payment for the services selected. There is a second location including a car wash and spray wax operation and a third location within the facility for customer interior cleaning. A coin-operated vacuum facility may be located on the site for use by the customer for cleaning the vehicle interior.

It is an object of the instant invention to provide a systematic approach to car care.

A further object of the instant invention is to provide an efficient car beauty center providing optional services for care of automotive vehicles.

A still further object of the instant invention is to provide a car beauty center having minimal manpower requirements and permitting minimal requirements for persons handling the financial matters.

Still another object of the instant invention is the provision of a car beauty center utilizing a fuel service area, a car wash area and a custom cleaning area each of which is optional to the customer.

- Another object of the instant invention is to eliminate traffic congestion normally found in front of a facility of. this type, as a direct result of the facility, by increasing the traffic flow through the facility by automation and design.

Another object of the instant invention is to greatly reduce.

the risk of theft and robbery by providing maximum security.

Yet another object of the instant invention is to provide maximum comfort for the customer while permitting those desiring to do so to remain in their vehicles throughout the entire process.

A more complete appreciation of the instant invention and many of the attendant features thereof will be readily apparent by reference to the accompanying drawings in relation to the following description:

FIG. 1 is a layout of a car beauty care center of the instant invention;

FIG. 2 is an alternative arrangement for the areas of the instant invention;

FIG. 3 is another arrangement for a facility in accordance with the instant invention; and

FIG. 4 is a still further embodiment of the instant invention.

Referring now to the drawings and more particularly to FIG. 1 wherein the instant inventive car beauty care center 10 is shown to include automotive services facility 12, car wash facility 14 and custom interior cleaning facility 16. Automotive services facility 12 of center 10 is approached through entrance 18 with vehicles entering the fueling area 20, having fuel pumps 22, in the direction of arrows 24. At this location a cashier in electronically sealed booth 26 has a communication system permitting discussion of the appropriate sales and services with the customer located at any position within fueling area 20 while insuring maximum security for the cashier. lntercom station 28 would be connected with cashier booth 26 and located in a position for respectively discussing with the operators of the vehicles in fuel service canopy 20 the various services available throughout center 10. Upon receiving the order and payment, either cash or credit card, through pneumatic tubes 30 connecting the intercom stations 28, which generally correspond in number and location to the fuel service positions, and cashier booth 26, the operator of the vehicle is notified by signal 32 to proceed to the next area or facility for service. The operator of the vehicle would then follow the direction of arrows 34 to car wash facility 14. It is to be observed that upon completion of the fuel services the operator or customer continues to have the option of obtaining the other services provided at center 10 or exiting in the general direction of exit arrows 36.

Car wash facility 14 utilizes a car wash apparatus of conventional construction..The wash facility 14 generally includes features which provide many varied treatments to the exterior of the vehicle such as presoaking, washing, and rinsing cycles. A device for spraying wax or giving a wax service to the exterior of the vehicle is generally located at exit end 42. A wax application at this location would depend upon the options selected by the customer during the discussions with the cashier at automotive services facility 12. Also at exit end 42 there is an automatic drying device 43 for removing the moisture from the vehicle. In order to eliminate the requirement for considerable manpower, a coin-operated access station 44 -may be provided which would permit the customer to use tokens, provided by the cashier at cashier's booth 26, to obtain access to car wash facility 14 through entrance 40.

It is to be understood that since the customer could select from many various options at cashiers station 26, it may be necessary to provide other services if the customer has decided on additional options upon arrivalat car wash facility 14. Accordingly, payment station 46 is located at facility 14 and connected by pneumatic tube system 48 to cashiers booth 26 to permit the manager or attendant in car wash facility 14 to take the customers money and provide the additional service. For example, it is to be understood that depending upon the arrangement of the facilities of car beauty center 10 of the instant invention, it may be necessary to establish lanes between automotive services facility 12 and car wash facility l4and provide signals 50 to advise the customer as to when each respective lane is to move forward or have access to car wash facility 14. After completion of the services available at carwash facility 14 the customer is given the signal to continue and departs through exit 42 in the direction of arrows 54 and may proceed to exit 60.

Depending upon the options selected by the customer during the discussion with the cashier while located at automotive services facility 12, the customer will exit in the direction of arrows 54 or proceed to custom interior cleaning facility 16. Cleaning facility 16 will generally be housed within a large area provided with vertical doors or an air curtain to permit vehicles to enter in the direction of arrows 56 and exit in the direction of arrows 58 to exit 60 from car beauty center 10. A car enters interior cleaning facility 16 to obtain services, such, or example, as upholstery cleaning, the trunk cleaned or vacuumed, floor mats steam cleaned, and cleaning of windows, headliners and interior doors. Generally, many of the services may be obtained optionally. For example, the floor mats may or may not require cleaning and, therefore, such services would be provided at the option of the customer. In the event the customer decides upon arriving at custom interior cleaning facility 16 that the floor mat should be cleaned and that service has not been previously selected, it is possible to utilize the attendant or manager and pay for such service at cleaning area 16. The customer would merely make payment to the manager for this service and the manager would utilize station 62 which is connected by pneumatic line 64 with cashiers booth 26.

It is to be noted that provision of payment stations 46 and 62 and their connection by pneumatic systems 48 and 64, respectively, with cashier s station 26 permits the cashier to maintain a record of the facility from which payment was received and, accordingly, the utilization of concession principles for operation of these facilities. This is an outstanding advantage for establishing persons in business with a minimal capital investment. In this regard, the operator of car beauty care center would normally provide the fixtures for the buildings and the expensive equipment and would permit the operation of those facilities upon a minimal payment each period in accordance with the terms of the concession agreement.

After obtaining all the services desired and available at customer interior cleaning facility 16, the customer exits in the direction of arrows 58 through exit 60 of car beauty center 10.

The facility of FIG. 1 has been described in detail; however, it is readily observed that the alternative embodiments of the invention shown in FIGS. 2 4 function substantially identically. Automobiles enter in the direction of arrows 24 and proceed from the automotive services facility 12 to car wash facility 14 or custom interior cleaning facility 16 as indicated by arrows 34 and 56 respectively, and from these facilities to exit 60 in the direction of arrows 54 and 58, respectively. It is to be understood that off-street fueling area 68 having fuel pump 22, see FIGS. 1- 3, can be made available in each of the embodiments of the instant invention to permit easy and rapid access to a fueling area by a customer desiring such limited services.

FIGS. 2 and 3 show a typical additional alternative which could be included with the embodiments of FIGS. 1 and 4. Area 66 may be utilized for a coin operated interior vacuum system that would be operated by the customer. If such a service is not included in center 10, area 66 may be utilized for employee parking or another similar facility.

The novel concept of the instant invention presents a solution to the labor problem in automotive beauty care centers due to the requirement for fewer persons and minimal skills and intelligence necessary for these persons. For example, it is possible to utilize a system in which a cashier is isolated in an electronically sealed booth having all necessities readily available. The cashier receives the order from the customer by intercom, presets from the booth the amount of fuel ordered on the pump and notifies tha attendant to put fuel in the automobile. It is necessary for the attendant to merely handle the fuel nozzle and replace the fuel tank cap when the desired amount of fuel has been pumped into the automobile.

Thus it is seen that the instant invention provides a systematic approach to ear washing and a car beauty care center which permits various optional automotive care services and substantially varies from previous approaches to an automotive cleaning facility. The instant invention provides a three way concept which permits standardized facilities that are available at the option of the customer. Because of these various facilities the customer is provided with many optional services and there are minimal manpower requirements. Furthermore, the utilization of the car interior cleaning facility permits an established, desirable environmental work area for the employees. The preset fuel dispensers controlled by the cashier and the electronically sealed cashier's booth establish greater degree of security.

Moreover, the facility can be operated on a concession basis to permit persons to enter a business with minimal capital investment.

What is claimed to be new and different and desired to be secured by Letters Patent of the United States is:

l. A car beauty care center comprising: automotlve services means; car wash means; custom interior cleaning means; said automotive services means, car wash means and custom interior cleaning means being available at the option of the operator of a vehicle; said automotive services means including a fueling service area and a cashiers booth; said cashier's booth interconnected with said fueling area by communication means and pneumatic carrier means, whereby customer may be advised of optional services available, the customer may order the options desired and pay for all options without departing his car or physically approaching the cashier's booth.

2. The car beauty care center of claim 1 wherein said car wash means includes token acceptors, whereby the facility may be substantially automatic and have minimal or no operator requirements.

3. The car beauty care center of claim 1 wherein said custom interior cleaning means and said car wash means are provided with payment stations; said payment stations interconnected with said cashier's booth by means of pneumatic carrier means, whereby a customer may modify the options desired, pay for the additional services at the location of said wash and cleaning means, the attendant obtain credit for the sales thereof and the customer receive change when necessary.

4. The car beauty care center of claim 3 wherein signals are provided to advise the customer of the proper time for entering each of the various locations of said means in the proper sequential order.

5. The car beauty care center of claim 3 wherein the interior of said cashier's booth is isolated from said automotive services, car wash and interior cleaning means whereby maximum security from theft and robbery and protection of a cashier are established.

6. The car beauty care center of claim 5 wherein said automotive services means includes an off-street fuel service area, whereby only fueling of an automobile may be available.

7 The car beauty care center of claim 1 wherein said automotive services means, car wash means, and custom interior cleaning means are located in spaced relationship; and vehicle passage means interconnecting said service means, wash means and cleaning means, whereby a customer has optional access to each facility at which a service is provided.

8. The car beauty care center of claim 1 wherein said automotive services means, car wash means, and custom interior cleaning means are located in the relative positions shown in FIG. 3.

9. The car beauty care center of claim 1 wherein a self-service interior vacuum facility is located in spaced relationship to said service means, said wash means and said cleaning means.

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