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Publication numberUS3660915 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 9, 1972
Filing dateNov 19, 1969
Priority dateNov 19, 1969
Publication numberUS 3660915 A, US 3660915A, US-A-3660915, US3660915 A, US3660915A
InventorsGerard Richard Davis
Original AssigneeV H Blackinton & Co Inc
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Credential and insignia holding case
US 3660915 A
A case to hold a credential card and insignia member has a holder with an opening to removably receive the retaining clip of said member. This holder is normally slipped into position in said case with said insignia member mounted there by means of said clip.
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United States Patent 1151 3,660,915 Davis 1 51 May 9, 1972 1541 CREDENTIAL AND INSIGNIA HOLDING 2,296,960 9/1942 Tale ..206/79 CASE 2,654,476 10/1953 Tate ..206/79 [72] Inventor: Gerard Richard Davis, North Smithfield' 3,512,287 5/1970 Stern ..40/l24 [73] Assignee: V. H. Blackinton & Co. Inc., North Atprimary xaminer Rben w Miche" uebom Mass Assistant Examiner-Wenceslao .l. Contreras [22] Filed: Nov. 19, 1969 Attorney-Harold E. Cole [2!] Appl. No.: 878,042

ABSTRACT [52] U.S.Cl. ..40/l0R, ISO/37 l. ..G09I3 l8 {335 Search "40/124 15 1241 A case to hold a credential card and insignia member has a I 143 1 206/779, holder with an opening to removably receive the retaining clip of said member. This holder is normally slipped into position [56] R fe Cit d in said case with said insignia member mounted there by means of said clip. UNITED STATES PATENTS 4C 601' i ii 2,778,492 1/1957 Raeburn 3,089,269 5/1963 McKiernan ..40/l43 3 m 26 I... -L .f

CREDENTIAL AND INSIGNIA HOLDING CASE The principal object of my invention is to provide such a case to hold a credential card as well as said insignia member in such a way that the holder can instantly be removed from the case and the insignia member slipped out of said holder and snapped onto the coat of the user.

The foregoing and other objects which will appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, may be, accomplished by a construction, combination and arrangement of parts such as is disclosed by the drawing. The nature of the invention is such as to render it susceptible to various changes and modifications, and therefore, lam not to be limited to the construction disclosed by the drawing, nor to the particular parts described in the specification; but am entitled to all such changes therefrom as fall within the scope of my invention.

In the drawing:

FIG. I is a front elevational view of my credential case, with the insignia member in mounted position, and showing a foldable cover therefor in open position.

FIG. 2 is rear elevational view similar to FIG. 1, the holder and the clip or the insignia member being shown in dash lines with the latter being shown in mounted position.

FIG. 3 is a sectional view, slightly enlarged, taken on the line 3-3 of FIG. 1.

FIG. 4 is an exploded view of the dential case shown in section.

FIG. 5 is a rear elevational view of the holder for my case, showing the insignia member in mounted position thereon.

FIG. 6 is a front perspective view of my credential case, showing a holder with an insignia member separately and ready to be inserted into said case, and also showing a foldable cover in partially folded position at the rear.

As illustrated my credential case has a front or display member 10 having a cut-out or opening 12 to receive an insignia or decorative member 30 which may be a badge or the like, later described. This cut-out I2 is preferably centrally located. The border portion 16 or outer edge at said cut-out 12 preferably is undercut inwardly or outwardly tapers to prevent any tendency of said insignia member 30 to protrude beyond the front or the outer surface of said front member 10.

Rearwardly of and parallel with said front member 10 is an insert sheet or holder 18, having a horizontally extending, oblong-shaped slot at the upper half portion thereof. Preferably below said slot 20 is a vertically extending, opening 22 also preferably oblong-shaped for accommodation of a springclip 36 later described. This opening 22 may be variously shaped as for accommodation of a well-known pin stern used with a safety catch, not shown.

A backer sheet 24 is directly rearward of said holder 18 and it is stitched as at 26 as shown along its upper and lower edges to said front 10. Rearwardly of said backer sheet 24 1 parts forming my crepreferably provide a transparent sheet of plastic 28 that is likewise attached to said front 10 by said stitches 26. Said sheets 24 and 28 can provide a space between them to receive an identification card, commission, or other article, not shown, that will be visible through said sheet 28.

An insignia member 30 has a main body or front display 38 on the back of which is an attaching member having a flat attaching portion 34 soldered, or otherwise united thereto. This portion 34 continues as a spring clip portion 36 that extends from and parallel with and rearwardly of said member 34. Said clip portion 34 extends through said slot 20 and part of said attaching member 34 extends into said opening 22 thus giving this arrangement a flat appearance.

If a folding case is desired I add a folding cover 40 that is integral with said front 10 and foldable as at 42 to bring said front 10 and cover 40 together when in folded position.

When occasion calls for quick withdrawal of a badge or other insignia member 30 the user slips said holder 18 out of said case. He then separates said insignia member 30 from said holder by withdrawing the clip portion 34 from said slot 20. Thus the user is able to instantly attach said insignia member 30 to his lapel or to other part of his clothing or otherwise separately display it.

What I claim is:

1. A holder for an insignia member having a slot therethrough and an elongate opening below and spaced from said slot and extending downwardly therefrom, and an insignia member in combination therewith having a main front and an integral attaching member rearwardly thereof embodying a clip portion parallel therewith and extending through said slot whereby said main from and said clip portion are at opposite face surfaces of said holder, parallel portions of said attaching portion being adapted to engage through said elongate openmg.

2. A holder as set forth in claim I and a case in combination therewith embodying a front member having a cut-out therethrough intermediate the top and bottom and opposite sides thereof adapted to receive said insignia member, and a backer sheet rearwardly of said case front member, said holder extending into said case between said backer sheet and said front member, and said insignia member extending into said cut-out.

3. A holder as set forth in claim 2, the border edge of said from member defining said cut-out tapering in an outward direction, said insignia member being adapted to enter said cut-out at the inner surface of said border edge but being of such size that it cannot pass out the front extremity of said cutout.

4. A holder as set forth in claim I, said slot being located at the upper half portion of said holder.

i 1 i Q 1

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