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Publication numberUS3661288 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 9, 1972
Filing dateAug 3, 1970
Priority dateAug 3, 1970
Publication numberUS 3661288 A, US 3661288A, US-A-3661288, US3661288 A, US3661288A
InventorsEvelyn Noll
Original AssigneeEvelyn Noll
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Insulated nursing bottle
US 3661288 A
An insulated nursing bottle, characterized by its portability while fully insulated to retain for substantial periods of time the imposed temperature of the fluid ingredients contained therein. Of especial significance is the means provided herein for substantially full consumption of the contents by the infant, less the intake of disturbing quantities of air. More especially, the particular adaptation of the rigidized nipple portion hereof is readily removable, replaceable and cleansable.
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D United States Patent [151 3,66 1,288

Noll 1451 May 9, 1972 541 INSULATED NURSING BOTTLE 3,096,897 7/1963 Hansen ..215/13 [72] Inventor: Evelyn Noll, 937 Lincoln Boulevard, Santa S et 5 3 Monica, Calif 904 3 1 1 evy R [22] Filed: Aug. 3, 1970 FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS [21] Appl. No.: 60,393 443,560 2/1968 Switzerland ..215/l l R 52 us. 01. ..215 11 R, 215 1 A, 215/1 1 c, Leda" Assistant Emmmer-Stephen Marcus 222/464, 215/13 R A J Gb 5 51 1111. c1. ..A6lj 9/00, 865d 39 02 [58] FieldofSearch. .2l5/llR,llC,l2A,l3,lA;

229/7 5; 128/252; 215/11 A, 11 B. 11 D; 222/464; [571 ABSTRACT 220/902 An insulated nursing bottle, characterized by its portability while fully insulated to retain for substantial periods of time [56] References Cited the imposed temperature of the fluid ingredients contained UNITED STATES PATENTS therein. Of especial significance is the means provided herein for substantially full consumption of the contents by the 1n- 1 R fant less the intake of disturbing quantities of air More egpe- 1,569,693 1/1926 Young l 28/252 cially, the particular adaptation of the rigidized nipple portion 1 9/1963 Lobe" et S hereofis readily removable, replaceable and cleansable. 1,421,877 7/1922 Weissheier ..2l5/ll C 1,432,344 10/ l 922 Lancaster ..215/1l C 4 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures PATENTEDHAY 9 I972 FIG. 2

INVENTOR EVELYN NOLL 9JI6/JO/2 59020263 BY ATTORNEY INSULATED NURSING BOTTLE BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 3 is a disassembly of principle components of the nip- 0 ple shown in FIG. 3, said view in isometric detail;

FIG. 4 is a cover, useful in storage or portability of invention.

With reference to FIG. 1, the bottle 100 includes top portion 102 .which is of reduced cross-section relative to the bottom 104, the bottom and walls whereof are constructed to give an air space by spaced apart elements 106 and 108, preferably comprising a non-frangible substance, vacuum sealed at the top 102 or if desired, packed with an insulable filling such as styrofoam. Preferably, the bottle is made of rubber, which is of similar consistency to the common nipple; but polyethylene or polypropylene are satisfactory too. To maintain the spatial relationship between the respective interior and exterior walls, reinforcing elements are provided, as required, the function hereof being not only to maintain substantial rigidity to the bottle as the contents are depleted.

The nipple-cap 110 comprises nipple portion 112 and has the conventionally expanded extension 1 l4 terminating in the reinforced rim 116, the interior of which is provided with an annular shoulder l 18, said shoulder forming a recess for insertion of the removable circular plug 120. Cap 110 is threaded interioraly of its rim to adapt by twisting on to corresponding threads at the top 102 of the bottle 100, said threaded top portion not being shown. Referring to FIG. 3, the plug 120 includes an annular rim 122, adapted to snap-on seating within the recess provided by the shoulder 118 of the cap 110 and substantially centrally disposed circular seat 124, said seat extending below the face of the plug 120 to accommodate, in a close frictional fit, the fluid entraining tubular or straw member 130. In removal of the plug, the projected straw seat 124 provides a convenient means of pulling the plug to remove it from the nipple-cap. This straw 130 having terminal ends 132 and 136 is turned upon itself as at 134 so that the respective intake and exhaust ends face the upper portion of the cap, per se. One function of the straw is to support the nipple against collapsing; thus it is made of a rigid material and so disposed that its end 132 seats upon the interior of nipple 1 12.

Referring again to FIGS. 1 and 4, the all-in-one nipple and cap includes a suction cover 140 which is of flexible material, substantially similar to that of the bottle construction, per se, and which when placed over the nipple provides a fully insulated container, suitable for carrying the contents as in travel, etc.

Reference FIGS. 2 and 3, it will be noted that the flexibility of the nipple is such as to permit snap-in, snap-off relationship of the tubular plug carrying member 120, relative to shoulder 118 and its associated recess.

Whereas one of the the ideal substances from which the device may be made would include rubber, of substantially the same consistency and weight as the average nipple, various other synthetic plastics and the like may be used to accomplish the same ends, assuming that the general consistency thereof is substantially the same as known and existing bottle nipples, currently on the market.

One of the particular advantages hereof resides in the fact that the bottle may be used at substantially any angle of repose, to eliminate bottle propping. The particular straw configuration insures that the nursing infant will thus have access to substantially all the nutrient fluid in the bottle. This particular configuration, moreover, reduces the development of air from suction as the bottle may be moved from one position to another or the contents thereof displaced in the usual erratic movements of the child. A further feature of the tube, which is preferably made of a disposable rigid plastic, is to prevent a collapsing of the nipple, often a disturbing factor to the nursing infant. The tube may be interchangeable and disposable as desired. Other features will be apparent from the claims.

I claim:

1. An insulated non-frangible nursing bottle for infants, comprising in combination:

A. a spaced wall insulated bottle portion, closed at one end and open at the other;

B. integrally formed nipple cap means, adapted to the open end of the bottle, said nipple cap having a nipple top and reinforced bottom, said bottom defining a seat;

C. a removable plug adapted to the nipple cap seat, said plug having an aperture in alignment with the nipple top; and

D. a rigid straw, seated in the plug, said straw being curved upon itself at the lower end thereof below the plug with the free end end thereof positioned adjacent the plug and an upright extension, above the plug, the end of said upright extension engaging the nipple top interiorly thereof to support the same.

2. The insulated non-frangible nursing bottle for infants of claim 1 wherein the bottle includes an insulated over, conforming to the nipple cap exterior, said cover being suction scalable to cover and bottle.

3. The insulated non-frangible nursing bottle of claim 1 in which the plug comprises a circular plate, the center of said plate defining a tubular projection to seat the straw by friction fit.

4. The insulated non-frangible nursing bottle of claim 2 in which the plug comprises a circular plate, the center of said plate defining a tubular projection to seat the straw by friction fit.

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International ClassificationA61J9/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61J9/00, A61J11/0005
European ClassificationA61J9/00, A61J11/00C