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Publication numberUS36652 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 14, 1862
Publication numberUS 36652 A, US 36652A, US-A-36652, US36652 A, US36652A
InventorsJohn Jacobs
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Holder for pens
US 36652 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 36,652, dated October 14, 1862.

holding a steel or other writing-pen; Fig. 2, Vthe same as in use for holding a lead-pencil;

Fig. 3, the same as in use for holding an artists brush. Figs. 4 and 5 show the linger-holders in perspective, and without a writing-pen, pencil, or brush fitted to them.

In the use of the ordinary pen-holders, and of lead-pencils and brushes, itis necessary to employ at least the thumb, fore and middle fingers for supporting the same, and besides this, lche whole hand and arm become more or less tired from long use of such writing-instruments in the common way. Again, ii by accident a person has lost his thumb or fore or middle finger, the holding of or writing with such instruments is next to impossible, or, to say the least, great inconvenience and imperfection in style of writing are experienced. To obviate the above difficulties, I have devised a tubular device, A, with a pen, pencil, or brush holder, B, on its circumference, as represented in Figs. 4 and 5. This device A may be conical, as shown, so as to wedge upon the human finger, and thus hold its position thereon when used, as represented in Figs. l, 2, 3. rIhe sameltapering construction may be given to the pen-holder B, so that the pen, pencil, or `brush shall be retained firmly by it after the same has been passed through it, as represented in the last-named figures.

Instead of the conical or taper construction, a cylinder form, with springs or other holding attachments, might be adopted; and instead of having both ends of the device A. open one end might be closed, andthe device resemble in construction a sewing-thimble, with the addition of the pen-holder B to it.

fith my nger pen-holder a person, after practice, can write as well as with the common holders, and when this perfection is attained the finger-holder willbe much preferred, as

the hand does not become so soonvfatigued,`

and to those who have lost one or more fingers the ingerholder cannot be supplied by anything else. The cost is very slight, and, if desirable, the amount of metal used'may be lessened by making the holder of two narrow rings united by longitudinal strips. In this construction the tubular device A would be open on two or more of its sides.

Various ornamental forms and styles may be adopted without departing from the invention developed-to-wit, a pen-holder which is capable of being supported by one finger and used with a writing, marking, or painting instruinent, substantially as shown.

Vhat I claim as my invention, and desire nger, and to support and conne the pen,v

pencil, or brush in position during the operation of Writing, marking, or coloring, substantially as set forth.




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Cooperative ClassificationB43K23/012