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Publication numberUS366535 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 12, 1887
Filing dateFeb 28, 1887
Publication numberUS 366535 A, US 366535A, US-A-366535, US366535 A, US366535A
InventorsSidney J. Voden
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US 366535 A
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(No Model.)


FAN 0B. BLOWER. No. 366,535. Patented July 12, 1887.






SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 366,535, dated July l2, 1887.

Application filed February 2S, i887. Serial No. 229,221. (No model.)

have invented a certain new and useful Im-A provement in Fans or Blowers, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact descrip` tion, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming 'part of this spccication, and in which Figure I is aside view of the apparatus. Fig. II is a longitudinal section at line II II, Fig. III. Fig. III is a transverse section at line III III, Fig. I.

This is an improvement in the class of rotary blowers in which the wings are inclined, so that the air passes through in the direction of the axis or shaft. The current is, however, not direct, but has a very considerable spiral motion imparted to it, which interferes with its direct motion and robs the blast of a large part of its forward movement and force.

The improvement consists in placing longitudinal wings or strips in a tube into which the air is forced to dedect the current and change the spiral into a straightforward motion. The effect of the blower is also increased by placing a tube upon the receiving side, having on the interior wings or strips 'which are somewhat spirally arranged, so as to give a spiral direction to the air before it reaches the blower, but in a contrary direction to the motion of the blower, so that it shall tend to insinuate itself between the wings of the blower. The rotary blower turns ina short cylindrical case, l, which is shown supported on a base, 2. 3 is the shaft; 4, the belt-pulley carrying the driving-belt, and 5 the inclined wings of the blower, which are so inclined that they cause the air to pass longitudinally or in direction of the blower-shaft.

6 is a pipe, which may for some distance have equal diameter with the case l of the blower, and may or may not be contracted, as shown, at a distance from the blower.

7 arelongitudinal delccting-strips,of which three are shown. There may, however, be only one of them, or any number found desir- These strips are riveted. to the inside of the pipe, from which they extend inwardly. They are curved in a spiral form in such a way as to correct the spiral motion `imparted to the air-current by the blower, being preferably so curved that this spiral Inet-ion will be corrected somewhat gradually, so that no violent eddies shall be formed in the air-current, for it will be understood that all eddies or spiral movements interfere with the forward movement ofthe air current and i mpair the efliciency ofthe blower. The direction ofthese strips or wings is indicated in full lines in Fig. Il and by the rows of rivets in Fig. I. 9 is a pipe through which the air passes t reach the blower. This pipe may have equal diameter with the pipe 6 and the blower-ease; or it may be made either tapering or flaring. It contains deileeting wings or strips 7,similar to those of the pipe 6; but their purpose is dii'erentnamely, to impart to the entering air a somewhat spiral motion in the opposite direction to the rotation of the blower, so that the wings of the blower will act upon it more effeetually and will not impart to it so great a spiral motion as would be the case if the air approached the side of the blower-wheel in a directly longitudinal direction or in a line direct with the blower-shaft.

Access is had to the interior through an aperture, 1l, closed with a sliding door, S, except for the slots 12, through which the drivingbelt passes. The door is secured by any suit` able fastening, 10.

13 is a pipe communicating with pipe 9,and 14 a pipe communicating with the pipe 6. These pipes may be dispensed with or may lead to or from any desired point.

The tubes C and 9 may be regarded as part ofthe case 1, and they may all be in one piece.

I claim as my invention- In a fan or blower, the combination of the fan-case and rotary fan driven by the belt on the pulley et, said fan having inclined wings, and the longitudinal deflecting-wings 7,within the inlet and outlet chambers of the case, arranged to deflect the rotary air-current into a longitudinal direction, all substantially as dcscribed, and for the purpose set forth.


In presence 0f- BENJN. A. KNIGHT. SMIL. KNIGHT.

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