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Publication numberUS3666223 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 30, 1972
Filing dateNov 19, 1970
Priority dateNov 19, 1970
Publication numberUS 3666223 A, US 3666223A, US-A-3666223, US3666223 A, US3666223A
InventorsArvel H Moore
Original AssigneeArvel H Moore
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Refuse container support
US 3666223 A
A vertical refuse container support possessing a novel securing bracket device for holding the refuse container above the ground is described.
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I United States Patent 11 1 3,666,223 Moore May 30, 1972 [54] REFUSE CONTAINER SUPPORT 1,748,764 2 1930 Gregorie ..211 71 [72] Inventor: Arvel H. Moore, 150 Chattahoochee Ave. 26l4700 10/1952 Klelclscn" N w A] t G 30318 2,504,583 4/1950 Rach1c..... 2,960,601 11/1960 Higgins.... [22] Filed: Nov. 19, 1970 2,929,512 3/1960 McDougle ..2l H71 [21 Appl. No.: 91,032 FOREIGN PATENTS 0R APPLICATIONS 292,062 7/1953 Switzerland ..2] H71 [52] U.S.Cl ..248/l49,2ll/7l,248/3ll [5 l 1 Int. Cl. ..B65f l/l4 Primary Examiner.l. Franklin Foss [58] Field Of Search ...248/31 1, 313, I49, DIG. 7, AttorneyJ Gibson Semmes 248/146,l5O,l54;2ll/7l,8l [57] ABSTRACT [56] References Cited A vertical refuse container support possessing a novel secur- UNITED STATES PATENTS ing bracket device for holding the refuse container above the ground is described. 3,515,285 6/1970 Wilkes ..21 1/71 2,965,890 12/1960 Robillard ..248/3l1 X 2 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures PATENTEDHAYEIO :972 3,666 223 sum 1 0F 2 INVENTOR ARVEL MOORE J gzKSQQ SKEHHY ATTORNEY PATfNIfnmaolmz 3,666,223

sum 2 OF 2 INVENTOR ARVEL MOORE J g: 550/2 ifmw ATTORNEY REFUSE CONTAINER SUPPORT DISCLOSURE OF THE INVENTION A refuse container support, specifically adapted to mobile home refuse collection in which a vertical standard is provided with plural raised refuse container supports adapted to coactively engage the base rim of the container and to depend at least one of the respective handles therefrom. The elements comprising the support are fabricated from blanks of metal and while adjustable relative to the desired dependent angular relation of the containers, at the same time secure same against lateral displacement.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side elevation view of invention, showing the manner in which the refuse containers are supported well above the ground for facile removal and replacement as in collection of refuse garbage and the like;

FIG. 2 is an end elevation view of the components adapted to the supporting section, shown in FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 is a horizontal sectional view of the upper supporting assembly taken along the lines 2-2 ofFIG. 2;

FIG. 4 is a horizontal sectional view of the lower supporting assembly, taken along the lines 44 of FIG. 2.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS With reference to FIG. 1, the refuse containers and/or garbage cans are shown at 100 in supported relation to the standard 110, the same depending therefrom angularly. Preferably one side of the conically shaped container is substantially parallel with the standard 110. As will be indicated hereinafter, this angular relationship between the supported containers and the standard 110 may be adjusted, depending upon the intended load and/or spaced factors at the site of location of the collection point.

The system 100 includes a substantially upright standard 110, preferably rectangular in cross-section, the same being adapted to deposition in a sunken rectangular sleeve which is anchored, in concrete in the ground. This standard 110 is adapted to secure the respective assemblies 120 and 130 in spaced relation along its length and well above the ground, so that the entire collection point system may be out of reach of rodents and canine, feline and related animals. Ideally, corresponding container base and handle securing assemblies comprise at least two in number, secured to opposite faces of the standard 1 10.

Referring to the container rim base support 120, this includes corresponding U-shaped brackets 122 and 122', the latter being inverted relative to the former, said brackets having expanded area adjacent the point of fixation thereof to the support 1 as will be shown. The respective brackets include plural apertures along the wings thereof, extending in a horizontal direction from inboard to outboard, said apertures being adapted to receive in adjustable relation the valance bracket pins 124. From reference to FIG. 2, it will be apparent that the respective U-shaped brackets 122 and 122 may be formed from a singular blank having a common connecting anchor element intermediate the wings thereof, this anchor being adapted to contiguous fixation to the standard by appropriate rivet or screw means, shown. The horizontal valance bracket 126 is likewise a U-shaped member having the exterior dimension of corresponding wings of lesser width than the respective wings of the arms 122 and 122' of the support element. The valance bracket is provided at its upper end with apertures, corresponding in size to those apertures 124 of the supporting element and being adapted to form therewith via the pin, a pivot about which the valance bracket may swing arcuately as the container is removed. The valance bracket 126 is provided with a container base rim engaging protrusion 128 and at its lowest extremity a recess 128' adapted to rest upon the valance bracket supporting pin, secured adjustably in the lowermost U-shaped bracket of the supporting element wing 122.

Referring to the uppermost component 130, this comprises v-stringer channel defining wings 132, said divergent wings being connected by bending to the anchor portion 134, as shown reference FIG. 2. These wings 132 are secured in spaced apart relation having, at the uppermost extremity, an aperture adapted to secure a pivot pin of the offset sleeve 138 and a recess 136, configured to receive the container handle and to secure same by coaction with the corresponding recess of the offset sleeve 138 against displacement, excepting as the offset sleeve may be raised for removal of the container handle. The channel or recess 136 is of sufficient dimension so that in removal of the container, the handle thereof may be dislodged inwardly to effect release from contact with the offset locking sleeve 138, immediately prior to the raising thereof. The spaced relation of the respective wings 132 is such as to ensure stability to the container during deposition, said stability being ensured by the coactive relation of the spaced projections 128' of the lowermost container base supporting component 120. Note that the offset sleeve 138 comprises a pivoting shank of essentially U-shaped tubular configuration, reference FIG. 2.

I claim:

I. An upright support for containers having base and handle, comprising in combination:

A. a fixed standard;

B. a lower most container base supporting assembly secured to the standard, said assembly including a container base supporting bracket being of horizontal valance configuration, said bracket being in horizontally adjustable, pivotal connection to said standard, the dependent angular relationship of said connection being likewise horizontally adjustable relative to the standard;

C. an upper most container handle engaging assembly secured in spaced relation to the lower most container base supporting assembly, said handle engaging assembly including an anchor segment and pivotal locking means secured thereto.

2. The combination of claim 1, in which the container handle engaging assembly anchor member comprises a V-stringer channel having wings spaced apart, said wings defining corresponding container handle engaging recesses and wherein said recesses are in cooperative alignment with corresponding recesses in the locking means whereby to removably secure one handle of the container for storage.

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