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Publication numberUS3672761 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 27, 1972
Filing dateSep 5, 1969
Priority dateSep 26, 1968
Also published asDE1797416A1, DE1797416B2
Publication numberUS 3672761 A, US 3672761A, US-A-3672761, US3672761 A, US3672761A
InventorsLimberger Walter
Original AssigneeLumoprint Zindler Kg
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Copying apparatus
US 3672761 A
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June 27, 1972 w. uMBERGER coPYNG APPARATUE 5 SheetsSheet 1 Fi1ed Se t. 5 1969 June 27, 1972 w. LMBERGER 3,672,761

cOPYNG APPARATUS Filed Se t. 5. 1969 5 Sheets-Sheet 2 June 27, w. LIMBERGER c0YNG APPARATUs 5 SheetsSheet 5 Filed Se t. 5, 1969

Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
US3785730 *Mar 27, 1972Jan 15, 1974CellopheneMethod and system for varying the positions of image-forming surfaces on an elongate flexible electrophotographic support belt for different runs thereof
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US7483192Apr 2, 2004Jan 27, 2009E.On Ruhrgas AktiengesellschaftDevice and method for the optical scanning of media, objects, or areas
U.S. Classification399/94, 399/206
International ClassificationG03G15/28, G03G15/00
Cooperative ClassificationG03G15/283
European ClassificationG03G15/28B