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Publication numberUS3673981 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 4, 1972
Filing dateMay 13, 1969
Priority dateMay 13, 1969
Publication numberUS 3673981 A, US 3673981A, US-A-3673981, US3673981 A, US3673981A
InventorsBeckham Robert R, Brown Jack G, Rose Kenneth M De, Ryan Joseph D, Walters Emmett L
Original AssigneeLibbey Owens Ford Co
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Filming apparatus
US 3673981 A
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I United States Patent [I51 3,673,981 Beckham et al. July 4, 1972 [s41 FILMING APPARATUS 3,262,420 7/1966 Bossi et al .1 l8/S7 [72] Inventors: Robert R. Bcckham; Emmett L. Walters; 349l'720 1/1970 Hams 118/495 izg f g'm i g t y g FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS o e l 9,024 1912 Great Britain ,266/4 B [731 Asi'gmZ gg zf m! 56l,408 5/1944 Great Britain ..266/4 8 22 l d; May 13 1969 Primary Examiner-Morris Kaplan [211 A l N 862 998 Attorney-Collins & Oberlin Related [1.8. Application Data [57] ABSTRACT [60] Division of Ser No 664 440 Au 1967 Pat No System for the vacuum deposition of thin films on sheet 3 495 724 whi'ch a fi an material including a plurality of vacuum chambers arranged in 2 1 29 I966 abandoned p end-to-end relation to one another, one of the chambers cony stituting a filming chamber, valve compartments disposed between adjacent chambers for placing them in communica- C l lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll "us/6 I 36 tion when open and separating them when closed together [58] Field 8 4849 5 with similar compartments located at the respective entry and b h exit ends of the plurality of chambers, conveying means for moving sheet material through successive chambers and including carriers for clamping individual sheets along their [56] References Cited upper edges and maintaining same in a substantially vertical UNITED STATES PATENTS position, means responsive to the positioning of the material in the chambers to pennit opening and closing of the valve com- 1,876,960 9/1932 Kenworthy ..266/4 B UX panmems in predetermined Sequence. and means outwardly is 5/1934 Owen B UX of the entry and exit valve compartments for aligning and posi gran: tioning the sheet material for travel through the chambers and i y bs u ntu lo d'n the eof, 3,l97,328 7/1965 Jung etal ..m/107.2 eq c n a g r 3,206,322 9/1965 Morgan ..l l8/49 X 68 Claims, 16] Drawing Figures p a-io sen u kit PATENTEBJUL 4:972 3.673.981

sum 10 or 71 ATFORNIYLS PATENTED JUL 4 1912 sum 11 or 71 I 0? no? sum 13 ur 71 PATENTEI] JUL 4 m2 I m?! 0m. i

g! EN TORS mail Q01; A

9. 2,401 (pk/Mm ATTORNEYS 000 l .K 107 9.2 oo. 9.2 M 9W Ev x M d E. 6 3 w M 32 u Or F9 /7/ M 0, K 32 32 69 LG woo a ii sum 17 or 71 PATENTEDJUL "4 m2 AYTORNEJW PATENTEDJUL 4 I972 SHEET 19 [If 71 ma, QM;

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U.S. Classification118/676, 118/733, 118/686, 118/503, 118/729, 118/708, 118/719
International ClassificationC23C14/56
Cooperative ClassificationC23C14/56
European ClassificationC23C14/56
Legal Events
Oct 27, 1986ASAssignment
Owner name: LOF GLASS, INC., 811 MADISON AVE., TOLEDO, OH 4369
Effective date: 19860320
Owner name: LOF GLASS, INC.,OHIO