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Publication numberUS3675991 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 11, 1972
Filing dateFeb 20, 1970
Priority dateAug 8, 1969
Also published asCA931034A1, DE2007534A1
Publication numberUS 3675991 A, US 3675991A, US-A-3675991, US3675991 A, US3675991A
InventorsBrenn Gemma Adriana
Original AssigneeBrenn Gemma Adriana
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Spectacles having bands that reduce facial wrinkles
US 3675991 A
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G. A. BRENN SPECTACLES HAVING BANDS THAT'REDUCE FACIAL IRINKLES Filed Feb. 20, 1970 3 Sheets-Sheet 1 Julyll, 1912 cs. A. BRENN 3,675,991


' f I I I/ I G. A. BRENN July 11. m2

SPECTACLES HAVING BANDS THAT REDUCE FACIAL WRINKLES Filed Feb. 20, 1970 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 United States Patent 3,675 991 SPECTACLES HAVING ISANDS THAT REDUCE FACIAL WRINKLES Gemma Adriana Brenn, Via Can. Ghiringhelli, 6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland Filed Feb. 20, 1970, Ser. No. 12,993 Claims priority, application Switzerland, Aug. 8, 1969,

US. Cl. 35141 4 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE The device comprises in combination a spectacle frame and means for effecting pressure over at least a portion of the zone of the face which surrounds the eyes. The frame may be elastic and lined by a soft material. The pressuring portions may be removable. The lower edge of the glasses may be shaped to form a portion to support the rings under the eyes.

The present invention relates to a device adapted to prevent and combat face wrinkles.

It is an object of the invention to provide a device of this nature distinguished from known means by the fact that the person who uses it can present herself while carrying it, since it does not appear as such.

It is another object of the invention to provide a device which is as effective and more convenient than known means to combat wrinkles of the brow and around the eyes caused by expression of the face.

A further object of the invention is to exert, at least in a zone of the face or simultaneously in various zones (brow, base of the nose, contour of the eyes, etc.) a light pressure on the subcutaneous muscles thereby immobilising them. This immobilisation has the effect of preventing the formation of wrinkles and of reducing their size. The wearing of the device according to the invention can hence be recommended and its use as frequently as possible advised.

The device according to the invention is characterised by the fact that it comprises a spectacle frame which has, on its side turned towards the face, means for exerting pressure on at least one portion of the zone of the face which surrounds the eyes.

Preferably, the means for applying pressure are arranged in such manner as to be invisible to a person who observes the one who wears the device.

These means can be constituted either by a particular conformation of the frame, or by elements added and fixed rigidly or immovably and elastically to the body of the frame. These means can be adjustable or be constituted by an assembly capable of being separated from the frame, on which it is applied only when it is desired to follow the cure. This arrangement enables a person having to wear spectacles constantly, to use the latter to form the device for preventing wrinkles.

In order that the invention may be more fully understood, various embodiments of devices adapted to prevent and combat wrinkles, according to the invention, are described below, purely by way of illustrative but nonlimiting examples, with reference to the accompanying drawings in which:

FIG. 1 is a view of an embodiment of a device according to the invention, constituted by a pair of spectacles of which the upper and lower edges of the frame are provided with elastic and flexible pressure elements;

FIG. 2 is a view of a second embodiment, constituted by a pair of spectacles of which the parts intended to 3,675,991 Patented July 11, 1972 efiect pressure are constituted by fixed bands on the frame and covered with an elastic material; and

FIG. 3 is a view of a third embodiment constituted by a pair of spectacles having pressure elements inserted in the frame and adjustable by means of screws.

The pair of spectacles shown in FIG. 1 comprises a frame 1 bearing an elastic band 2 fixed on the inner edge of the bridge by means of a screw 3, this band being intended to exert pressure in the zone situated above the eyebrows and in this surrounding the root of the nose. An elastic strip 4, held by means of screws 5, is inserted inside each inner edge of the frame, this band enabling compressing of the portion of the face situated under the eyes. The length of the side pieces 6 of the spectacles can be adjusted to make lorgnettes of them. As indicated on the left limb at 7 there is an adjusting screw and at 8 glasses which can be simple glasses, sun glasses, or corrector glasses. Due to the screws 3 and 5, the strips 2 and 4 can be oriented so as to be adapted to the face of the person who wears the device.

In the pair of spectacles of FIG. 2, the frame 10 bears, inside the bridge, a loop 11 in which is engaged a fixed band 12, at each of its ends, by an adjustable projection 13 mounted on the side piece 14. In the inner lower portion of the frame, a band 16 is fixed, by one of its ends and on the side of the nose, by an adjustable projection 15 and, at its other end, by an adjustable projection 17 of the side piece 14.

The spectacles of FIG. 3 comprise a frame 20 on which are fixed the pressurizing portions 21 and 22 by means of a system of screws 23 which enables adjustment towards the inside.

It is clear that the device according to the invention can have other forms than those shown. A device arranged in the form of a pair of spectacles masks the parts and portions which are intended to be applied on the epidermis and effect pressure thereon.

The device can be produced in various materials, especially as regards the portion constituting the frame (metal, nylon, plastics and synthetic materials, gum, etc.) The portions intended to cause pressure may be selected according to the needs (thin and transparent sheet plastics material, elastic strip of plastics material, coated metal, synthetic foam, rubber, small inflatable sacs, porous tissue, etc.). It is clear that the materal intended to effect pressure should not cause lesions and irritations of the skin.

The side pieces may be adjustable in length and pass behind the ears or around the head.

The pressure exerted by the above said means has the effect of smoothing the skin in the compressed zone and, primarily, of opposing the contraction of the subcutaneous muscles. When these means exert their effect above the eyebrows and under the eyes, they prevent the wrinkling of the brow and the screwing up of the eyes and resist the formation and development of wrinkles. The pressure means which cover a certain area of the face under the eye can, in addition, have the effect of supporting projecting portions thereby counteracting the formation of pockets under the eyes. The muscles which have a tendency to be contracted when the person who wears the device wishes to frown or wink the eyes operate a facial exercise. This exercise tones and renders the tissues firmer by facilitating the smoothing of existing wrinkles and opposing their formation.

I claim:

1. A device for preventing and counteracting facial wrinkles comprising a spectable frame having a bridge connecting lenses and side pieces, a plurality of bands connected to the face side of said frame with one band extending across said bridge and above said lenses and positioned for pressing on a wearers face above the eyebrows and further of said bands each being positioned for pressing on a portion of the face under the wearers eyes, each of said bands being smaller than the portion of said spectacle frame adjacent thereto and positioned so that said bands are covered from view directly in front of said spectacle frame.

2. A device for preventing and counteracting facial wrinkles as claimed in claim 1 wherein said one band is attached at its medial portion only to said bridge and is elastic.

3. A device for preventing and counteracting facial wrinkles as claimed in claim 1 wherein said one band is attached at one end to one of said side pieces and said further bands each have an end attached to a different one of said side pieces.

4. A device for preventing and counteracting facial wrinkles as claimed in claim 1 wherein screws adjzustably attach said one band to said bridge and the ends of said band to said frame above said lenses and said further bands only at their ends to a bottom portion of a different one of said lenses.

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