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Publication numberUS367719 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 2, 1887
Filing dateMay 14, 1887
Publication numberUS 367719 A, US 367719A, US-A-367719, US367719 A, US367719A
InventorsBenjamin Lindauer
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US 367719 A
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(N0 Model.)


.TROUSBRS. N0. 367,719. Patented Aug. 2, 1887.

Fig, 1




SPECIPICATION forming part of Letters Patent N0. 367,719, dated August 2, 1887.

Appllcation file(l May 14 ISST. Su1'i1ll No 23i2-35. (N0 modol.)

T0 (LZZ w7wm it may concern:

Beil: k nown thab I, BENJAI\IIN LINDAUER a citizen 0f tl1o United States, residing ab Ohioago, in t'ue county of Cool: and Stute ot' Illinois, have invented certain new and usefullxhprovements in Trousers and Lilie Garmenbs, whicl1 am fully set forth in tho following specification, reference being had to the aocompanying drawingsformi ng a parb hereof, an'd in which Figure 1 shows my improvecl trousers in perspective. Fig. 2 shows an enlargecl-end view ot' tl1e lower end of the 1ight leg, shown above lt in Fig. l.

Like lebters rel"er to like parts.

The object of my invenion is to construcb trousers, overalls, und like garments wilahout; tl1e usual outer side seam and out, and to ab tl1e sau1e time make the garment appear as if it had been cut, und also to give in the additional sbiffness gained by the use of a weltr seam. In the usual oonstruetion of said garments the cloth is cut ab botl1 the semns of each leg; but obere are also garments whicl1 have only one seam, usua.lly on t;he innersicle of tl1e leg, so that euch half ol a pair of pautaloons is formed of only one parb; bat: such gar ments are somewhat; unsightly, aud c'onse quezntly unsalable, except for very rough Wem.

In my consbrucbion I do not Cutt.l1e cloth so as to makean outer se:un to the leg b; but

I Form a neat plaib in place of saicl outsido seam, as sh.own ab c. 'Ihe welk seam 01 plaib could, of course, bo placed 011 the inner parb of the leg, where the seam e is nowshown, and l2he seam 011 tl1e outsideyyhere tho plait; c is now shown; but such clnmgo would hol; bo (1esirblo either in t-he making 01 appearanoe of tl1e garmontz. Thereforo I prefombly auf; said gmmenb so as to lmve only oue iuner sezun m; e 011 euch leg, and opposito to filmt s 'azun form an outside plaib, c, pointing backward, and which is sbitched ab tl1e forward edge of the inner loop 01 parb of the plait throngl1 three thicknesses 0f clobh, as shown ab i, so as to leave the outer loop free, as showh.

\Vhat I claim is Trousers o1 like garmeilts wherein euch leg has a single seam, und opposite to snid semn a plait consisting of two folds of tl1e fabric lying upon the same und. stitched bhrougl1 the three thicknesses of olotl1, substantiall y as speoified.




Cooperative ClassificationA41D1/06