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Publication numberUS3677225 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1972
Filing dateOct 1, 1970
Priority dateOct 1, 1970
Also published asCA947601A, CA947601A1, DE2148997A1
Publication numberUS 3677225 A, US 3677225A, US-A-3677225, US3677225 A, US3677225A
InventorsJulius Czirely
Original AssigneeJulius Czirely
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Contraceptive device
US 3677225 A
A contraceptive device the principal component of which is an elongated seminal container for attachment to the tip of a male organ such as by an adhesive layer applied over the inside edge of the container. Strippable protective webbing protects the adhesive layer until it is to be exposed for use. Suitably annular handling webbing is strippably attached onto the exterior of the container to facilitate handling prior to and during the application thereof.
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United States Patent Czirely is I 3,677,225 51 July 18,1972

[ 54] CONTRACEPTIVE DEVICE [72] Inventor: Julius Czlrely, 1614 Palisade Avenue, Union City, NJ. 07087 [22] Filed: Oct. 1, 1970 21 Appl. No.2 77,269

[52] US. Cl. ..l28/l32, 128/294, 206/46 SG 51 Int. Cl. ..A6lf 5/42 [58] Field of Search 128/1 32, 79, 294; 206/46 so [5 6] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,305,453 12/1942 Martos ..12s/132 R 2,604,092 7/1952 Brown et al. ..128/132 R 967,269 8/1910 Tibbs 1281294 2,389,831 11/1945 Welsh ..128/294 3,018,484 l/1962 Koehn ...128/132 R X 3,03 7,508 6/1962 Friedman 128/294 Primary Examiner-Charles F. Rosenbaum Assistant Examiner-G. F. Dunne Attorney-Gabriel P. Katona 57] ABSTRACT A contraceptive device the principal component of which is an elongated seminal container for attachment to the tip of a male organ such as'by an adhesive layer applied over the inside edge of the container. Strippable protective webbing protects the adhesive layer until it is to be exposed for use. Suitably annular handling webbing is strippably attached onto the exterior of the container to facilitate handling prior to and during the application thereof.

5 Claim, 3 Drawing Figures Patented July 18, 1972 FIG. 3

INVENTOR. TULIUS CZIRELY CONTRACEPTIVE DEVICE The present invention relates to a contraceptive device, more particularly the present invention relates to a contraceptive device to be used in connection with a male sexual organ.

A large variety of physical and chemical means have been employed in the prior art for contraceptive purposes, but none of these has been found to be fully adequate. The various mechanical devices are based on the principle to block the free fertilizing passage of the seminal fluid and are of varying bulk and complexity, mostly involving difficult methods of location at the place of employment. The devices used by females generally require complicated insertion at a deeper location near to the uterus, while those employed by the male usually require the enveloping of substantial areas of the penis within a webbing. Such substantial covering also reduces the surface area in the erogenous zones, which is exposed to direct contact with the partner and, therefore, an often substantial loss of enjoyment results. Many, if not most of the mechanical contraceptive devices are to a great degree ineffective to prevent conception and, therefore, a measure of risk is involved in their use.

The problems associated with the various prior art mechanical contraceptives have led to intensified development of a variety of chemical means to prevent conception. Some of these chemicals are topically used spermicidal agents. These come in aerosol cans or in similar bulky containers and have to be employed in close immediacy before the commencement of intercourse. The contraceptive efficacy of these agents is rather low. Other chemical agents are taken internally and became commonly known as the pill. There is increasing evidence connecting the use of such ingested contraceptives with a variety of serious side effects, such as thrombosis and cancer.

The inefficiency and other undesirable features of the prior art contraceptives resulted resulted in the legalization of abortion in a number of states and suggestions for the employment of vasectomy and hysterectomy are made with increasing frequency. These radical surgical measures attest to the singular lack of success in finding a safe, reliable and convenient means of birth control.

Accordingly, the desirable features of a contraceptive include the requirement to limit procreative ability as narrowly as possible to the period of use (this militates against the use of drugs); it should be simple to use; it should not interfere with the enjoyment of sexual activity; its use should be hygienic and be free of harmful side effects; it should be inexpensive; it should not require the intervening agency of physicians; and it should as closely as possible be fully effective to prevent conception. It is the object of the present invention to provide a contraceptive device approaching most closely or actually having the foregoing characteristics.

The invention is disclosed in the following detailed specification with reference to the drawing of a preferred embodiment thereof, in which FIGS. 1 3 are perspective illustrations of different aspects of said preferred embodiment.

The contraceptive device of the present invention comprises an elongated receptacle having an open end and a closed end, an adhesive layer on the surface of the receptacle at the open end thereof, and a protective webbing disposed over the adhesive layer. Suitably a handling webbing is removably attached to the exterior of the receptacle.

The embodiment of the contraceptive device 1 of the present invention shown in FIGS. 1-3, includes a seminal container 2 preferably made from a flexible material such as rubber. The container 2 is elongated, and has an open end and a flange-like edge 4 near the opening in the end. The inside surface of the container 2 at the edge 4 is suitably provided with a pressure-sensitive adhesive coating 6.

Overlapping the adhesive-coated portion are two sheets of protective webbing 8 from a material which will not adhere to the layer 6 or merely adhere so that it can be easily stripped therefrom. Each sheet 8 is provided with a flap 10 to serve as fingerholds upon application for use to facilitate the separation of the webbing 8 from the adhesive layer 6.

Suitably parts of annular handling webbings II are applied to the exterior surface of the edge 4 of the seminal container 2. The handling webbings are folded and have upper, vertical portions 12 disposed on opposite sides of the seminal container to provide a convenient fingerhold for handling the device 1 without need to touch, and possibly damage, the thin material of the container. The handling webbings 11 have lower, horizontal portions 14 strippably attached to the exterior surface of the edge 4 such as by an adhesive layer 16 applied onto said lower portion.

For increased safety, the interior of the container 2 can be coated with a spermicidal composition. This feature would become significant, however, only when a damaged or wrongly applied device is encountered.

In use of the device 1 the flaps 10 are used as fingerholds to facilitate removal of the protective webbings 8 and the exposing of the adhesive layer 6. The seminal container 2 is then attached to the end of a male sexual organ by means of the thus exposed adhesive layer. To facilitate handling during application, the device 1 can be held between two fingers pinching the vertical portions 12 of the handling webbings l1 and between them the portions of the container 2 which are above the edge thereof.

The main function of the protective webbings 8 is the covering and protection of the adhesive layer 6 until the contraceptive device of the present invention is put to use. The upper portions 12 of the handling webbing l1 facilitate handling of the device 1 while protecting the container 2 against damage and soiling. The lower portions 14 maintain the thin, flexible material of the edge 4 in a smooth, wrinkle-free state until it is adhered to the male organ. In view of the difference of function between the webbings 8 and 11, the handling webbings 11 are suitably made from a more rigid material than the material of the protective webbings 8. This feature is represented in the drawing by showing the handling webbings as being thicker than the protective webbings.

After the device is adhered to the tip of the male sexual organ, the handling webbings can be removed by bending the vertical portions outwardly from each other and stripping them away from the exterior of the edge 4. The adhesive layer 16 is stripped away from the container 2 with the handling webbings ll.

The device of the present invention can be removed after use, by mere mechanical separation or by the use of a liquid or creamy solvent. The edge 4 can suitably be perforated, such as at 18 to accelerate penetration of the solvent.

In the above manner the device of the present invention can be simply, quickly and effortlessly applied immediately before the need therefor arises, if desired, or at any time sooner. The device is of small volume and is in a collapsed state until completion of the sexual act. The seminal receptacle need not be larger than the average anticipated amount of fluid that it is required to contain. Excessive amounts can be accomodated by the stretchability of the elastic material of the container. The small area coverage of the device provides only the most minimal interference with the direct contact between the partners, and in all other respects has the desirable features for a contraceptive device, as outlined above.

I claim:

1. A contraceptive device to be adhesively applied to the tip of a male sex organ, comprising an elongated seminal receptacle having an open end and a closed end, an interior adhesive layer on the interior surface of the receptacle at the open end thereof and extending annularly about an entire cross-sectional portion of the device, a protective webbing strippably disposed over the adhesive layer, a handling webbing removably attached to the exterior of the receptacle, means, part of or one said handling webbing, securing part thereof substantially opposite to said protective webbing, and another part of said handling webbing being disposed over at least part of the length of the elongated seminal receptacle for permitting the handling of the seminal receptacle before use without substantial manual contact therewith.

of said receptacle to which parts of the handling webbing are attached, are formed with a plurality of holes therein.

5. The contraceptive device of claim 3 wherein the strippably attached portions of the handling webbing are attached to the device by an exterior adhesive layer which adheres better to said handling webbing than to the device, and said interior adhesive layer adheres better to the device than to said protective webbing.

I UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CERTIFICATE OF 'CORRECTIGN Pat'ent No. 3677225 Dated 18th July 1972 Irrventor(s) Julius Czirely It is certified that error appears in the above-identified patent and that said Letters Patent are hereby corrected as shown below:

In claim 1, line 9, changing "one" to --on--.

Signed and sealed this 17th day of October 1972.

(SEAL) Attest:

EDWARD M.FLETGHER,JR ROBERT GOTTSCHA LK Attesting Officer I Commissionerof Patents ORM PO-1050 (1069) USCOMM-DC 60376-P69 UiS. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: I969 0-366-334

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