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Publication numberUS3689016 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 5, 1972
Filing dateJan 13, 1971
Priority dateJan 13, 1971
Publication numberUS 3689016 A, US 3689016A, US-A-3689016, US3689016 A, US3689016A
InventorsHammon George L
Original AssigneeHammon George L
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Cylinder support
US 3689016 A
A support for a cylinder, said support including spaced coil members having extending arms carrying fastening members, said arms adapted to slide into a tube for preventing the rotation of the coil members about the fastening members.
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United States Patent Hammon Sept. 5, 1972 [54] CYLINDER SUPPORT 2,195,988 4/ 1940 Hoerruegel .248/314 X [72] Inventor: George L. Hammon, 32 Ross Circle, 1,333,616 3/1920 "248/314 Oakland Calif 94 1 3,482,203 12/ 1969 Whltflght ..248/314 X 2,734,71 l 2/1956 Shippen ..248/313 [22] 1971 1,480,085 1/1924 Linard ..248/313 x [21] Appl. N0; 106,059 2,266,294 12/ 1941 Allderdice ..248/31 I Related US. Application Data Division of Ser. No. 825,479, April 1, 1969, Pat. No. 3,576,341.

US. Cl ..248/309, 21 1/71 Int. Cl. ..A47f 5/00 Field of Search ..248/309, 310, 311, 312, 313,

References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 12/1935 Consolazio ..248/315 Primary Examiner.l. Franklin Foss Attorney-Nich0las M. Esser 57 ABSTRACT A support for a cylinder, said support including spaced coil members having extending arms carrying fastening members, said arms adapted to slide into a tube for preventing the rotation of the coil members about the fastening members.

7 Claims, 2 Drawing Figures slesloi FATENIEDSEP 5 I972 Inventor" Geo rge L .j'fammon.

2mg? v 0'. /4 a E CYLINDER SUPPORT This is a division of application Ser. No. 825,479, filed Apr. 1, 1969 now US. Pat. No. 3,576,341.

This invention relates to supporting means for a cylinder containing compressed gas and more particularly to a support for the cylinder when it is being stored.

Portable cylinders containing gaseous oxygen under pressure are often delivered in an emergency to people for breathing. Such emergency oxygen units are stored at strategic locations. The gas containing cylinder is heavy because its walls are relatively thick in order to retain gaseous oxygen under pressure. In a respiratory emergency, it is vital that oxygen administration be commenced quickly. Thus, the cylinder must be quickly available at its storage location and easily movable to the scene of the emergency.

It is a principal object of this invention to provide a simple and efficient support for a gas cylinder.

It is a more particular object of this invention to provide a cylinder support proportioned to loosely surround a cylinder containing compressed gas and support the cylinder in a generally upright position when the cylinder is being stored.

Another object of this invention is to provide an adjustable support for cylinders of varying length.

Further objects, features and advantages of this invention will become apparent from the following description of an illustrated embodiment thereof, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, wherein:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a cylinder support incorporating the principles of this invention; and

FIG. 2 is an elevational view, partly in section, of the support shown in FIG. 1.

FIG. 1 shows a cylinder 9 in phantom outline being held by a support 42 which is adapted to be fastened to structure such as a wall 56. The cylinder 9 is of a type containing a supply of gas such as breathing oxygen under pressure. A protective cover 22 is shown in phantom outline to be attached to the valve end of the cylinder 9 to contain breathing equipment such as mask, regulators, yoke assembly, tubing, etc. The support 42 includes a lower supporting member 44 formed as a loop-like member or coil of wire, as shown comprising a single loop, adapted to receive the cylinder 9 loosely. A depending U-shaped stop member 46 is attached to the coil, as by welding, to engage the bottom of the cylinder 9 for supporting the same. A straight portion or arm 48 of the wire extends at substantially a right angle from the coil. The upper end of the cylinder 9 is held by a surrounding loop-like member or coil 50, as shown also comprising a single loop, which also is adapted to receive the cylinder 9 loosely. A straight portion or arm 52 of the wire extends from the surrounding coil member 50 substantially normally thereto.

Fastening members 54 having attachment means, such as bolts 55, adjustably connected to the straight portions 48 and 52, for fastening the members 44 and 50 respectively to the wall 56. A bore 58 through each fastening member 54 is adapted to have one of the straight portions 48 or 52 passed therethrough. A threaded hole (not numbered) intersects the bore 58 at a right angle and is adapted to receive a set screw 62 for holding the associated straight ortion 48 or 52 in a preselected position. The arms 8 and 52 are adapted jects, advantages and features of this invention are obtainable in a simplified and highly practical arrangement. It will be further understood that, although this invention has been described with respect to certain specific embodiments thereof, this invention is not limited thereto, since various modifications of said invention will suggest themselves from the aforesaid description and are intended to be encompassed within the scope of the appended claims wherein there is claimed:

What is claimed is:

l. A support for a cylinder, said support comprising at least a pair of loop-like members, each adapted to at least substantially encircle a cylinder, a single arm extending from each said member and at a substantially right angle to the plane of the loop thereof, and supporting means including a pair of fastening means for fastening the respective arms to a supporting structure, each fastening means being adapted to receive one of said arms, and a tubular member between said fastening means adapted to slidably receive the respective arms at opposite ends of said tubular member to prevent rotation of said arms about the respective fastening means.

2. The support of claim 1 further comprising means for limiting longitudinal movement of a cylinder in one direction through said loop-like members.

3. The support of claim 2 wherein said limiting means comprises a generally U-shaped member mounted to one of said loop-like members and disposed to engage a cylinder received by said loop-like members.

4. The support of claim 2 wherein said loop-like members consist of an upper and a lower member and said lower member is integral with said limiting means whereby downward movement of an upright cylinder encircled by said loop-like members is limited.

5. The support of claim 4 wherein said limiting means comprises a generally U-shaped member disposed to engage said cylinder.

6. The support of claim 1 wherein said fastening means permits relative vertical movement of said looplike members whereby said members may be adjusted to receive cylinders of varying length.

7. The support of claim 1 wherein each loop-like member is rotatably positionable within the respective fastening means.

PO'1O5O UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE (5/69) CERTIFICATE GF CORRECTION Patent No. 3, 689, 016 I I Dated September 5, 1972 Inventor(s) George L, Hammon It is certified that error, appears in the above-identified patent and that said Letters Patent are hereby corrected as shown below:

On the title age, the following should be entered:

- Assignee: Chemetron Corporation Chicago, Illinois Signed and sealed this 6th day of February 1973.


EDWARD M.FLE'I'CHER,JR. ROBERT GOTTSCHALK Attasting Officer Commissioner of Patents

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