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Publication numberUS3693837 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 26, 1972
Filing dateApr 23, 1970
Priority dateApr 23, 1970
Publication numberUS 3693837 A, US 3693837A, US-A-3693837, US3693837 A, US3693837A
InventorsYuhas Edward R
Original AssigneeFluid Chem Co Inc
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Striped product aerosol dispenser
US 3693837 A
A striped product aerosol dispenser, adapted to provide the separate drawing of separately-contained materials therethrough, to be co-dispensed in striped product form.
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United States Patent Yuhas 1451 Sept. 26, 1972 STRIPED PRODUCT AEROSOL DISPENSER Edward R. Yuhas, Yonkers, N.Y.



[73] Fluid Chemical Company,

Newark, NJ.

April 23, 1970 Assigneez Filed:

Appl. No.:

[52] U.S. Cl. ..222/94, 222/136, 222/330,

References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 9/1968 Hanson, .lr ..222/193 II/IIIII/II/II n Int. Cl. ..B65d 35/22 9 Field of Search ..222/136, 129, 94, 95, 330,

2,905,364 9/1959 Marraffino ..222/94 2,925,939 2/1960 Spero ..222/193 X 3,236,457 2/1966 Kennedy et al ..239/304 2,789,731 4/1957 Marraffino ..222/94 Primary Examiner-Robert B. Reeves Assistant Examiner.lames M. Slattery Att0rneySommers & Sommers [5 7] ABSTRACT A striped product aerosol dispenser, adapted to provide the separate drawing of separately-contained materials therethrough, to be co-dispensed in striped product form.

3 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures PYAITHEINTEDSEPZS 1972 SHEET 1 BF 2 FIG. 1

BY M W Mm/ ATTORN EYS PATENTEflsiPzs I972 sum 2 or 2 FIG. 3

INVENTOR EDWARD R. YUHAS xw W q ATTORNEYS 1 STRIPED PRODUCT AEROSOL DISPENSER BACKGROUND OF INVENTION This invention relates generally to aerosol dispensing devices, for the co-dispensing of contained separated materials through an actuated dispense system, and more specifically relates to a striped product aerosol dispenser, adapted to provide striped product form codispensing of separately drawn and separately contained materials.

Pursuant to the invention, the striped-product aerosol dispenser provides simplified, safe and efficient co-dispensing, as striped product, of contained materials which are to be drawn separately through the actuator means and co-dispensed only at the point of actual dispensing.

' In accordance with the foregoing, it may be regarded as among the objects of the present invention to provide a novel actuation and dispense system for separate drawing of materials therethrough and for codispensing. the separate materials at the point of dispense as striped product, to be. utilized for dispensing dissimilar materials which would be damaged by intermixing prior to dispense thereof, or for striped toothpaste, or glamour treatment of'other products, or for a similar use.

Now in accordance with the present invention, the I foregoing object and others as will become apparent in the course of the ensuing specification are achieved through use of a striped-product aerosol dispenser operating, as will be described below, so that the materials which are to be co-dispensed as striped product are contained in isolated containers in said aerosol device and are-actuated and drawn through separated channels in said actuator and dispenser by novelsegregated and separated dispensing means to be co-dispensed, at the point of dispensing, in striped product form.

' BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS v The invention is diagrammatically illustrated, by way ,of example, in the appended drawings,in which:

FIG. 1 is a side sectional elevational view of a striped product aerosol dispenser embodying the invention, in non-actuated position;

' FIG. 2 is a side fragmentary partly broken sectional view thereof, in closed actuated position, showing lines of material flow therethrough; and

FIG. 3 is a front fragmentary view of the striped product aerosol dispenser pursuant to the invention.

DESCRIPTION OF PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS In accordance with the preferred mode of practicing the invention, the striped product aerosol dispenser 11 (FIG. 1), for example, comprises container means 12, actuation means '13, and dispensing member 14. The container means 12, for example (FIG. 1), consists of a first container 20 (for example, a metal container) which contains a material A to be dispensed therefrom, and which has in the embodiment of the invention shown a top rim 21 thereon, and a second container 22 (for example, a collapsible plastic bag having flexible collapsible walls 23) which contains a material B' to be dispensed therefrom, the second container 22 being enclosed within the first container 20 and being sealed therefrom to prevent leakage from one container to the other, and pressurization gas (not indicated) generally occupying the space 24 above the material A in the first container 20 to exert pressure on the material A and on the collapsible walls 23 of second container 22 in order to effectuate pressurized dispensing of materials on actuation of said actuation means 13. I

The actuation means 13 FIGS. 1 and 2), for example, comprises an actuator frame member 30, having a hollow upper portion 31 and a hollow lower portion 32, divided by resilient guard member 33 having a central aperture 34 therein, with resilient member 45 therein, the frame member further comprising a hollow frame tip portion 35 and-frame apertures 36 therein (in the embodiment shown, four. such apertures [a,c, shown, b,d not shown] are located at intervals circumferentially adjacent the top portion of resilient guard member 33), an aerosol actuator member 37 extending through said frametip portion 35, resilient member 45, upper frame portion 31, lower frame portion 32 and resilient guard member 33 for movement therein and therethrough, having a hollow body portion 38, a hollow tip portion 39, a head portion 40, and actuator apertures 41 therein.

Actuation means channels, for separate movement of contained materials therethroug'h are embodied, for example, (FIGS. 1 and 2) in first channel 42, for movement of material A therethrough,.which comprises the hollow in lower frame portion 32, actuator apertures 41, the hollow in body portion 38 and the hollow in tip portion 39, and second channels 43 for movement of material B therethrough, comprising frame apertures 36, the hollow in upper frame portion3l, and actuator channel 44 in the space between the outer surface of actuator tip 39 and the inner surface of frame tip 35.

The dispensing member 14 (FIGS. 1 and 3) comprises, for example, an overcap dispenser member 50 which has bottom rim recess 51 to interfit on depression thereof with top rim 21 of first container 20 to serve as a limit for actuation, thereby-controlling the amount of materials dispensed, bottom tiprecess 52 to receive frame tip portion 35 and actuator tip portion 39 therein, and further embodying channel passages therein comprising first channel 53 for interconnection with said actuator tip portion 39 for drawing material A therethrough, and second channels 54 (in the embodiment shown, four such channels [54a,b,c,d in FIG. 3] are located at 90 intervals circumferentially about said first channel 53) for interconnection with said actuator channel 44 for drawing material B therethrough, and front dispenser surface 55 which is the point of codispense of materials A and B in striped (or other desired effect) product form.

In operation (FIGS. 1 and 2) the striped product aerosol dispenser 11, for example, is actuated by depressing the overcap dispenser member 50, which is in the non-actuated embodiment of FIG. 1, seated atop frame tip portion 35 and tip portion 39 with a space between dispenser bottom rim recess 51 and container top rim 21, to a position in the actuated embodiment of FIG. 2 where dispenser'bottom rim recess 51 is in contact with container top rim 21, depressing therewith actuator hollow body portion 38 which moves in plungertype movement through resilient member 45 and resilient guard member 33 to thereby open first channel 42 and second channel 43 to enable the drawing of materials-A andB therethrough. Material A is pressurized, by pressurizationgas occupying space 24, to flow through first channel 42 in actuation means 13 through the hollow in lower frame portion '32, actuator apertures 41, the hollow in body portion 38 and the hollow in tip portion 39 and through intercommunicating first channel 53 in dispensing member 14; material B is pressurized, by pressurization gas acting on the collapsible walls 23 of the second container 22, to flow through second channels 43 in actuation means 13, through frame apertures 36, (36a, 36c shown, 3.61:, 36d not shown) for example, through the hollow in upper frame'portion 31, and through the-actuator channel 44 space between the outer surface of actuator tip 39 and the inner surface of frame tip 35, and to then flow through intercommunicating second channels 54 (540, 540 shown, 54b, 54d not shown), for example, in dispensing member 14; this procedure thereby draws materials A and vB to the front dispenser surface 55 where the materials are co -dispensed in striped product form.

The striped product aerosol dispenser of my invention operates to draw two segregated separately contained materialsto be co-dispensed, to give a striped fproduct (or other desired) effect. Such striped product couldconstituteany product wherein actual intennixing of the dissimilarmaterials prior tofinal dispensing would be harmful, or to add striped glamour to 'a product, such as toothpaste, for marketing and commercial utilization. Other desired products could be achieved, such as one comprising a marblelized foam, for example, which can be formulated by using materials which are less dense and less'stable to thereby provide an intermittent foam marblelized effect.

While the present invention has been particularly set forth in terms of specific embodiments thereof, it will be evident in view of the instant disclosure, that numerous variations upon the invention are nowenabled to those skilled in them, which variations in propriety are yet within the true scope of this teaching. Accordingly, the invention is to be broadly construed, and limited only by the scope and spirit of the claims now appended hereto.

I claim:

1. Apparatus for aerosol dispensing of a striped product, to co-dispense separately contained materials to be dispensed as striped product therefrom, which comprises: 4

a. means for separately and'independently containing each of the materials;

b. means for actuating the materials to draw the material from the container means, including a plurality of separated channel portions therein to s-enable, on-actuation, the drawing of the materials separately therethrough, further comprising a hollow frame member, having a hollow tip portion thereof, and a resilient guard member, positioned in said frame member, having an aperture therein, said resilient guard member dividing said hollow frame member into upper and lower hollow portions, with frame apertures positioned at circumferential locations on the surface of said upper frame portion, and a hollow actuated member, fifl llifil llflfim"ll 'a3$?%vh'lfi92 movement thereof enables the drawing of said I materials through said separated channel portions in actuation of said aerosol dispenser, having a hollow tipped portion thereof, a head portion, and actuator apertures positioned at circumferential locations adjacent said head portion, said-actuator separated channel portions of said actuation means comprising a first channel portion, for flow I of j a I, first material therethrough, extending generally through the hollow lower portion of said frame member, through said actuator apertures, and through said hollow portion of said actuator member, said actuator separated channel portions further comprising a plurality of second channel portions for flow of a second material therethrough, extending generally through said frame apertures, through the hollow upper frame portion, and through the space between the inner surface of said hollow frame tip portion and the outer surface of said hollow actuator tip portion;

. a dispensing member, which on depression thereof activates the actuation means, including a front dispenser surface, and further having a plurality of separated channels therein which abutwith the separated channel portions of the actuation means to provide means for separated flow of the separate materials and co-dispensing in stripe product form therefrom at the front dispenser surface thereof.

2. In a striped product aerosol dispenser as described in claim 1, said dispenser member having a first channel, and a plurality of second channels therein, said first channel interconnecting with said first separated channel portion of said actuation means for movement of a first material therethrough, said second channels interconnecting with said separated second channels of said actuation means for movement of a second material therethrough.

3. In a striped product aerosol dispenser as described in claim 2, said dispenser member further comprising a front dispenser surface, at which point actual codispensing of the separately contained and separately drawn materials occurs.

' a s s a a

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