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Publication numberUS3696737 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 10, 1972
Filing dateDec 15, 1969
Priority dateDec 15, 1969
Publication numberUS 3696737 A, US 3696737A, US-A-3696737, US3696737 A, US3696737A
InventorsWikner Karl Gustav
Original AssigneeWikner Karl Gustav
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Apparatus for packaging refuse and other materials
US 3696737 A
An apparatus for packaging refuse, trash or other waste products that are deposited into a receptacle such as a paper bag, from a chute. Provided at the outlet end of the chute is a compacting or pressure-exerting device which includes a pressure plate mounted to be moved into and out of the bag through its open mouth at required intervals to compact or compress the materials that are deposited in the bag.
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United States Patent 1151 3,696,737 Wilmer 1451 Oct. 10, 1972 [54] APPARATUS FOR PACKAGING 3,280,727 10/1966 Jonas ..100/233 X REFUSE AND OTHER MATERIALS 3,357,346 12/1967 Crafoord ..l00/233 X 72 I I w Hall tan 3,413,913 12/1968 X 1 f 'gifi f 'ig gumsga 3,424,073 1/1969 Boyd et 100/229 x 3,438,322 4/1969 Marasco ..l00/Z33 [221 15, 1969 3,540,495 11/1970 Lundgren ..10o/229 ux [211 App]. No.: 884,951

Primary Examiner-Billy J. Wilhlte 52 vs. 01. ..1o0/233, 100/49, 100/278 [51] Int. Cl. ..B30b 7/00 as Fleld Search ..248/l01; 100/233, 49, 229, [571 100/22 A. 2 141/73, 30 An apparatus for packaging refuse, trash or other waste products that are deposited into a receptacle 391mm CM such as a paper bag, from a chute. Provided at the outlet end of the chute is a compacting or pressure-ex- UNITED STATES PATENTS erting device which includes a preuure plate mounted 26,546 12/1859 Chichester ..100/233 X to b moved i t a d out of the bag through its open th atlr qui ed to compact or compreu lg; g a fig 242310] the matenals that are deposlted 1n the bag. 239701533 2/1961 Allen ..................100/233 UX 3 Chime, 6 Drawin Figure:


BY MUNSON & FIDDLER PATENTEDHCI 10 I972 3 696' 7337 saw 2 OF 3 I 4 1' 1/ x j KARL GUSTAV \k/ INVENTOR.



HY MUNSON a. FIDDLER APPARATUS FOR PACKAGING REFUSE AND OTHER MATERIAIS The present invention relates to an apparatus for packaging refuse or other waste products. A special object of the invention is to provide a simple device for the repeated compression of refuse material that gradually accumulates in a receptacle, so that the entire volume of the refuse bin can be effectively utilized. The invention is further intended to provide a device which, even in very limited space, can be connected to the outlet of a refuse chute or the like which permits the use of paper bags as the refuse receivers.

The arrangement proposed by the invention is principally characterized by the repeated exposure of the refuse dumped into the receptacle to mechanical compression. For this purpose, use is made of a device principally characterized by a frame which holds the receptacle and incorporates a pivoted compression mechanism that is joumalled in the frame and arranged to be intermittently urged toward the bottom of the receptacle when it enters into the receptacle.

In the event that only limited space is available, the device may be placed at an angle relative to the outlet of the refuse chute, in which case the frame incorporates a support mounted at an angle to the horizontal plane, to hold the receptacle. The receptacle can then be mounted detachably on said support.

The device may also be arranged in a manner that the frame can be placed in a vertical position below a refuse chute. If paper bags are used as the refuse bins, it is desirable to fit the frame with a retractable clamping arrangement for the bag opening.

Regardless of whether the refuse bin is placed vertically or at an angle, a compression mechanism is provided the compression of the contents.

In the accompanying drawings, wherein illustrative embodiments of the invention are disclosed,

FIG. 1 shows a device constructed in accordance with the invention for holding an inclined refuse bin;

FIG. 2 is a side elevation of the device illustrated in FIG. I with the refuse bin locked in its inclined position;

FIG. 3 is a plan view of the device in the position of FIG. 2;

FIG. 4 is a view of a device of different construction with a vertical or standing receptacle;

FIG. 5 is a side elevation of the device of FIG. 4 with the receptacle pushed in place, and

FIG. 6 is a plan view of the device of FIG. 5.

The device shown in FIGS. 1 to 3 is primarily intended for use where there is relatively little vertical space and with the refuse bin or container arranged at an angle in working position.

The device includes a frame 1 having a base 2 and two vertical posts 3 and 4 projecting upwardly from the base. One of the short sides 6 of a support plate 5 is attached to one of the short sides 7 of the base 2, the opposite short side 8 of the support plate 5 being attached to the posts 3 and 4 at a distance upwardly from the base 2, and the plate 5 thus forms an inclined support for a refuse bin 9.

At the bottom of the refuse bin 9 are attached two rollers 10, 11 mounted at a distance from each other, and the bin 9 is fitted with a projecting catch 12 intended, when the bin 9 is placed in an inclined position on the support plate 5 (see FIG. 1), to be locked in an opening formed in the support plate or by engagement with the edge 5a of the plate, by means of a lever 14 located below the support plate 5 and incorporating a locking lug which in the locked position engages with the catch 12. When catch 12 passes through the opening 12a, the locking lug or lever 14, which is pivotal at 14a, can be turned to fit behind the catch 12 and thus hold the bin to the support plate 5. The refuse bin may either be a conventional metal container or it may be in the form of a paper bag, possible enclosed by a metal casing. According to one of the embodiments of the invention, the receptacle 9 is composed of a paper bag 16 which is detachably placed in a casing that is in the form of a cradle 17 fitted with rollers 10 and 11 and a bottom plate 18 supporting the bottom of the paper bag 16, and also with a clamping device 19 for holding the open top end of the paper bag.

In addition, the frame incorporates a compression mechanism 20 in the form of an angle-shaped lever, the inclined longer pivoting shank section 21 of which is journalled on an axle 22 mounted between the posts 3 and 4. A pressure plate 24 is mounted on the inclined shorter shank section 23 of the lever. The free end of the longer shank section 21 is pivoted on a carrier 26 hinged on a chain 25. The chain 25 is driven by a reversible motor 27, which may be controlled by a microswitch and a relay, not shown, but in the known manner, via a driving gear 28 (FIG. 2) and from which the chain engages a tension roller 29 and extends over an idler roller 30.

At the top end of each of the posts 3 and 4 is mounted guide plates consisting of triangular walls 31 and 32, the base line of which coincides with the top surface of the respective posts 3 and 4. The guide plates are provided with a sensing system in the form of an electric cell 33 with mating light source 34.

The support plate 5 is preferably so shaped that its short side first extends straight upwardly from the short side 7 of the base 2, to then shift to an angle of approximately 45 relative to the horizontal plane. The pressure plate 24 of the compression unit 20 may be suitably attached to the intermediate section 36 of the lever by means of a reinforcement bar 20'.

The apparatus illustrated in FIGS. 1 to 3 functions in the following manner:

A paper bag 16 having been inserted in the bin 9 and the open top end or mouth of the same secured around the opening in the bin by means of the clamping ring 19, the bin is rolled up to the device and is placed against the support plate 5 in such a way that the catch 12 enters the required opening in the plate. The bin is then locked in this position by turning the lever 14 and thereby engages its locking lug 15 with the catch 12. The device will then assume the inclined position shown in FIG. 2, in which the support plate has, for clarity in illustration, been omitted. At this time the pressure plate is in its rear or retracted position, shown in full lines in FIG. 2, so that the plate 24 coincides with the rear edges of the guide plates 31 and 32. The device is then located below a refuse chute so that the funnelshaped opening formed by the guide plates 31 and 32 and the pressure plate 24 constitutes a natural extension of the refuse chute. When an object is now dumped into the bin through the above-mentioned funnel-shaped opening, the motor 27 will start on an impulse from the sensing system 33, 34 and the compression mechanism 20 will thereby be shifted to the position shown in dotted lines in FIG. 2 and effect a compression of the material gradually accumulating in the bag. The compression mechanism 20 is then immediately returned to its starting or retracted position.

The sensing arrangement described is known per se and is often used to operate a circuit breaker in the current to a motor.

In FIG. 2 the known type of connection between the electric eye 33 and the motor 27 is diagrammatically indicated by the dotted line 33a.

FIGS. 4 to 6 illustrate another embodiment of the invention, the device therein shown being so arranged that the refuse bin is placed vertically directly below the refuse chute.

The device of this embodiment is basically constructed to operate according to the same principle as that shown in FIGS. 1 to 3, but instead of an inclined support plate, it incorporates a frame 36, the four posts 46 of which are vertically adjustable on the corresponding corner posts 47 of a mainly rectangular base plate 37. The adjustability is attained by the known expedient of providing the posts with a row of holes 460 through which cross pins 470 are inserted in selected ones of the holes as shown in FIGS. 4 and to make the corner posts of the required height. The refuse bin is a paper bag 38, the open top end of which is secured in a suspension device 39. The suspension device consists of a frame 40 sliding on its long edge of the sides 41, 42 along corresponding guide rails 43, 44 in the frame 36 and incorporating a fold-up locking yoke 45 which can be folded up, as shown in FIG. 4, when removing the bag 38 from the frame, and with the bag in place constitutes the front short side of the frame, shown at 40.

A compression mechanism 48 with a rectangular pressure plate 49 is pivoted by means of two angle levers 50 mounted at a distance from each other on a horizontal axle 51 extending between two posts 37'. Each angle lever 50 is composed of two parallel bars 53, 54 united by an intermediate section 52, one of the bars 53 being shorter and being mounted on the axle 51 and the other somewhat longer bar 54 carrying the pressure plate 49. At rest, as indicated in solid lines in FIG. 5, the position of the pressure plate 49 is mainly perpendicular to the opening of the bag. The short bar 53 of the angle lever 50 has a triangular plate 540, the tip of which points toward the base plate 37 and is pivoted on a carrier 55 which is attached at its opposite end to a chain 56. The chain 56 extends between a driving gear 57 on a reversible motor 58 via a tension roller 59 and an idler roller 60. The motor 58, tension roller 59 and the idler roller 60 are secured along one side of the frame 36. The chain 56 reciprocates, instead of being continuously moved in one direction so that the plate 49 moves only for the distance that exists between the rollers 59 and 60.

Similarly to the embodiment shown in FIGS. 1 to 3, the device of FIGS. 4 to 6 incorporates a sensing system in the form of a photoelectric cell 61 with a matching light source 62.

The operation of this device corresponds substantially to that of FIGS. 1 to 3, and the position 50' of the compression mechanism and the corresponding positions at 54', 55', 49 of the associated components will be seen in dotted lines in FIG. 5.

The invention is not to be limited to the designs shown in the drawings and may be altered in a number of ways. Accordingly, the motion of the compression mechanism may be effected by hydraulic or similar means instead of by chain drive. Likewise, the device shown in FIG. 2 may be employed for conventional refuse bins, in which case the clamping arrangement can be eliminated. The outlet of the refuse chute should preferably be adjusted so that no refuse is dumped during the working stroke of the compression mechanism.

What is claimed is:

1. An apparatus for collecting and compressing refuse and the like in a collection receptacle that is disposed beneath a refuse chute comprising, a frame for supporting the receptacle, the frame including supporting legs which are adjustable as to height, a frame carrying a pressure plate adapted to be entered into the collection receptacle to compress refuse therein, said latter frame having spaced parallel arms which are rigidly connected together by an intermediate portion, one of the arms being pivotally connected to the frame of the apparatus, the other arm being rigidly connected to the pressure plate, a movable chain having a reciprocating movement, a link having one end pivotally connected to the chain, an angular plate attached to the arm that is pivoted to the apparatus frame, the second end of the link being connected to the angular plate, this arrangement being effective to cause the plate'carrying frame to swing the pressure plate into and out of the collection receptacle.

2. A device for collecting and compressing refuse and the like in a collection receptacle that is disposed beneath a refuse chute comprising, a frame for supporting the collection receptacle, a compression device swingably joumalled in a frame and adapted to be intermittently pressed in a direction toward the bottom of the receptacle, the compression device including a frame having U-shaped members provided with an intermediate portion supporting levers at its opposite ends, said levers extending in the direction of the receptacle, one of said levers being an upper one and supporting a pressure plate, another of said levers being a lower one, a reciprocating element, a carrier fixed thereto, the lower one of the levers being connected to the carrier, the lower one of said levers, being swingably joumalled about a horizontal axis in the frame to provide for an arrangement by which refuse and the like can fall freely from a chute into the collection receptacle and wherein the pressure plate can be inserted deep into the receptacle with great force.

3. An apparatus according to claim 2 in which the frame for the compression device includes said U- shaped members, the upper and lower levers thereon being rigidly connected by the intermediate portion, one of the levers on the frame being shorter than the other and being pivotally connnected to the compression device frame, the reciprocating element being a movable chain, means for reciprocatively moving the chain, and linkage articulatively connecting the compression device frame to the chain so that up and down movements of the chain will bodily swing the compression device frame to bring the pressure plate down into the collection receptacle or move it out of the same and when out of the receptacle the pressure plate will be located out of the path of refuse entering into the receptacle.

1' e a: a! 5

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