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Publication numberUS3698597 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1972
Filing dateDec 3, 1970
Priority dateDec 3, 1970
Publication numberUS 3698597 A, US 3698597A, US-A-3698597, US3698597 A, US3698597A
InventorsWilliam F Burke
Original AssigneeWilliam F Burke
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Tank for liquid fuel
US 3698597 A
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United States Patent Burke [54] TANK FOR LIQUID FUEL [72] Inventor: William F. Burke, ,4825 1 E. Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19124 i [22] Filed: Dec. 3, 1970 21 Appl. No.: 94,838

[52] U.S. Cl. ..220/86, 137/43, 169/4,

, 220/63 A [51] Int. Cl. ....'..G05b

[58] Field of Sear'ch.....244/135; 220/88 R, 86, 63 A,

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,007,828 11/1911 Webb ..2 20/88R 2,318,424 5/1943 Sattler ..220/86 R 3,610,263 10/1971 Walters ..222/500 3,071,287 1/1963 Gran ..220/86 R 3,272,373 9/1966 Alleaume et 'a1. ..220/15 X Primary Examiner-Raphael H. Schwartz V AttorneyLouis Necho 571 ABSTRACT An inner tank for containingliquid fuel; an outer, 1argertank spaced from, and who11y enclosing, said inner tank; said tanks co-acting to define a chambertherebetween for receiving a fire-extinguishing, or fire-resisting material; asupply pipe leading into said inner tank, and an automatic valve for closing the inner end of said pipe to prevent outflow of the fuel through said pipe.

3 Claims, 2 Drawing Figures PATENTEDnm 11 I972 INVENTOR. WILLIAM F. BURKE ATTORNEY.

TANK FOR LIQUID FUEL BACKGROUND The gas tank of an automotive vehicle is usually made of metal, and, in case of an accident, the tank may be breached and a substantial quantity. of the liquid fuel will escape. Another possibility. isthat the car may land on its side, or on its top'so that the upper end of the fill-in'pipe is moved to a position below the fuel liquid. In either case, there is danger that the spilled gas may be ignitedwith disastrous results.

THE INVENTION IN THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view partly in section and partly in top plan, of a tank embodying my invention.

FIG. 2 is a sectional view looking in the direction of line 2- 2 on-FIG. 1.

The embodiment shown in the drawings includes an inner tank 10, and an outer tank l2.which encloses the inner tank. Inner tank is made of any one of a number of available, synthetic materials which, when molded or otherwise processed, will produce a light, tough and resilient fuel tank. The inner tank is centered relative to the outer tank by spacers 19 .'The outer tank is made in two sections which have peripheral flanges 21 and 22. As shown in FIG. 2, the outer tank is larger than the inner tank so as to provide a chamber therebetween', for containing fire-preventing or fire-retarding material 20, such as carbontetrachloride, or the like. The outer tank is assembled over the inner tank by securing flanges 21' and 22 together in liquid-tight manner. Except for being made in two sections, the outer tank may be made of conventional materials and by any desired process. The discharge end 17 of pipe 14 is flared as at 15 to accommodate a stopper 16. The upper end of pipe 14 is adapted to receive gas in the usual manner. The gas admitted into pipe 14 flows into inner tank 10 around the stopper 16 and through the holes 18 which are formed in flared portion 15. The outer tank and spacers 19 serve to absorb much of the impact to which the outer tank is subjected. The resilient nature of the inner tank also absorbs some of the impact, as does the material 20 which surrounds the inner tank. This minimizes the chance of the inner tank being breached. But, if the impact is strong enough to breach the inner tank, the liquid fuel will at once mix with material '20 which will prevent, or retard, or minimize, the conflagration which would otherwise result.

. discharge end 17 to a sealing position. Note that the .apex 23 of the stopper positions within the discharge entrained by the liquid'flowing out through the pipe and will thus close the discharge end of the pipe. The intake end 17 of the pipe 14 is so placed that if the car is overturned, the flared end of pipe 14 will be close to, or above the level of, the liquid in the overturned position of the vehicle. In such case, the flow of'liquid fuel will stop as soon as the level of the liquid in the tank is below the end of the pipe. i 1 p To guard against loss of the liquid'20, should the tank become ripped or should it develop a leak, the anti-fire material can bein the form of a powder, or it can be made in the nature of a highly absorbent material saturated with the selected fire resistant material.

What I claim is: I

1. In atank for'holding liquid fuel, the combination of A. an inner tank for containing the liquid fuel", said inner tank being provided with atop and a bottom,

1. said tank being provided with an opening in or near the said top; A y

B. an outer tank surrounding the inner tank and being peripherally spaced therefrom,

1. said outer tank defining a chamber between the inner tank and the outer tank,

a. said chamber being filled with a fire retarding material,

2. said outer'tank being provided with an opening in registry with the said inner tank opening;

C. a fill pipe passing through the-outer tank opening and the inner tank opening to admit liquid fuel into the inner tank,

1. said fill pipe having a discharge end within the inner tank, said discharge end terminating near the bottom of the inner tank,

2. said discharge end being provided with an apertured flared portion,

3. a conical stopper operable within the flared portion from an open position to a sealing position, a. said stopper having a height which is greater than the height of the flared portion,

b. said stopper having an apex which always projects into the discharge end of the till pipe and being retained therein by the flared portion,

c. said stopper being in its said open position and allowing liquid fuel to pass into the inner tank from the fill pipe when the said tank top faces upwardly,

d. the conical surface of said stopper seating upon the discharge end of the fill pipe when the bottom of the inner tank faces upwardly,

1. the said stopper moving to its said closed position to prevent liquid fuel from exiting 1 the inner tank through the fill pipe.

2. The invention of claim 1 wherein the outer tank is fabricated in two sections, each section terminating in a peripheral flange, the said flanges being connected to form a complete, liquid tight, outer tank construction.

3. The invention of claim 2 wherein the inner tank is 5 fabricated of resilient material and the outer tank is fabricated of non-resilient material. I

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U.S. Classification220/86.2, 169/62, 220/920, 137/43, 169/57
International ClassificationB60K15/03
Cooperative ClassificationY10S220/92, B60K15/03177
European ClassificationB60K15/03P