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Publication numberUS3701478 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 31, 1972
Filing dateApr 14, 1971
Priority dateOct 8, 1970
Also published asCA946799A, CA946799A1, DE2118594A1
Publication numberUS 3701478 A, US 3701478A, US-A-3701478, US3701478 A, US3701478A
InventorsTetsuya Tada
Original AssigneeTetsuya Tada
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Hand sprayer
US 3701478 A
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United States Patent Tada 1541 H ND SPRAYER 72 Inventor: Tetsnya rm, 2-6, 3-chome, Nishi- Nakanobu, Shinagawaku, Tokyo, Japan I 221 Filed: April 14, 1971 [21] Appl. No.: 133,870

[30]. Foreign Application Priority D! Oct. 8, 1970 Japan ..48/88101 Oct. 8, 1970 Japan ..45/88100 [52] US. Cl. ..239l333, 239/526 [51] Int. Cl. ..B05b 1/32 [58] Field of Search ..2 39/570, 57 1, 574, 579, 583,

[$6] 1161mm Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 6/1935 Rothchild et a1. ...2359/579 X 3/1905 Gustafson .L ..239/579 X 6/ 1 970 Wagner ..239/5 26 9/1964 Soth ..239/534 X [4 1 Oct. 31, 1972 2,980,343 4/1961 Hays ..239/s79 x 3,053,459 9/1962 Corsette .239/571 x 3,168,984 2/1965 -Corning et al. ..239/525 x 3,034,731 5/1962 Chapin .239/571 x 3,361,161 1/1968 Schwartz: ..239/s34 x v FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS 1,480,446 4/1967 France "239/579 796,851 6/1958 Great Britain ..239/57l Primary Examiner-Lloyd L. King Assistant Examiner-Michael Y. Mar Attorney-Flynn & Frishauf [57] ABSTRACT This sprayer essentially consists of a body having a I cylinder and stock portion, a piston and a handle. The piston has a through passage integrally formed therein, a check valve consisting of a one-piece resilient element and spraying cartridge; resilient element with a recess, in which a spring seats, forms a piston ring preventing leakage, the spring providing a returning force forthe piston after handle operation.

7 Chims, 5 Drawing Figures 'IIIIIIIIII 1/1937 Bernhardt ..239/s79 x' HAND SPRAYER This invention relates to a sprayer of hand-operated type. Various sprayer structuresof the handoperated type are known which, however, have the drawbacks that they generally require many construction parts and consequently have high production cost.

SUBJECT MATTER OF INVENTION A body having a cylinder and stock portion is provided'which may be integrally molded from plastics; a

. piston member having a through passage formed therein; a check valve disposed in the passage; and spraying means attached to its outer end, and handle means engaged with the piston to be operated by the operator's fingers. I

A second aspect, of the invention resides in using such a check valve as consists of aone-piece resilient material with one or more notches adapted to open when there is applied higher pressure to the inside of theresilient piece than to the outside and to close when the condition isreversed. I

The present invention can be more fully understood from the following detailed description when taken in connection with reference to the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIG. 1 is a section of an embodiment of the invention;

FIG. 2 is a sectional view on line II-II of FIG; 1;

FIG. 3 is a sectional view on line III-III of FIG. 1;

FIG. 4 is an enlarged section of a particular check valve employed in the invention; and

FIG. 5 is aplan view of the valve of FIG. 4.

Referring now to FIG. 1, a sprayer according to the invention comprises a body 11 having a cylinder 12 with an inward extension 13 starting from the closed end of the cylinder, a cylindrical stock portion 14 extending from the cylinder at approximately right angles to the axis of the cylinder and bracket portion 15 extending in an opposite direction to that in which the portion extends. The Stock and bracket portions 14 and 15 may be molded as an integral body from plastics such as A.B.S.. In the stock portion are formed an inlet bore or passage 16 for the cylinder 12 and a larger diameter bore 17, which are coaxially arranged with the stock.

2 threaded opening which contains spray material, a connector 29 is providedat the outer end of the stock portion 14. The connector 29 is annular and has screw threads 30 to be engaged with the bottle opening and an inward flange-31 adapted to cause the flange 19 of the member 18 to closely abut on the end face of the bottle opening.

A piston 32 according to the invention comprises a piston body 33 which may be of plastics such as A.B.S. The piston body 33 has at its inner end an extension 34 of the same diameter as the previously described extension 13 of the cylinder 12 and a through bore or passage 35 including a bore 36 of larger diameter but of shorter length formed outside of the bore 35. At the inner end of the piston body 33 is provided a piston ring 37 of resilient material such as rubber or the like which as, as later described, a particular configuration shown in the figure to enclose the base portion of the extension 34, thereby holding a spring.

At the bottom of the larger bore 36 of the piston body 33 is disposed a second check valve 38 consisting of a one-piece resilient element such as rubber or the like having a hat-shape as a whole. The valve 38 consists of a flange 39, cap portion 40 of a truncated cone or partly spherical shape and one or more (two shown in the figure) notches 41 extending through the center of the cap portion 40 and having a sufficient depth Into the larger bore 17 is closely fitted a hat-shaped member 18 with a flange 19 and a central tubular portion 20 which are integrally formed from resilient material such as rubber or the like so that the tube 20 communicates in air tightness with the inlet passage 16. Further, in the tube 20 are integrally formed an intermediate partition 21 with a central passage 22 which serves as a valve seat and a shoulder 23 slightly apart from the seat surface of the partition.

A sleeve 24 isfitted into the tube 20 with its outer end abutting on the shoulder 23 and a square cross sectional piece 25 is forcedly fitted into the sleeve 24 so that four crescent clearances are formed between the sleeve and piece 25 and 25 as apparently shown in FIG. 3. In the small chamber defined by the partition 21, sleeve 24 and piece 25 a square valve plate 26 is located, seating by its weight on the seat surface of the partition 21 to act as a check valve.

A flexible tube 27 of suitable length is forcedly inserted into the outer end of the tubular portion 20. For connection of the sprayer to a common bottle 28 with a closely to approach the root of the cap 40 through the top wall of the cap. Some ribs 42 may be provided on the cap portion 40 for reinforcement. Thus, it will be understood that the valve 38 opens the notches 41 when there is applied higher pressure to the inside of the cap portion 40 than to the outside thereof and closes the notches when the condition is reversed.

} A spray nozzle assembly or cartridge is located at the outerend of the piston body 33. It is conveniently molded from plastics such as polyethylene. The spraying cartridge 43 comprises a head 44 having two parallel passages 45 and a bridging channel 46 for the two passages 45 and a tubular portion 47. The cartridge 43 is inserted with its. tubular portion 47 in the bore 36 of the piston body 33 so as to cause the end of the tubular portion 47 to abut on the flange 36 of the valve 38 and securely held by an annular holder 48 engaging the outer end of the piston body 33 by screw threads with a ring-packing 49 interposed between the cartridge 43 and the outer end face of the piston. body 33.

While the piston 32 is slidably fitted into the cylinder 12 through the piston ring 37, a compression coil spring 50, as shown in the figure, is so disposed in the cylinder as to surround the extensions 13 and 34, cause its ends to abut on the closed end of the cylinder 12 and the recess or groove of the piston ring 37 respectively, thereby urging the piston 32 outwardly.

For reciprocation of the piston 32 through the cylinder 12, there is provided a lever of handle 51 pivoted to the bracket portion 15 of the body. 11 at 52 to have its free end extend in substantially parallel with the stock portion 14 of the body 11 so as to be operated by the operators fingers. The lever has at an intermediate portion a longitudinally elongated aperture 53 through which the piston body 33 freely travels. On

' 54 which slidably abut on a pair of pin-like extensions 55 on the piston body 33 respectively. Upon operation of the handle to move it in the chain dotted position indicated at A, from the full line position indicated at B, air within the cylinder 12 will be compressed and can escape through the second valve 38. Upon release of the piston, check valve 38 will close and suction within the cylinder 12 will bring liquid from the liquid container 28 through to 27 and the check valve formed of elements 21, 26 into the cylinder. A further operation of handle 51 will then provide pressure within cylinder 12, and fluid within cylinder 12 will be expelled through the bore in the piston, and the second check valve 38, slots 41 expanding to permit liquid to be ejected from nozzle ports 45. Back-flow of liquid is prevented by check valves 21, 26. The piston is returned to its normal, forward position by the force of the pressure of spring 50.

Upon retraction of the handle, spring 50 will be compressed. The left end (FIG. 1) of spring 60 seats in the recess of the piston ring 37. Upon such compression, the piston ring 37 which is made of yieldable material will be brought in intimate compact with the inner wall of the cylinder, thus avoiding leakage of air between the cylinder and the piston.

What I claim is:

l. A hand sprayer comprising a body (11) having therein a cylinder (12) closed at one end thereof;

a stock portion (14) adapted to be gripped by an operator and. having a passage (16) therein through which spray material is introduced in the cylinder;

a first check valve (21-26) provided in the passage;

a piston member (32, 33) slidably inserted in the cylinder (12) with one end extending outwardly from the body, the member (32) having a through bore (35) formed along the longitudinal axis thereof;

a piston ring (37) of resilient material located on the other end thereof, said ring having a recess in the side facing the closed and of the cylinder and a circumferential flange overlapping the recess, the

' move the piston member toward the closed end of the cylinder against the force of the coil spring (50), a spray noule assembly (43) mounted on the extending end of the piston member and having at least one spray passage (45), and a second check valve (38) located in the nozzle assembly adjacent the inner end of the spray passage (45).

2. A hand sprayer according to claim 1, wherein the longitudinal axis of the passage ,(45) in the spray nozzle assembly (38) is parallel to the axis of the through bore (35 of the piston member (32, 33).

3. A sprayer as claimed in claim 1, in which said stock portion 14) extends from the body l1) including the cylinder (12) at approximately right angles to the axis of said cylinder (12) and said handle member 51 m rises a lever havin a free end rtio ierrrie 'at portion engaged \%ith said pist and a ix d end pivoted to said bodyto permit the lever to swing for reciprocation of said piston,

4. A sprayer as claimed in claim 1, in which the passage to the cylinder (12) and the first check valve (21-26) are located'in the stock portion (14), and a connector (30) is located at the outer end of said stock portion (14) with a source of spray material.

, 5. A sprayer as claimed in claim 1, in whichat least one of said check valves comprises a one-piece generally hat shaped resilient element having a truncated conical or partly spherical top portion and provided at said top portion with one or more notches adapted to open when there is applied higher pressure to the inside of the top portion than to the outside thereof,and to close when the pressures between the inside and outside are over, or negative.

flange bearing against the cylinder walls,'a coil spring located in the cylinder l2) and seated in the recess of the resilient piston ring and within the overlap of the flange to urge the piston member (32, 33) outwardly relative to the closed end of the cylinder, a handle member (51) pivotally connected to the body and the piston member (32, 33) to be operated by the operator to 6. A sprayer as claimed in claim 1, wherein the piston ring (37) is plug-like and seated on the inner end of the piston member (32, 33), the recess is a groove at one face thereof, the end of the coil spring seating in the groove, and the flange extending axially, with respect to the piston surrounding the groove and having its exterior surface bearing against the inside of the cylinder.

7. A sprayer as claimed in claim 1 in which said first and/or second check valve consists of a one-piece resilient element of hat-shape with a truncated conical or partly spherical top portion and provided at said top portion with one or more notches adapted to open when there is applied higher pressure to the inside of the top portion than to the outside thereof, and to close when the condition is reversed.

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