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Publication numberUS3708939 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1973
Filing dateApr 7, 1971
Priority dateApr 7, 1971
Publication numberUS 3708939 A, US 3708939A, US-A-3708939, US3708939 A, US3708939A
InventorsHerr R
Original AssigneeRimar Mfg Inc
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Offset decorative window grill connection
US 3708939 A
An offset connector for removably affixing decorative window grills over a single light window sash employing a plurality of peripherally spaced sash affixed sockets and a plurality of offset connectors removably affixing within the sockets at one end thereof and connecting at the other end to the ends of decorative window grill bars for positioning and retaining the decorative window grill bars within the sash construction.
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United Statesv Patent 1191 Herr [54] OFFSET DECORATIVE WINDOW GRILL CONNECTION [75] Inventor: Robert L. Herr, Manheim, Pa.

[73] Assignee: Rimar Manufacturing, Inc., Manheim,Pa.

[22] Filed: April7, 1971 [2l] Appl. No.: 135,506

Primary Examiner-John E. Murtagh Attorney-Karl L. Spivak [57] ABSTRACT An offset connector for removably aff'ixing decorative window grills over a single light window sash employgli ing a plurality of pepherany spaced sash afxed u sockets and a plurality of offset connectors removably [58] Field of Search "S2/456 455' 3l l 507 afxing within the sockets at one end thereof and coni necting at the other end to the ends of decorative win- [56] References cned dow grill bars for positioning and retaining the decora- UNITED STATES PATENTS tive window grill bars within the sash construction. 3,108,336 10/1963 Tate ..v ..52/311 s Claims, 3 Drawing Figures 34 2O 24 2e 3 |6 l 'wlf \\\\:.,:.4n= 1V, fzsfiiiiv .1.;

W "si PATENTEDJAN 9 |973 MK 2 v 6 2 4 w 2 5 E m F m INVENTOR l ROBERT l.. HERR 1 BY )u/J. ATTORNEY OFFSET DECORATIVE WINDOW GRILL CONNECTION BACKGROUND OF THE DISCLOSURE ployed in building construction to replace existing conventional materials and methods in order to effect economies in building construction without undue sacrifice in quality of construction and in the appearance of the finished product.

Particularly, in the manufacture of windows used primarily in residential construction, savings are now being realized in the fabrication of window sash by employing a single pane of glass and by eliminating the use of individual horizontal and vertical muntin bars and other window dividers. Window manufacturers Ahave found that increased fabricating costs and increased labor costs result from the use of muntin bars and divided light windows. Accordingly, most producers have now almost universally changed fabrication methods to produce windowsashes ofvarious sizes having but a single light of glass. In this manner, a considerable manufacturing cost savings can be realized to thus continue to make such windows competitive in the building field by completely eliminating the expense of manufacturing and installing individual muntin bars and individual panes of glass in the sash.

In addition, newer methods of manufacture have resulted in procedures wherein glaziers can be almost entirely eliminated by utilizing wrap-around glazing and various vinyl plastic window sealing materials whereby no putty or other sealing materials will be required. In this manner, it is now possible to produce and assembly window units without former labor delays in glazing and without the expense occasioned by the previous individually glazing of a multiplicity of windows within a multilight sash. ln instances wherein metal sash isempIOyed, glass is now applied to the frame by utilizingl hardvinyl or soft vinyl peripheral retaining strips, thereby also further reducing labor costs and the need for skilled glaziers.

, Even though the initial cost savings realized in the new methods of manufacture have indeed been significant, the advantages gained are somewhat offset by the fact that the windows so produced all look alike and the individual characteristics of design that were available with prior art models can `no longer be produced using the present methods. In order to offset this shortcoming, the use of removable type window bar assemblies fabricated either of wood or of a vinyl resin plastic has become increasingly more popular. The plastic and wood decorative window grill assemblies as presently manufactured usually comprise a plurality of intersecting grill bars, means lto interconnect the individual grill bars to the window frame. Various methods have been employed by prior workers in the art to removably affix the decorative window rgrill assemblies over a single light of glass, for example by using collar pins as disl 2 closed in U.S. Pat. No. 3,358,412 to Martin entitled Window Bar Assembly.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention relatesvto decorative window grill assemblies in general, and more particularly, is directed to an offset connection that finds particular utility with a window sash of shallow available connection area.

The present invention discloses the combination of a plurality of sash frame afxed sockets for removably receiving grill connectors affixed to the ends of the individual bars comprising a decorative window grill assembly. A plurality of offset connectors endwardly insert within longitudinally outlined central bores 'eit-y truded in the individual decorative grill bars for removable insertion within the sockets to thereby removably retain the decorative grill in position over the single light of glass. The present invention finds particular utility wherein the usual connecting means, such as disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 3,358,412, cannot be employed because the frame construction is not sufficiently wide to receive the connecting pin or other grill connecting means. y

It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide an improved offset decorative window grill connection of the type set forth.

It is another object of the present invention'to provide a novel offset decorative window grill connection that includes both sash affixed connecting means and window grill affixed cooperating connecting means.

It is another object of the presentv invention 'to provide a novel offset decorative window grill connection having a plurality of peripherally spaced, frame affixed sockets and a plurality of cooperating, offset grill connectors removably inserted therein for retaining a decorative window grill'assembly over a single light window construction.

It is anotherobject of the present invention to provide a novel offset decorative window grill connectionv which may be readily positioned and used without requiring the use of special tools.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a novel offset decorative window grill connection that is inexpensive in manufacture, rugged in construction and trouble-free when in use.

Other objects and a fuller understanding of the invention will be had by referring to the following description and claims of a preferred embodiment thereof, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings wherein like reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the several views and in which:

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side elevational view of a window and frame wherein a decorative window grill has been positioned utilizing a plurality of offset grill connectors in accordance with the present invention.

FIG. 2 is a cross sectional view taken along Line 2-`2 of FIG. l, looking in the direction ofthe arrows.

FIG. 3 is a partial, exploded perspective view showing the arrangement of co-acting parts. l

Although specific terms are used in the following description for the sake of clarity, these terms are intended to refer only to the particular structure of my invention selected for illustration in the drawings and are not intended to define or limit the scope of the invention.

Referring now to the drawings, I show a decorative window grill comprising a plurality of intersecting, extruded plastic grill bars 12 applied over a single light window 14 retained within a peripheral frame 16, which preferably is fabricated of wood. As best seen in FIGS. 2 and 3, each grill bar l2 is fabricated with an axially aligned, central bore 18 which finds utility both in interconnecting intersecting grill bars as disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 3,474,587 to Martin entitled Decorative Window Grilles andalso in connecting the respective ends 34 of grill bars to the peripheral frame for removable installation of the decorative grill assembly 10 Vwithin the window frame 16.

In the present assembly, the frame lris provided with a continuous trough 20 which receives the peripheral edges 22 of the glass v14 therein'during the i 10to a window frame 16 having a relatively narrow frame fabrication process. Thetrough 20 flairs outwardly slightly to both facilitate glass installation and to provide an area 24 to receive the peripherally applied sealing compound 26 therein to render the entire assembly waterproof. The frame 16 extends inwardly from the'yinner edgeof the trough 20 a distance approximately seven thirty-seconds of an inch to form a peripheral, flat grill connecting vsurface 30. The grill connecting surface 30 terminates in an angular face 28 of pleasing design for interior decorative purposes which depends from the surface 30 at a highly inclined` acute angle. y

Referring now to FIGS. l and 2, I showthe grill connecting surface 30 carrying a plurality of recessed, grill retaining `grommets 32 spaced-about the periphery of the frame 16 in` alignment with the ends 34 of each respective decorative bar l2. The grommets 32 recess into the connecting surface30 up to the respective flanges 36 to thereby terminate substantially flush with v the grill connecting surface 30. Each grommet 32 provides an interior hollow space 38 for releasable retention of the offset connector pins 48 as hereinafter more fully set forth. l

`Each decorative grill bar l2 terminates at lits outer end 34 in an extending lfinger 40 which isa continuation of one peripheral edge ofthe bar. Asbest seen in FIG. 2, the finger 40 returns at an acute angle from its outermost extremity 42 to'the grill bar end 34 to provide an angular `surface v44 angularly corresponding substantially identically with the angular face 28 of the peripheral frame 16. As indicated, the angular surface 44 -joins jthe grill bar-*end 34 outwardly from the axial bore 18.. The angular surface 44 4is designed and machined to closelyoverlie the angular face 28 of the frame when the inner surface 46 of each grill bar 12 positions against the surface of the glass 14. It will be noted that when the bar angular surface 44 overlies the frame angular face 28 and the bar inner surface 46 contacts the surface of the glass 14, the bar axial bore 18 offsets from the grill connecting surface positioned grommet 32 because of the relatively narrow space available for seating the grommet in the grilll connecting surface 30.

ln order to provide a convenient method for removably affixing a decorative window grill assembly grill connecting surface 30, an offset pin 48 of relatively flat configuration has beenprovided. Each pin 48 is preferably fabricated of brass or other corrosion resistant material to a generally Z-shaped configuration a's best seen in FIG. 3. Each Voffset pin 48 includes a rod insertion end S0 for endinsertion within each respective axial bore 18. It is preferable to fabricate the width of each pin 48 substantially'equal to or slightly greater vthan the diameter of the axial bore 18 to thereby permit the insertion end 50 to be a press fit within the bore 18 by slightly deforming the plastic bar construction about the axial bore 18` Pressing the pins 48 within the respective bores 18 serves to retain the pins at the ends 34 of the decorative grill bars 12 during the grill installation and removable procedures. l

The rod insertion end 50 of each offset pin 48 terminates forwardly` in an offset section 52 which bends at substantially right angles to the insertion end 50 and extends a distance equal to the distance between the central axis of the grommet 32 and the central axis of the axially bore 18 when thebar angular surface 44 closely overlies. the frame angular face 28 with the inner surface 46 of the bars 12 in contact with the surface of the glass 14. The offset section 52 terminates in a grommet insertion end 54 which is shorterin length than the depth of each grommet space 38. The relationship between the width of the grommet end 54 and the width of the grommetspace 38,is such that the insertion end S4 easily fits within the space 38 without binding, jamming or other cramming effect. In this manner, the grommet insertion end 54 may be readily positioned into and removed from the grommet space `38 whenever it is` desired to install or removel the decorative window grill 10.` v j l 1 It is thus seen that the interrelation between lthe bar axial bore 18, the central axis ofthe grommet 32, the offset 52 of the pin 48,the relationship .between the inner bar surface`46, the glass 14, and the opposing surfaces of the rod angular surface 44 and the frame an gular face 28 all serve to provide a readily removably, easily reinstallable decorativewindo'w vgrill assembly for use with frame constructions vhaving insufficient grill connecting surfaces -30-fto allow aligned grill attaching means; v

In order to use my invention, adecorative window grill 10 is assembled by interconnecting decorative bars 12 and extending fingers 40 projecting beyond the ends 34 of each bar are milled or otherwise provided.- Eachl finger 40 is machined to provide an angular surface 44 corresponding in angular relation to the angular face 28 of the window frame 16 being decorated. A plurality` of grommets 32 position about the periphery'of the frame 16 in axial alignment with the ends 34 of each grillbar l2 and the grommets countersink into the grill connecting surface`30 up to the respective flanges 36 thereoffkOffsetpins of the type herein described inwardly insert into each grill bar 12 by 'pressing the rod insertionend 50 into the respective axial bores 18 in a manner to set the pin 48 within the end 34 of each bar 12. The pin offset section 52 extends exteriorly from the grill bar finger 40 positioning'wthin the interior space 38 of each grommet 32. ln accordance with usual practice the grill bars 12 may be readily flexed due to the nature of the extruded plastic material to position the respective grommet insertion ends 54 within the grommet space 38 of each respective grommet 32. The natural resiliency of the bar plastic material returns the bars 12 to their unstres'sed initial form whereby the decorative grill l0 is removably retained within the peripheral frame 16 by the interaction of each grommet insertion end 54 within its respective grommet interior space 38.

I claim:

l. In an offset decorative window grill connection for use with a decorative grill of the type wherein a plurality of extruded plastic bars intersect to form a decora- *Y tive window grill wherein each of the bars is provided with an axially aligned central bore, and wherein the grill is applied over a single light of glass retained within a peripheral frame, the combination of l A. a, plurality of grommets spaced about the periphery of the frame in alignment with the ends of the said bars, l l. each grommet being recessed into the frame to provide a recessed socket therein; v B. a plurality of offset, substantially Z-shaped pins removably insertable within the said grommet sockets, l

l. each said pin including a rod insertion end and a grommet insertion end, V a. the said roclv insertion end and said grommet insertion end being interconnected by an offset section extending in a plane substantially perpendicular to planes through the grommet insertion end and rod insertion end, 2. each rod insertion end respectively inserting within each axial bore, and

3. each grommet end respectively inserting within the socket provided in each grommet, whereby a decorative window grill may removably applied to a peripheral window frame with the said centrally aligned axial bores offset from thesaid grommets.

2, The invention of claim 1 wherein the said frame extends inwardly from the' glass to provide a peripheral grill connecting surface, the said grommets inserting into the said grill connecting surface about the periphery of the frame.

3. The invention of claim 2 wherein the said grill connecting surface terminates inwardly in an angular face.

4. The invention of claim 3 wherein each of the said bars is provided at the ends thereof with an extending finger, the said finger overlying a portion of the said frame.

5. The invention of claim 4 wherein the extending finger includes an angular surface formed to the same angle as the said angular face of the peripheral frame and wherein the angular surface overlies the angular face when the grill is applied over the glass.

6. The invention of claim 1 wherein the said grommet insertion end of the offset pin is less in width and height then the width and depth of the said grommet Spghe invention of'claim 1 wherein the width of the said rod insertion end of the offset pin is slightly greater than the diameter of the said axial bore of each decorative bar whereby the pin is a press fit within the bore.

8. The invention of claim 2 wherein one-half of the width of the said grill bar is greater than the width of the said grill connecting surface whereby the said axial bore positions out of alignment with the frame connected grommets and wherein the said offset pin extends between each rod axial bore and eachsaid grorn-l met.

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