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Publication numberUS3718145 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 27, 1973
Filing dateFeb 23, 1971
Priority dateFeb 23, 1971
Publication numberUS 3718145 A, US 3718145A, US-A-3718145, US3718145 A, US3718145A
InventorsFrederick D. Chateau
Original AssigneeChateau F
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Eyebrow stencilling method and apparatus
US 3718145 A
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1973 F. D. CHATEAU ,14


Feb. 27, 1973 F. D. CHATEAU 3,718,145

EYEBROW STENCILLING METHOD AND APPARATUS Filed Feb. 25, 1971 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIII FEEDER/CK 0. CH4 TEAU INVENTOR.

Feb. 27, 1973 F. D. CHATEAU ,7


United States Patent Oflfice 3,718,145 Patented Feb. 27, 1973 3,718,145 EYEBROW STENCILLING METHOD AND APPARATUS Frederick D. Chateau, P.0. Box 31441, Los Angeles, Calif. 90031 Filed Feb. 23, 1971, Ser. No. 118,122 Int. Cl. A4511 24/06 US. Cl. 132-885 7 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Eyebrow make-up is applied quickly and accurately by the use of a guide which has eyebrow stencil openings having an eyebrow shape which complements a persons facial configuration. Eyebrow templates are initially selected to provide proper configuration and coloring to complement the customers features, coloring and personality. These templates are mounted on calipers for adjustable separation, are then held over the eyebrows, and the distance between the eyebrow templates is determined from the calipers. An eyebrow stencil having attached temples is selected, with the proper separation and eyebrow style to match the selected templates and the eyebrow spacing distance previously determined.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention involves improvements in eyebrow stencil techniques which are used to facilitate proper eyebrow make-up.

The eyebrow stencils which have been proposed heretofore have used various adjusting techniques for varying the spacing between the stencil openings. One available stencil kit uses two stenciles, one for each eyebrow, with the first being provided with a hook and the other with a series of slots, to adjust the spacing. It has also been proposed to use a bent resilient center portion of a metal stencil to adjust the spacing between the eyebrow stencil openings. While such arrangements do provide some crude assistance in outlining eyebrows, the adjustment mechanism between the eyes makes it difficult to properly determine what style is most flattering, and to be sure of symmetrical location of the stencil and application of the eyebrows to the face.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In accordance with one aspect of the invention, templates having the shape of eyebrows are held over the eyebrows. Various eyebrow templates may be provided, arched eyebrow templates for square or rounded faces, peaked for longer faces and a wide-angled flared style for larger faces, for specific examples. By trying different types of eyebrows, the customer can find the style of eyebrow which best complements her appearance and.

personality. The distance between the eyebrow templates is then measured as they are held in place. From a large stock of stencils, with styles corresponding to the different template shapes, and with a number of eyebrow stencil opening spacings in each style, the proper eyebrow stencil is selected to match the previously selected template style and the measured spacing.

The templates may be mounted on stems, which may be removably secured to respective measuring arms of a pair of calipers. The calipers constitute a convenient holder for the templates, and the movement of the caliper arms to properly space the templates also establishes the spacing measurement which may be read from the calipers.

The eyebrow stencils are somewhat different in construction from those which have previously been employed in several respects. Specifically, instead of having width or spacing adjustment arrangements located between the eyebrow stencil openings, the present stencil directly interconnects the two stencil openings and is provided with a symmetrical center indication between the stencil openings. This may be in the form of an arrow or a design such as a fieur-de-lis pattern, or a sharply pointed central notch. The center indication facilitates alignment of the transparent stencil with the face, and insures symmetry in eyebrow make-up application. The direct interconnection of the two stencil openings by the stencil material, with no hooks or slots or other take-up arrangements in between, permits the flexible stencil to lie fiat against the face, and also contributes toward accurate, symmetrical and professional application of the eyebrow make-up.

The eyebrow stencils may also be provided with ear pieces. Following selection of a stencil having the proper style and eyebrow spacing, the ear pieces may be adjusted, much like the fitting of eyeglasses to further insure proper mounting of the eyebrow stencils.

For each style of eyebrow, a number of stencils are stocked, with perhaps five spacings provided for each style. These spacings extend over the normal range for the particular style, from about one inch to one and one-half inches. Following fitting of a stencil of the preselected style and spacing, the customer is provided with eyebrow pencil or other eyebrow make-up to match the color of the original template which was selected, and eyebrow make-up is applied through the stencil. The final eifect closely approximates the appearance presented by the original trial templates, thus permitting the initial application of eye make-up of a flattering and becoming style without the need for actually applying real make-up in various colors and styles.

Other aspects and features of the invention will become apparent from a detailed consideration of the following detailed description and from the drawings in which:

FIG. 1 shows an eyebrow stencil made in accordance with the techniques of the present invention;

FIGS. 2 and 3 are front and bottom views, respectively, of eyebrow templates removably mounted on a pair of calipers;

FIG. 4 shows the trial fitting of a selected style of eyebrow templates on a prospective user;

FIG. 5 shows a rack of eyebrow templates of different styles and colors which may be selectively mounted in the calipers of FIGS. 2 and 3',

FIGS. 6, 7 and 8 show several basic styles of eyebrow templates with vertical supports;

FIG. 9 shows an eyebrow template with a horizontal support; and

FIG. 10 shows a lady using the selected stencil to put on her eyebrow make-up.

With reference to the drawings, FIG. 1 shows a flexible transparent plastic stencil 12 having openings 14, 16 which are used as guides in applying eyebrow make-up. At the center of the stencil 12 is a notch 18 and a center indication design 19 in the form of a fieur-delis 19,

which are helpful in centering the stencil to facilitate symmetrical application of the eyebrow make-up. Short ear piece assemblies 20 and 22 are secured to each end of the stencil, and ear pieces 24, 26 are adjusted to fit the customer.

FIG. 2 illustrates a pair of calipers 28 which may be used to assist in selecting a suitable stencil for the individual customer, as discussed below. Removably mounted on the relatively movable arms 30, 32 of the calipers 28 are the eyebrow templates 34, 36. Each arm 30, 32 of the calipers 28 is provided with a recess into which one of the arms 38, 40 extends.

The supporting arms or stems 38, 40 for the eyebrow templates may be transparent or translucent plastic, while the main portion of the eyebrow templates 34, 36 may be of a suitable eyebrow color such as black, brown or a reddish brown color. The templates may be of a textured plastic to more closely simulate real eyebrows.

FIG. 4 shows a customer selecting a style of eyebrow which complements her appearance and personality. The calipers 28 are employed to hold various styles of templates in position over the customers own eyebrows. While personal choice can enter into the selection between two flattering styles, there are certain principles of eyebrow style selection which are of general applicability. With a slightly square or round face, an arched eyebrow style is normally more flattering. With a small or normal oval face, a small normally curved eyebrow style is normally appropriate; while for large faces, a large obliquely angled eyebrow style may be used, with a dovetail, if desired; and for long faces, a pronounced peaked style is usually best.

FIG. 5 shows a rack 43 holding several basic styles or forms of eyebrow templates, each in several different colors. Templates showing the arched, wide-angled and dovetailed, and the smaller normally curved styles are shown in FIGS. 6, 7 and 8, respectively. The calipers 28 may be mounted at the rear of the rack 43 when not in use.

FIG. 9 shows a somewhat different form of eyebrow template having an eyebrow shaped dark portion 37 and a transparent or neutral support portion 41 for manually holding the eyebrow template. In using templates such as that shown in FIG. 9, the customer can hold one in each hand, and another person may directly measure the distance between the two templates with a ruler when the desired eifect is observed.

Returning to FIG. 4, the customer has an oval face, and a pair of normally curved style eyebrow templates of a selected color are therefore mounted on the arms of the calipers 28. The calipers are then adjusted for proper spacing of the eyebrow templates.

The customer then has the opportunity of looking at a close approximation of the final effect, and can try different eyebrow styles, colors and eyebrow spacing, and this can be simply accomplished, with none of the incon- 'venience of putting eyebrow pencil on, and Washing it off, for each variation. Even before mounting on the calipers, the customer may make a preliminary selection by manually holding different templates in place.

After the customer is satisfied with the eifect, the selected style is noted, and the spacing of the caliper jaws is noted, by reading dial 44 on the calipers. To determine spacing, the calipers may be read once with the templates at the selected spacing for the customer, and again after they are closed so that the templates are just touching, and the two readings are subtracted. Alternatively, the caliper may be recalibrated from zero with the templates touching, to read the spacing directly.

A large stock of stencils is maintained, with each of the styles mentioned above being stocked in a number of different spacings for the stencil openings. In practice, it is normal to stock about five spacings for each style.

After selection of the proper stencil, the ear pieces 26 as shown in FIG. 1 may be adjusted to the customer.

The final step, or application of eyebrow make-up through the openings in the stencil 12 is shown in FIG. 10. Of course, either an eyebrow pencil or other eyebrow makeup preparations may be used. This final step produces customer-tailored eyebrow ma ke-up which essentially realizes the effect originally presented by the eyebrow templates held in position over the eyes. Eyebrow style and spacing are provided by the stencil, and an eyebrow pencil of the proper color is provided to match the eyebrow color of the template originally selected from the template rack of FIG. 5.

It is again noted that the support for the eyebrow templates may be transparent or translucent, or about the same color as the customers skin or the light color of the calipers, so that it is essentially neutral or colorless and does not detract from the effect of the eyebrow template. This can be accomplished by making both the template and its support out of transparent or translucent plastic and coloring the eyebrow template portion only; or colored and textured templates may have the neutral supports secured to them.

Prior proposals for eyebrow stencils were mentioned in the introduction of this specification. Specifically, US. Pat. No. 1,812,425 shows a metal eyebrow stencil with a resilient adjustable portion between the stencil openings. In addition, as noted above, stencil sets including several styles are available for sale with hooks and slots between the stencil openings for adjustability.

In contrast to these arrangements, applicants stencil lies fiat against the head, so that it is readily centered and held in position. In addition, the use of templates to determine spacing and for choosing the most flattering style is an important technique.

In closing, it is noted that other minor variations from the exact procedures and apparatus which are disclosed are within the scope of the invention. Thus, by way of specific examples: other types of calipers could be used for holding the templates; or the spacing measurements could be accomplihsed manually; or other similar minor changes could be made.

What is claimed is:

1. A method for custom fitting a person with an eyebrow stencil for applying eyebrow make-up comprising:

selecting a pair of templates in the shape of eyebrows of a style to complement the appearance of the person;

positioning said eyebrow templates over the eyebrows;

selecting an eyebrow stencil having openings corresponding in shape to the selected style of said templates, and in spacing to the position of said selected eyebrow templates; and

applying eyebrow make-up through the openings in the selected stencil to the face of said person, whereby the efiect of the template is realized in the facial eyebrow make-up.

2. A method as set forth in claim 1 wherein the selected templates are mounted on a pair of calipers, and wherein the spacing of said templates is adjusted by adjusting said calipers to change the spacing indication of said calipers, thereby indicating the required stencil opening spacing.

3. A method in accordance with claim 1 wherein said templates are curved to generally match the curvature of the human brow, and are fitted close to and overlying the brows of the person being fitted.

4. A method in accordance with claim 1 wherein the selected stencil is provided with ear pieces, and said ear pieces are adjusted to fit the ears of the person.

5. A method in accordance with claim 1 wherein said templates are dark in color, are provided with supports of a neutral color, and wherein said templates are positioned through said supports.

6. A method as set forth in claim 1 wherein said templates are selected from a display of different colored templates, and wherein eyebrow make-up of a color corresponding to the color of the selected template is applied to the face through the openings of the stencil, whereby the shape, coloring and spacing of the templates is realized in the final facial make-up.

7. A make-up method comprising the steps of: selecting eyebrow templates of a suitable shape; holding the templates in position over the eyebrows of a person; and selecting a stencil having two eyebrow shaped openings matching said shape and said position of the selected templates, applying eyebrow make-up through the openings in the selected stencil to the face of said person, whereby the effect of the template is realized in the facial eyebrow make-up.

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LOUIS G. MANCENE, Primary Examiner G. E. MCNEILL, Assistant Examiner

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