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Publication numberUS3721814 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1973
Filing dateAug 9, 1971
Priority dateAug 9, 1971
Publication numberUS 3721814 A, US 3721814A, US-A-3721814, US3721814 A, US3721814A
InventorsG Ries
Original AssigneeG Ries
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Light unit
US 3721814 A
In a light unit that includes a plurality of sockets for receiving bulbs therein, and wherein there is provided a means for connecting the light unit to a source of supply of electrical energy.
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llnited States Patent Ries 5]March 20, 1973 [54] LIGHT UNIT 2,304,888 12 1942 Davis, Jr. ..240 10 T x [76] Inventor: Gordon E. Rigs, 4423 Third Ave" 2,890,444 6/l959 Turk ..240/10RX East Brademon Brademon Fla 3,465,282 9/1969 Berger et al..... .....240/l0 R X 33503 1,707,539 4/1929 Propp ..240/52 R x [22] Filed: Aug. 9, 19 1 Primary Examiner-Joseph F. Peters, Jr. 21 Appl.No.: 169,929 Moray-Sherman Levy 57 ABSTRACT [52] US. Cl. ..240/10 R, 240/52 R 1 [51] Int. Cl ..F21 1/02 In a light unit h in a p r li y f o ke s for [58] Field of Search 24()/52 R, 52,1, 10 R, 10 5 receiving bulbs therein, and wherein there is provided 240/ 10 T, 81 R, 81 BS, 153 a means for connecting the light unit to a source of supply of electrical energy. [56] References Cited 1 Claim, 4 Drawing Figures UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,293,594 2/1919 Willey ..240/52 R X PATENTEUflifizonars I 3, ,8

INVENTOR GORDON E. RIES ATTORNEY LIGIIT UNIT The present invention relates to a light apparatus or light unit, and more particularly to a light unit that includes means for supporting a plurality of light bulbs therein.

An object of the present invention is to provide a light apparatus that includes sockets for receiving bulbs therein whereby different and unusual lighting effects can be accomplished as may be desired.

Still another object of the present invention is to provide a light unit that is adapted to use or utilize standard bulbs in sockets in conjunction with extensions whereby a person can create their own color effect and wherein the colors can be blended or mixed so that, for example, the arrangement of lights can be provided to blend with the decor of a particular room or other locality, and wherein the present invention can be used in a desired location, such as in lamps, overhead field light fixtures, outdoor lamps, and the like.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a device of the character described that is economical to produce, durable in form, and conducive to the most economical use of materials and uniformity of members formed therefrom.

Still further objects and advantages will become apparent in the subsequent description in the specification.

In the drawings:

FIG. 1 is a side elevational view illustrating one application of the present invention.

FIG. 2 is a top plan view.

FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken on the line 33 of FIG. 1.

FIG. 4 is a schematic wiring diagram for the present invention.

Referring in detail to the drawings, the numeral 30 indicates the light unit or light apparatus of the present invention, which is shown to comprise a support member 31 that may have slots or openings 32 therein whereby male prongs or an electrical connector can be arranged in engagement therewith, if desired.

As shown in the drawings, the unit 30 includes a pair of spaced parallel spaced disks or plates 33 and 34, which are suitably secured to the support member 31 or formed integral therewith, and a plurality of sockets 35 are suitably affixed to the plates 33 and 34, FIG. 1. The sockets 35 are adapted to receive standard light bulbs 36 therein. The numeral 37 indicates an intermediate or centrally disposed socket member that is arranged in the central portion of the plate 33, and a light bulb 38 is adapted to be electrically received or mounted in the socket 37.

Projecting from the plate 34 is an extension 39 that may have a threaded portion 40 for permitting the entire unit to be screwed into a suitable electrical outlet whereby electrical energy can be supplied for the unit 30 from a suitable source of supply.

In FIG. 4, there is shown schematically a wiring diagram wherein the numeral 41 indicates the main input lines or conductors, which may have a flasher 42 electrically connected thereto, or, if desired, individual flashers 43 may be provided for each of the bulbs, such as the bulbs 36 and 38. The electrical sockets may also include conductors 44, as well as wires or conductors 45 for the individual bulbs.

From the foregoing, it will be seen that there has been provided a light unit, and in use, with the parts arranged as shown in the drawings, the unit 30 may be connected to a suitable source of electrical energy, as for example, by arranging the threaded portion 40 of the extension 39 in engagement with a suitable electrical outlet, whereby electrical energy will be supplied to the unit through the input lines or main line 41, and this electrical energy will then be supplied through conductors or wires such as the wires 44 and 45 to the bulbs 36 and 38. These bulbs 36 and 38 may be different colors or configurations, as desired or required, so that the user will be able to provide different types of light effects or colors in order to achieve various pleasing or desired effects where the device is being used.

It will be noted that there is provided the intermediate portion or support member 31 that has the pair of plates 33 and 34 suitably affixed thereto or formed integral therewith, and the plates 34 and 33 have the sockets 35 connected thereto, and the sockets 35 are adapted to receive the light bulbs 36. Similarly, the socket member 37 on the plate 33 receives a bulb 38. Thus, a person may arrange the bulbs for one color, while others have a different color or they may all be of the same hue or the like, whereby various effects can be created or provided. The intermediate portion 31 may have the slotted portions 32 therein whereby various accessories such as electrical male prongs can be arranged in engagement with the slots 32 in order to provide a further means of electrically connecting various accessories into the circuit.

The parts may be made of any suitable material and in different shapes or sizes.

As shown in FIG. 4, a single flasher 42 may be provided for the entire unit so that all of the bulbs can be made to flash on and off when desired, or, if desired, separate or individual flashers 43 may be provided for individual bulbs so that the various individual bulbs 36 and 38 can be made to flash on and off separately, whereby different effects can be created to enhance the results produced by the light unit.

It will, therefore, be seen that there has been provided a warm glow light apparatus that is adapted to use standard bulbs in sockets and extensions which are arranged so that a person can create his or her own color in a desired atmosphere, and wherein the colors can be mixed and blended to go with the desired decor, and, for example, colored bulbs can be used.

The device can be used in lamps, overhead field light fixtures, helium lamps, outdoor lamps, or any other type of apparatus, and the device can be rotated so that it can revolve on its axis. The parts are constructed so that it can be extended and may be in different lengths, depending upon the size and configuration of the light fixtures in which it is to be installed. Thus, with the present invention, a person can create pleasing, relaxing light arrangements using a mixture of color light waves and using standard fixtures and bulbs in a simplified manner, whereby the device can be readily used by various individuals.

In addition, the bulbs may be standard size Christmas tree light bulbs, so that a merchant will be able to merchandise such items all year round, rather than being limited or restricted to selling such articles or accessories as a seasonable sales item only during Christmas time, and the like.

The bulbs may be of any desired color, so that the light that is emitted will be a desired color, that is, the bulbs may have a coating thereon to provide the desired color. With the present invention, standard components are used. In addition, with the present invention by providing the means for giving off different light effects, the device will permit the user to vary the lighting effect, depending upon the mood or decor desired. The various wires or electrical conductors are arranged in series so that in the event one of the bulbs is burned out or not being used, the remaining bulbs will keep on burning or being energized. In view of the provisions of the threaded extension 40, and associated parts, a plurality of units can be electrically connected together, so that the user can make a completed device of any desired length or size.

it is to be understood that the particular embodiments of the invention described herein are merely illustrative of the underlying principles involved, and numerous other arrangements, modifications and adaptions may be conceived without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

I claim:

1. As a new article of manufacture, a light unit comprising a support member having slots therein, a pair of spaced parallel disks affixed to said support member, oppositely disposed sockets affixed to said disks, bulbs in said sockets, and an intermediate socket on the central portion of one of said disks for receiving a bulb therein, an extension operatively connected to one of said disks and said extension having an externally threaded portion thereon, and an electrical circuit for said light unit including conductors and flasher means in said circuit.

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