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Publication numberUS3723015 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 27, 1973
Filing dateMar 5, 1971
Priority dateMar 7, 1970
Also published asDE2010852A1, DE2010852B2
Publication numberUS 3723015 A, US 3723015A, US-A-3723015, US3723015 A, US3723015A
InventorsDietsche E, Wissler B
Original AssigneeDietsche Roman Fa
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US 3723015 A
A toilet brush, which may be advantageously equipped with a rinsing brush as well as a brush head on a brush handle, in which a container for cleaner or disinfectant is detachably mounted on the end of the brush handle, and the container is connected to the bristle head by a tube that can be closed off by a valve.
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Unite States Patent 1191 Wissler et a1.

1541 BRUSH [751 Inventors: Bernhard Wissler; Erich Dietsche,

both of Black Forest, Germany [73] Assignee: Firma Roman Dietsche, Af-

tersteg/ Black Forest, Germany [22] Filed: Mar. 5, 1971 [21] .Appl. No.: 121,441

[30] Foreign Application Priority Data Mar, 7, 1970 Germany ..P 20 10 85215 [52] US. Cl ..40l/278, 401/286 [51] Int. Cl. ..B43k 11/10 [58] Field of Search 401/37, 278-280,

[56] Reierences Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1/1960 Turner ..401/l83 X 1 51 Mar. 27, 1973 934,058 9/1909 Farrar IS/104,9 1,785,680 12 1930 Goldknopf.. ....401 279 X 3,503,691 3/1970 Kirsch Am 2711 x 2,784,435 3/1957 Gubler "401 270 X 3,195,170 7/1965 Howard ..4(11 279 x FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS 1,258,361 3/1961 France "401/279 Primary Examiner-Lawrence Charles Attorney-Browdy & Neimark [57] ABSTRACT A toilet brush, which may be advantageously equipped with a rinsing brush as well as a brush head on a brush handle, in which a container for cleaner or disinfectant is detachably mounted on the end of the brush handle, and the container is connected to the bristle head by a tube that can be closed off by a yalve.

12 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures PATENTEUHARZY ms SHEET 2 OF 3 I'm er? fora BRUSH This invention relates to a brush, and more specifically to a toilet brush consistingof a bristle holder with a brush handle and a rinsing brush attached to the bristle holder, if desired.

A cleaning device is known, consisting of a bottle to fastened.

. In toilet brushes in particular, which are usually made with the bristle head turned down, it is necessary to have a fluid outlet that can be closed absolutely tight.

It is an object of the present invention to make a brush with a fluid container which has an especially simple and reliable closing mechanism and is protected to a considerable degree against unwanted opening of the closure.

According to the invention, a flexible liquid container is fastened to the end of the brush handle in such a manner that it can be removed and replaced, the container being connected to the brush head by a flexible tube, and with provision for closing the tube by a valve. An advantageous design involves screwing the liquid container into the expanded end of the brush handle. Further, the valve is housed in the expanded end of the brush handle and consists of a plunger mounted at right angles to the tube and pressing on the latter.

When the cleaner or disinfectant, rinse, etc., contained in the liquid container is to be used in cleaning with the brush according to the invention, the upper end of the plunger (which serves as a push button) is pressed down and the plunger lifts the closing element of the valve, which acts on the tube, so that the liquid can flow freely. As soon as the plunger is released, the valve closes--the internal walls of the flexible tube are pressed together to shut off the flow. This ensures that the liquid cannot flow out except when desired. The flexible liquid container makes it possible to spray or squirt the liquid through a spray head under pressure, for example.

In order to obviate the need to keep pressing down the plunger while cleaning, a refinement calls for the open valve to be held in this position by a slider. In addition, the valve can be designed so that the valve is closed when the plunger is depressed, with the plunger pressing the tube against a fixed arrangement, and lockable in this position. A return spring can be installed to lift the plunger by acting on the latter and thus open the valve.

According to a further refinement, the depressed plunger presses against a stop held by a return spring, so that the spring tension of the latter against the tube is relieved.

In an embodiment of the device according to the invention, the valve consists of a plunger and is con-.

nected to the tube by a recess in the plunger, so that a return spring acting on the released plunger relieves the pressure on the tube. If the brush is put away or hung up, or used without cleaning fluid, the spring presses the closure against the tube so that the latter is closed off. The tight fit of the internal walls of the flexible tube prevents the fluid from escaping.

According to the invention, the valve can also consist of a plunger with a hole through which the tube passes and a return spring, with a lever fitted to the brush handle to open the valve. A recess may be advantageously provided in the lever, into which a locking button on-a whose neck a cleaning head with brush may be slider may be inserted to hold the valve open. When the lever is depressed, the plunger moves the valve so that the tube is freed. The lever can be used to dispense disinfectant and cleaner. When the lever is released, the spring presses the plunger back and the tube, which passes through a hole in the plunger, is compressed by a shutoff projection on the plunger. The lever for activating the valve makes it convenient to work with the brush and can be operated easily to feed liquid.

According to another feature of the invention, the valve consists of 'a pin fitted into a hole in the brush handle; the pin has a lengthwise slot through which the tube and a pressing device pass, and a return spring acts on the pin. The pressing device has prongs which project laterally from the lengthwise slot in the pin and limit the movement of the pressing device relate to the movement of the pin and hold the pressing .device against the lower edge of the slot in the pin to shut off flow through the tube.

Other features and advantages of the invention are described with reference to the examples of the embodiment of the invention as shown in the drawings,


FIG. 1 is a cross sectional view showing a toilet brush with a partial showing of the liquid container that forms I the brush handle;

FIG. 2 is a cross sectional view of a toilet brush according to FIG. 1, with a valve actuable by a lever;

FIG. 3 is a cross sectional view ofa toilet brush with a modified valve; and

FIG. 4 isa cross sectional view of the valve as in FIG.

In the drawing, corresponding parts are marked with the same reference numbers.

The round-headed toilet brush used in the drawing to illustrate the invention consists of a bristle holder 1, preferably made of injection-molded plastic. The bristle holder 1 has a brush shaft or handle 9 integral therewith. The brush shaft handle 9, has an outer end 10 which is of greater cross section, which is connected to a flexible liquid container 2 adapted to hold liquid disinfectant or cleaner. The liquid container 2 is preferably attached to the end 10 by screwing thereon so that it can be easily removed.

According to the invention, the expanded end 10 of the brush shaft contains a valve, which (according to FIG. 1) includes a movable plunger 3 that moves in the direction of the arrow a. In order for liquid to flow out of container 2 through the valve, the upper end of the plunger, which made in the form of a button, is pressed inwardly so that the flexible tube 6 which runs through the valve can dilate as the force exerted on it by a spring 5 is relieved by force of the plunger. The plunger 3 can be retained in the depressed position by a slider 4, which is movable in the direction of the arrow b. Tube 6 runs through a recess-ll in plunger 3. In the example shown, recess 11 contains a shutoff projection 12 at the bottom, which is held against tube 6 by the force of spring 5 when the plunger is released and thereby presses against and closes the tube. The liquid passing through the valve is carried through the tube 6 mounted in a recess in the brush handle and bristle holder all the way to the brush head. Tube 6 ends in a fitting 7 for a nozzle 15. A rinsing on flushing-groove brush 8 is also attached to fitting 7. To hold the fitting 7, the bristle holder 1 has a sleeve 13 through which the tufts of the bristles project. The sleeve 13 is connected to fitting 7 by a flexible strap 16.

It is also possible to feed the liquid from the valve directly through the recess in the bristle head and brush handle. A nozzle can be attached to the outlet of the brush head or the tube can be attached to carry the liquid farther. In addition, the valve can be made so that a lockable plunger holds the tube in the compressed, blocked position.

According to the arrangement in FIG. 2, brush shaft 9' is an intermediate section between the bristle holder 1 and the liquid container 2, which serves as a grip for the brush. The valve, composed of plunger 17 with recess 11, shutoff projection 12 and return spring 5, can be operated by a lever 20. By pressing down on the lever 20, pivoted on axis 22 on the expanded end of brush shaft 9, so that it moves from the position shown in the figure to the one represented by dot-dashed lines, the valve can be opened to a greater or lesser degree.

To retain the plunger, lever has a recess 21, into which a slider 18 with its locking button 19 may be pushed. A channel 29 is provided in the bristle holder for the tube. Tube 6 passes through this channel and emerges at the desired point on the bristle holder, so it can be connected to a nozzle, a spray tube 15, or the like.

FIG. 3 shows a brush made up of.a bristle holder 1, a brush shaft 9 attachable thereto and a liquid container 2 capable of being screwed onto brush shaft 9'.

The brush handle has a through hole 23 in its expanded end 10 to accommodate the valve. The valve according to the invention, shown in greater detail in FIG. 4, fits into this passage. It consists of a pin 24,

slotted for a portion of its length. This lengthwise slot 25 contains a pressing device 26. The tube 6 passes beneath the pressing device through slot 25. Spring 5 is used to return pin 24; its other end rests against cover 27 which seals the bottom of hole 23. When released, pin 24 is raised by spring 5 to its upper position, but pressing device 26 due to prongs 30 cannot go all the way with the pin. The prongs 30 rest against stops in hole 23 and limit the movement of pressing device 26, which then presses tube 6 against the lower edgeof slot 31 of pin 24;

The end of the pin, raised by the return spring, serves as a push button and can be moved either manually or with a lever 20' against spring 5. This type of valve is especially gentle in its action on the tube. The tube is subjected only to pressure, and not shear, in the valve. A tube holder 28 is used to make the transition from the liquid container to the brush shaft.

A tube holding element 28 fits within the hollow section of brush shaft 9' and serves to connect the liquid holder 2 with the tube 6 and to permit fluid to pass therebetween.

It will be obvious to those skilled in the art that various changes may be made without departing from the scope of the invention and the invention is not to be considered limited to what is shown in the drawings and described in the specification.

What is claimed is:

l. A toilet brush comprising:

a bristle holder;

a hollow brush shaft connected to said bristle holder at one end-and having an expanded portion at the other end; I

a flushing-groove brush connected to said bristle holder;

3 bottle-like liquid container means for storing and dispensing rinsing and disinfecting liquid removably and interchangeably. attached by a threaded connection to the expanded end of said brush shaft, said container means formed from a flexible material and serving as the hand grip of the brush;

a flexible tube running through said hollow brush shaft and said bristle holder and connecting said container means'with said flushing groove brush; and

a plunger means positioned in the enlarged portion of said brush shaft at right angles to said tube for pressing on said tube to close said tube when in a rest position and for opening said tube when actuated.

2. A brush according to claim 1 wherein said plunger means includes a plunger and a spring actuated support whereby when said plunger presses on said support the force of the spring acting on the tube is relieved to open the tube and permit the flow of liquid.

3. A brush according to claim 1 further including a lever mounted on said brush shaft to actuate aid plunger means. i

4. A brush in accordance with claim 3 further includa slider connected to, said brush shaft, having a locking button thereon;

said lever including a recess therein for receiving said locking button whereby, when said slideris pushed, said locking button engages the recess in said lever to retain said plunger means in actuated position.

5. Brush according to claim 1 wherein said plunger means comprises a pin fitting into an opening in-the brush shaft, said pin having a lengthwise slot therein; a pressing device; said tube and said pressing device passing thru said slot; and a return spring means for urging said pin to clamp said tube against said pressing device for closing said tube.

6. A brush according to claim 5 further including a lever mounted on said brush handle, said lever being adapted to engage the upper end of said pin to depress it against the action of said spring means and thereby open said tube.

7. A brush according to claim 5 wherein said pressing device includes laterally projecting prongs which extend beyond said slot in the pin and act to limit the movement of the pressing device against the movement of the pin and hold the pressing device against the lower edge of the slot in the pin to close said tube.

8. A brush in accordance with claim 1 wherein said flushing-groove brush further includes a nozzle thereon connecting with said tube.

9. A brush according to claim 8 whereinsaid flushing-groove brush and nozzle are fastened to an attachment flexibly mounted on said bristle holder by a sleeve.

10. A brush in accordance with claim 1 further including a slider means connected to said brush shaft for locking said-plunger means in actuated position.

11. A brush in accordance with claim 1 wherein said plunger means comprises:

a plunger having a recess therein through which said tube passes; and

spring means for urging said plunger to press against 5 and close said tube when in a rest position.

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