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Publication numberUS3729004 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 24, 1973
Filing dateFeb 8, 1971
Priority dateFeb 12, 1970
Also published asDE2106525A1
Publication numberUS 3729004 A, US 3729004A, US-A-3729004, US3729004 A, US3729004A
InventorsG Burger
Original AssigneeG Burger
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Baby{40 s napkin
US 3729004 A
The invention concerns a napkin to be thrown away which comprises a backing and a first impervious layer, both being provided with two apertures and located against an absorbing layer. A second impervious layer is provided in order to house this absorbing layer between said first and second impervious layers. Furthermore, the backing is provided with lateral recesses so as to conform closely to the shape of the body and around legs of a baby in order to ensure tightness between the baby's body and the napkin.
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United States Patent 91 Burger [11] 3,729,004 [451 Apr. 24, 1973 BABY'S NAPKIN [76] Inventor: Guy Claude Burger, Les Trois- Noyers 1349 Eclepens, Vaud, Switzerland [22] Filed: Feb. 8, 1971 [21] Appl. No.: 113,241

[30] Foreign Application Priority Data Feb. 12, 1970 Switzerland ..2022/7O [52] U.S. Cl..... ..l28/286 [51] Int. Cl. ..A6lf 5/44 [58] Field of Search ..128/286287, 288

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 463,819 11/1891 Willoughby 128/286 2,277,043 3/1942 Cohn 2,690,749 10/ l 954 Nelson 128/287 3,221,738 12/ 1965 Ekberg et a1. ..128/287 3,424,160 H1969 Koomwinder et a1. 128/286 3,522,808 8/1970 Worcester 128/286 3,532,093 10/1970 Lovret 128/286 3,559,648 2/1971 Mason, Jr I ...128/287 3,563,242 2/1971 Hedstrom et al 128/287 Primary ExaminerCharles F. Rosenbaum Att0rneyYoung & Thompson 5 7 ABSTRACT 8 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures Pumped April 24, 1973 3,729,004

2 Sheets-Sheet l Guy 62,4005 50265:;

Patented April 24, 1973 3,729,004

2 Sheets$heet 2 60 M614 4005 ufieae BABY'S NAPKIN The present invention concerns a, baby's napkin or a napkin for incontinent persons which permits maintaining them clean and dry in order to avoid the cleanings and the skin irritations as well as the cleaning of the trousers.

This throw away napkin is characterized by the fact that it comprises a backing and a first impervious layer provided with two apertures, located against an absorbing layer and a second impervious layer confines this absorbing layer between two impervious layers and by the fact that this backing comprises two lateral recesses enabling the napkin to be closely adapted to the body.

The attached drawing shows schematically and by way of example one embodiment of the napkin accordingto the invention.

FIG. 1 shows the use of a napkin.

FIG. 2 is a view of it in longitudinal cross-section.

FIG. 3 is a view partially cut away of a second embodiment of the napkin.

FIG. 4 is a plan view of the backing of the napkin shown at FIG. 3. g

The napkin shown at FIGS. 1 and 2 presents seen from above a generally rectangular shape and is constituted by a backing or strip 1 the two ends of which 2, 3 emerge from the stack of the layers of the napkin but the width of which is smaller than that of the other layers. This backing 1 is provided with at least one hole or aperture 4, 4a in the example shown.

This backing is covered on one side by a first layer 5 of a smooth material which is permeable such as paper cloth and on the other side with a first impervious layer 6 for example of plastic material or cellulosic material. These two layers 5 and 6 comprise also apetures which correspond to the apertures 4 and 4a of the strip 1.

Finally the napkin comprises further, located between the first impervious layer 6 and a second impervious layer 7 a second absorbing layer constituted in the example shown by a layer of paper cloth 8 and a partial layer 9 of cellulosic wadding or hydrophilic cotton. This second absorbing layer comprises also apertures corresponding to the apertures 4 and 4a of the strip 1. s

The mounting together of the stack thus obtained may be effected by a slight gluing of the layers the one on the other or simply by compression. However, the second impervious layer 7 is glued along the periphery of the first impervious layer 6 so as to form under it a kind of relatively tight pocket.

It is to be noted here that the layer 7 may be greater or wider than the layer 6 so as to constitute a pocket and to prevent during the setting in place of the napkin the compression of the absorbing layer 8, 9.

In the embodiment shown the second impervious layer 7 is larger than the rest of the napkin and is provided with self-gluing strips 10 which permit one to wind it and to fix it around the legs and the body of a baby just as a trousers.

The ends 2, 3 of the strip cooperate in the example shownwith a suspender 11 passing over the shoulders, around the neck of the baby in order to maintain the napkin in place. To this effect the ends 2, 3 may be provided with anchoring means or regulating means enabling a perfect adjustment of the napkin.

The napkin is placed so that the urine of the baby be' directed towards the opening 4a towards the second absorbing layer 8, 9 in the area of it which comprises a great thickness of absorbing material 9 whereas the excrements of the baby'are directed through the aperture 4 in an area of the absorbing layer 8, 9 constituting a pocket or container with the second impervious layer 7.

Thus not only the urine but also the excrements of the baby are collected and accumulated in the second absorbing layer 8, 9 located between two impervious layers 6 and 7 and this enables an efficient protection of the baby.

In the second embodiment shown in FIGS. 3 and 4 the napkin is similar to the one described above, that is, it comprises a first impervious layer 6 and a second impervious layer 7, this latter constituting a pocket, for example of a plastic material. These impervious layers 6, 7 are secured together along their periphery so as to constitute an envelope holding the backing 1 and the second absorbing layer constituted here by only one layer of cellulosic wadding or hydrophile cotton 12 having an approximately constant thickness. The first absorbing layer 5 is located on top of the first impervious layer 6 outside the envelope constituted by the layers 6 and 7.

In this embodiment the ends 2 and 3 of the backing l are located inside the envelope constituted by the tight layers 6, 7 but all the stack constituting the napkin is provided with holes 13 permitting the hooking of a suspender 14 for the fixing of the napkin.

Holes 4 and 4a are provided in the upper absorbing layer 5 in the backing l and inthe second absorbing layer 12.

Finally the backing 1 comprises lateral recesses 15 enabling to the napkin to lie closely against the body I between the legs to avoid that the urine and the excrements escape between the skin and the napkin.

The backing 1 comprises further an opening 16 and slots 17 which permit shaping the backing and thus the napkin so that it follows as closely as possible the shapes of the baby and can be inserted between its buttocks.

Numerous variants may be realized without departing from the scope of the claimed protection. Particularly the strip 1 as well as the layers 5, 6, 8 and 9 may comprise a different number of openings 4. The thick absorbing layer 9 could extend over the whole length of the napkin, and comprise only one or two apertures.

The impervious layer 7 could be of the same dimension as the other layers in which case the napkin would be maintained in place only by the two ends 2, 3 of the strip 1 fastened to the suspender. In this case and if the two impervious layers 6, 7 are of plastic material it is possible to secure them along their periphery enclosing thus completely the second absorbing layer 8, 9 in a tight housing.

The layer 6 could be larger than the other ones and be used for the fixing of the napkin to the suspender.

Finally the strip 1 could in certain cases replace the first impervious layer. In fact, one may conceive with plastic material, that a tight sheet, constituating the impervious layer 6 has a central reinforced portion and an extension in the longitudinal axis of the napkin to constituate the backing l.

An important characteristic of the napkin is that it is easily applied to the body and can be closely applied there against in liquid-tight relationship.

ln a variant the napkin could be provided with powder, that is to say that its free surface of the first absorbing layer could be covered by a thin layer of talc.

The opening 4a provided in the backing can be greater than the corresponding openings in the first absorbing and liquid-tight layer so that the edges of this aperture 4a which could be harmful are covered by a smooth protection.

I claim:

1. A disposable napkin, comprising a backing and a first impervious layer having two apertures located against an absorbing layer and a second impervious layer housing said absorbing layer between the two impervious layers, the backing and the first impervious layer being only one piece of manufacture, said absorbing layer having at least one aperture registering with one of said apertures of said first impervious layer, and another absorbing layer, smooth to the touch, located against the free face of the first impervious layer and of the backing, this latter absorbing layer having openings registering with the openings in the backing.

2. A napkin according to claim 1, in which the second impervious layer extends beyond the other layers and comprises means to fix it around the legs and body ofa baby as a pair of breeches.

3. A napkin according to claim 1, in which said absorbing layer has different thicknesses in two different parts of its length.

4. A napkin according to claim 1, in which the ends of the backing cooperate with a suspender to maintain the napkin in place.

5. A napkin according to claim 1, in which the first impervious layer extends beyond the other layers of the napkin and constitutes a suspender means.

6. A napkin according to claim 1, in which the second impervious layer is larger than the first impervious layer and forms with the latter a pocket.

7. A napkin according to claim 1, in which the backing is housed in an envelope constituted by the two impervious layers and comprises lateral recesses enabling the napkin to be closely fitted to the body of a baby.

8. A napkin according to claim 1, in which one of the apertures of the backing has a greater diameter than the corresponding apertures of the absorbing layer and of the first impervious layer.

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