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Publication numberUS3734503 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 22, 1973
Filing dateOct 16, 1970
Priority dateOct 16, 1970
Also published asCA948664A, CA948664A1
Publication numberUS 3734503 A, US 3734503A, US-A-3734503, US3734503 A, US3734503A
InventorsBreslow J
Original AssigneeMarvin Glass & Associates
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Target and adjustable trajectory disc launcher
US 3734503 A
A target game including target articles and means defining a target support area for supporting the target articles thereon and a movable missile launching member being adjustable in elevation for aiming at said target articles.
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United States atee 1191 Breslow [451 22, 1973 54 TARGET AND ADJUSTABLE 3,458,196 7/1969 Monzulla .273/105 R TRAJECTORY DISC LAUNCHER 2,295,225 9/1942 Lohr .273/101 1151 1mm Jeffery BR5109911949111 12333332 311332 ?!Zv?r;i:........................;::1::1iii/i2 Agsignee; Marvin Glass & Associaaes 1,260,026 3/1918 Peacock Chicago, 2,616,697 11 1952 Brasington ..273/98 3,515,111 6/1970 Auge 124/16 Filed: 16, 1970 1,080,670 12 1913 Zimmerman..... ....124/16 KI'lSIOfCk Primary ExaminerAnt0n O. Oechsle [52] US. Cl. ..273/10l, 124/47, 124/16 Assistant Examiner Marvin Siskind [51] Int. Cl. ..A63b 71/02 Attorney Hofgren, Wegner, Allen, s u & [58] Field of Search ..124/16, 26, 29, 47, Cord 124/46; 273/95 R, 98,101,102 R, 105 R [56] Reierences Cited [57] ABSTRACT A target game including target articles and means UNITED STATES PATENTS defining a target support area for supporting the target 3,166,321 1965 Fleishman min/105 R articles thereon and a movable missile launching 2,469,016 5/1949 Stopper ..l24/47 member being adjustable in elevation for aiming at 3,112,109 11/1963 Young... ....273/105 R said target articles. 1,102,948 7/1914 Norton.... ..124/129 714,770 12/1902 Zelch ..124/29 2 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures 1 TARGET AND ADJUSTABLE TRAJECTORY DISC LAUNCHER BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention This invention relates to game devices.

2. Brief Description of the Prior Art Target games of many forms are well known in the art. Examples of such games range in variety from those where a missile element is thrown or rolled at a target, such as a variation of darts, bowling or bean bag-type games; to those where the missile element is launched by means of some actuating member, such as spring actuated lever or the like, towards the target area.

Those target games wherein the missile element is thrown at a target rely solely on the participants muscular control to properly aim and guide the missile. Many target games wherein the missile is launched by the aid of an intermediate mechanism have little other aiming adjustment outside of the amount of tension to be applied to a spring actuating lever or similar element. Some such target games wherein the missile is launched by an intermediate mechanical element do have other sighting or aiming adjustments for the launching means, but in many instances these are relatively complex adjustment structures which may be easily broken or rendered inoperative during use.

The object of this invention is to meet a need and desire in the art to provide a target game having an adjustable mechanical launching element of simple structure and capable of withstandng rigorous use.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION This invention is directed, in brief, to the provision of an improved target game, utilizing an adjustable mechanical missile launching element.

The best mode currently contemplated for carrying out the invention includes the provision of a simulated counter-like target supporting area for supporting target articles, preferably in the form of simulated jars, bottles, cups or the like. A launching means is provided for launching disc-like missiles. The launching means includes an upright cylindrical magazine with a spring launching lever at the bottom of the magazine. The magazine is supported on a base which has rocker elements depending therefrom for engagement with a supporting surface.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the target game of this invention;

FIG. 2 is a top plan view of the launching means utilized with the target game of this invention;

FIG. 3 is a section view taken generally along the line 33 of FIG. 2; and

FIG. 4 is a fragmentary enlarged section view of a lower portion of the launching means as shown in FIG. 3.

While this invention is susceptible of embodiment in many different forms, there is shown in the drawings and will herein be described in detail a specific embodiment therefor, with the understanding that the present disclosure is to be considered as an exemplification of the principles of the invention and is not intended to limit the invention to the embodiment illustrated.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The game 10 of this invention includes target support means 12 for supporting target articles generally indicated 14.

Preferably, the target articles may be in the form of simulated bottles such as 14a, a simulated cup 14b, a simulated vase 14c and a simulated bowl 14d and other similar bowl or cup-like forms. The target support means 12 includes a back drop panel 16 which provides a means for receiving and limiting the flight path of missiles which have been launched toward the target articles. The target support means 12 further includes a counter 18 on which the target articles 14 are supported.

The target game 10 of this invention further includes a launching means 20 for launching missile elements 22. Preferably, the missile elements 22 are disc or wafer-like articles made of a suitable hard plastic or the like.

The launching means 20 includes a magazine 24 which is shown herein as a generally upright cylinder having a hollow interior 24a generally of a size and shape to receive the disc-like missile elements 22 therein in a vertical stack. The magazine 24 is connected to a base portion 26 of the launching means 20. In the area of the connection of magazine 24 to base 26 there are forward and rear cut out areas 28a and 28b in the magazine. The forward cut out area 28a provides an opening or slot through which one of the missiles 22 may exit when launched. The rear opening 28b provides access for a launching lever into the interior of the magazine for imparting launching movement to a disc 22.

Launching means 20 further includes a spring-like launching lever 30, preferably made of a spring wire or suitable material. Launching lever 30 has one end 30a which is connected to a post 32 on base 26. The other end 30b of launching lever 30 is offset relative to end 30a and has a handle portion thereon for grasping by a participant. The intermediate portion 30c of launching lever 30 is adjacent an upstanding stud 34 on base 26. When a participant pulls rearwardly on handle portion 30b, this will stress the spring launching lever 30 about the stud 34 so that upon release thereof, a substantial reactive force will be released. When the launching lever 30 is pulled sufficiently rearwardly so that the intermediate portion 300 is clear of the magazine 24, a disc 22 may drop on base 26 so that upon the rapid return of the released launching lever 30, the disc will be in a position to be engaged thereby and launched outwardly through the forward opening 28a.

The launching means 20 further includes means for adjusting the elevation of the launcing means, here shown in the form of depending rocker support elements 38 and 40 having an arcuate periphery 42 for engagement with a supporting surface. Thus, in use a participant may not only aim or sight the launching means within a horizontal plane, the participant may also adjust the launching means 20 in elevation by tilting the same about its rocker support elements 38 and 40. This, in combination with the force to be imparted to the launching lever and by rearward stress thereof, permits a participant to adjust or vary the aiming of the launching means 20, so that a successful launching of a missile element 22 may be attempted in an effort to strike, and possibly dislodge, one of the target articles 14 from the support counter 18 of target support means 12.

Thus, it can be seen that the target game of this invention is one which may be simply executed and easily understood. Moreover, the launching element utilized therewith may be easily operated and provides a dependable means of adjusting the elevation of the dispensation of a launching missile therefrom. This elevational adjustment is afforded by the provision of the rocker like support elements at the base thereof and this, in combination with the simple spring actuating lever and the overlying missile magazine, provides a simply operated and dependable launching means capable of withstanding rigorous use by participants.

The foregoing detailed description has been given for clearness of understanding only and no unnecessary limitations should be understood therefrom, as some modifications may be obvious to those skilled in the art.

I claim:

1. A target game, comprising: a target platform; a plurality of target articles supported on the platform and capable of being displaced relative to the platform responsive to being struck by the missiles; and a missile launcher including a substantially flat base providing a missile launching area for slidably supporting a missile thereon, a missile receiving magazine mounted on said base and extending above said launching area, said magazine including a generally upright, hollow, open ended cylinder having two opposing transverse slotted openings at the juncture of the magazine with the base, one opening providing a free path of travel for a missile from the launching area toward the target article, the other opening generally opposite the one opening, a launching member connected to the base and movable between a retracted position and a release position through a path of travel generally parallel to the base and through the said other opening for launching missiles toward the target articles, and a rocker support element having a generally arcuate peripheral extremity depending from the underside of the base to provide an aiming means for changing the elevational attitude of the base.

2. The target game of claim 1 wherein said launching member is a stressable spring.

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