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Publication numberUS3738649 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 12, 1973
Filing dateNov 16, 1970
Priority dateNov 16, 1970
Also published asCA924116A, CA924116A1
Publication numberUS 3738649 A, US 3738649A, US-A-3738649, US3738649 A, US3738649A
InventorsMiller E
Original AssigneeMiller E
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Combined chair and exercising device
US 3738649 A
An exercising arrangement including a chair having a space beneath the seat portion, with the exercising devices being mounted on a platform position beneath the seat and concealed by side and front panels. A track comprises the mount for the platform, permitting it to be extended in front of the seat portion where the exercising apparatus is accessible for manipulation by a person sitting in the chair. An adjustable stop allows the platform to be positioned a convenient distance forwardly of the chair.
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United States Patent [191 Miller COMBINED CHAIR AND EXERCISING DEVICE [76] Inventor: Eddie Miller, 21724 Western,

[52] US. Cl 272/58, 272/73, 272/83 R [51] Int. Cl.. A63b 21/00, A63b 21/02, A63b 23/04 [58] Field of Search 272/58, 73, 79 R,

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,969,901 8/1934 Pilates 272/58 1,973,945 9/1934 Chavin et a1.. 272/58 2,668,709 2/1954 Boyko 272/58 3,017,180 1/1962 Aronsohn 272/58 3,000,632 9/1961 Fuchs '272/58 1,950,174 3/1934 Harrison 272/80 3,127,171 3/1964 Noland et a1. 272/58 [111 3,738,649 June 12, 1973 FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS 828,005 2/1938 France ..272/73 858,728 5/1940 France ..272/73 Primary Examiner-Richard C. lPinkham Assistant Examiner-R. T. Stouffer AttorneyGausewitz, Carr & Rothenberg 57] ABSTRACT An exercising arrangement including a chair having a space beneath the seat portion, with the exercising devices being mounted on a platform position beneath the seat and concealed by side and front panels. A track 3 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures PAIENIEB m1 2 ma INVENTOR.

EDD/E MILLEE COMBINED CHAIR AND EXERCISING-DEVICE BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION l. Field of the Invention This invention pertains to exercising devices.

2. Description of Prior Art With the beneficial effects of exercise becoming increasingly evident, modern living has made it more and more difficult for some persons to obtain adequate physical activity. With leisure time being limited, it becomes difficult or impossible for most persons to utilize gymnasium facilities. Home exercising devices, there fore, afford many people with the chance to obtain a physical workout within available leisure time. However, these devices ordinarily are quite bulky and so occupy considerable space even when stored. The living quarters of many people cannot accommodate these large devices. A conventional exercising apparatus may be awkward and difficult to bring out and set up when it is to be used. For such reasons, home exercising devices have had only limited use and have not been suitable for most persons.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides an exercising arrangement which overcomes the above-enumerated difficulties, providing a unit that is instantly available for operation and may be used even in the briefest free time. The device serves a dual function, acting both as a chair and as an exercising apparatus. The exercising devices are mounted on a platform which normally fits beneath the seat of the chair, where it is concealed by enclosed sides and a front panel. Tracks along the sides of the platform, which may be the type of tracks used for drawers in conventional filing cabinets, allow the exercising apparatus to be pulled outwardly in front of the chair. An adjustable stop can position the exercising apparatus at convenient distances in front of the chair. When so located, the apparatus can be manipulated by a person sitting on the chair to obtain needed exercise.

Typically, the exercising apparatus will include bicycle pedals for leg exercise and pull handles resisted by a suitable spring force for exercising the arms and torso. The ready availability of the exercising apparatus means that it is much more usable than conventional devices and may be operated, for example, by a person who is watching television at the same time the exercising apparatus is used. Interludes for television commercials provide favorable opportunities for use of the exercising apparatus. When the platform is slid back under the seat, it is completely concealed so that no separate storage facilities are needed. The chair then has the appearance and characteristics of a conventional easy chair.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING ken away, of the chair of FIG. 1, with the exercising apparatus extended;

FIG. 3 is a side elevational view, partially broken away, of the exercising apparatus in the extended position; and

FIG. 4 is an enlarged perspective view illustrating the arrangement of the tracks for moving the exercising apparatus between the retracted and extended positions.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The device of this invention can assume a first position, as shown in FIG. 1, with the exercising apparatus concealed, or the position of FIG. 2, where the exercising apparatus is exposed and ready for use. In the former position, the invention has all the attributes of a conventional upholstered armchair. It includes a seat 10, a back 11 and arms 12. Side panels 14 beneath the arms 12 extend to the floor. At the forward end of the chair, beneath the outer edge of the seat 10, is a transverse vertical panel 15.

The exercising apparatus is carried on a movable platform 17 the forward edge of which is connected to the transverse vertical panel 15. Beneath the seat 10,

the chair has an open space 18 which receives the exercising apparatus when the unit is in the position of FIG. 1. In that position, the sidewalls 114 and the front panel 15 completely conceal the exercising apparatus and the platform 17.

Supported on the platform 17 is a bicycle pedal device 20 with a support unit 21 which rotatably mounts the pedals 22 and has a suitable means for providing resistance to rotation of the pedals. Also on the platform 17 at its rearward portion are pairs of pulleys 23 around which extend cables 24 having handles 25 at their outer ends. The opposite ends of the cables 24 connect to tension springs 26, which are connected, in turn, to the rearward wall 27 of the chair by means of suitable fasteners 28. Lifting upwardly on the handles 25 imparts tension to the cables 24, which is resisted by the springs 26.

There are additional cables 29 which extend around pulleys 30 at the forward ends of the platform 17 and terminate in handles 31. Tension springs 32, connected by fasteners 33 to the rearward wall 27 of the chair, resist movement of the cables 29. This permits pulling from a different angle and involves bending the torso as the apparatus is used. There may be included additionally a vibrator 34 on the platform 17 adjacent the bicycle pedal unit 20, providing an upper surface upon which the feet may be supported.

Track assemblies 35 are provided along the side edges of the platform 17 to allow the platform to be moved rectilinearly between the retracted and extended positions. These track assemblies are of the same type commonly used for full-suspension filing cabinet drawers. Accordingly, there is a horizontal fixed track member 36 attached to each sidewall 14 of the chair within the open chamber 18. The track members 36 are generally U-shaped in cross section and receive second and movable tracks 37, which also are U- shaped members. Upper wheels 38 are carried by the track 37 to engage the upper flange 39 of the fixed track 36, while lower wheels 40 are to rest on the lower flange 41. The horizontal flange 42 of the platform 17 extends into the movable track member 37 and engages the wheels 38 and 40. As the platform is pulled out, the movable track 37 moves half the distance of the platform 17.

When the platform 17 is pulled outwardly to its extended position, the bottom edge 43 of the front panel l5 rests upon the floor 44 to provide support for the exercising assembly.

A suitable stop arrangement is provided to lock the platform 17 in different positions. This is to enable the device to accommodate persons of different stature. The stop means may be in the form of a plunger 45 carried by the movable track 37, which may extend downwardly through any one of a series of openings 46 in the flange 42 of the platform. Therefore, the plunger 45 may be allowed to fit into a selected opening 46 to position the platform 17 at a convenient distance.

As can be seen from the foregoing, the exercising apparatus is readily available for use, requiring only the sliding outwardly of the platform 17. No separate storage facilities are needed, and there is no bulky and awkward structure to move around when the exerciser is to be used. The front panel acts as a closure when the apparatus is not in use, so that all of the mechanism is hidden from view. Consequently, the device may be located in any room in the house.

I claim:

1. A retractable exercising device comprising a chair,

said chair having a seat portion, a fixed back portion and fixed arm portions, and providing a space beneath said seat portion, exercising apparatus,

movable means carrying said exercising apparatus in a fully operative condition,

said movable means being movable between a first position in which said exercising apparatus is in said space beneath said seat portion, and a second position in which said exercising apparatus is forwardly of said seat portion for manipulation of said exercising apparatus by a person seated on said chair,

a forward closure panel carried by said movable means,

said closure panel being positioned adjacent and beneath the forward edge of said seat portion when said movable means is in said first position, for thereby concealing said exercising apparatus, en-

closed fixed side portions beneath said arms for said chair for enclosing said space from the side, said movable means including a platform, said exercising apparatus being positioned on said platform, and track means for guiding said platform in a rectilinear path between said first position and said second position, and stop means for positioning said movable means in positions intermediate said first position and said second position, said track means including a duality of telescoping segmented tracks, the segments of at least one of said tracks having alignable openings therein, said stop means including a pin insertable into said openings when said openings are so in alignment. 2. A device as recited in claim 1 in which said exercising apparatus includes bicycle pedal means on said platform, said bicycle pedal means including a set of pedals and a fixed support therefor, whereby said pedals are in an operative condition when said movable means is moved from said first. position to said second position thereof.

3. A device as recited in claim 1 in which said exercising apparatus includes pulley means on said platform, cable means extending around said pulley means, said cable means having a handgrip portion at one end thereof, resistance means at the opposite end of said cable means for resisting movement of said cable means, and means attaching said resistance means to a fixed location on said chair.

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European ClassificationA63B23/04C, A63B21/04