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Publication numberUS373953 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 29, 1887
Filing dateMar 29, 1887
Publication numberUS 373953 A, US 373953A, US-A-373953, US373953 A, US373953A
InventorsSilvanus Tingley
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Card-shuffling apparatus
US 373953 A
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WITNESSES 4 aiam'w N. PucRS. PhokrLilhniraphor. Withingiam u. C.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 373,953, dated November 29, 1887.

Application filed March 2t), 1887. Serial No. 232,849. (No model.)

To aZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, SILVANUS TINGLEY and CHARLES W. STETsoN, both of Boston, county of Suffolk, State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Oard-Shuffling Apparatus, ofwhich the following description,

or chambers by a suitable feeding mechanism, 1

tobe described, the cards coming from opposite directions, falling one upon another and forminga common pile. Each card-receiving box or chamber-has a cover provided at its under side with one or more springs, which,

when the cover is closed,act upon the upper- 2 5 most card of the divided packtherein, usually one-half the pack. The bottom plate of each box or chamber is slotted or cut away to per- Init a feeding mechanism to act upon the lowermost card therein, and the contiguous ends 0 of the boxes or chambers containing the cards are slotted at the level of the bottomplates to enable the cards acted upon by the feeding mechanism to be fed singly out of theboxes or chambers. The feeding mechanism herein shown consists of india-rubber wheels or disks on a short shaft. Ourinvention consists, essentially, of a cardshuffling apparatus comprehending two boxes 0 or chambers to receive portions of the cards of the pack to be shuffled and afeeding mechanism to feed the cards out of the said chamber and depositthem in a pile between the said boxes, as will be described.

v Figure l is a longitudinal section of a card shuffling apparatus embodying our invention, and Fig. 2 is a top or plan of our improved apparatus with one of the covers raised.

Our improved card-shuffling apparatus is composed, essentially, of a case or frame, CL (1 0 a cut away centrally to support a bed or table, a, andhaving at each end of the said table a card'receiving box or chamber for the reception of the cards, B, to be shuffled, about onehalfvof the pack being placed in each box. The bottoms b of these boxes or receptacles are provided with slots or openings b", through which pass the disks or wheels b of the feeding mechanism, the said disks or wheels, covered, preferably,with india-rubber,being connected to arbors b having suitable fixed bearings.- The arbors b are provided each with a toothed pinion, b, engaged and .rotated by a toothed gear, d, having bevel-teeth, which are engaged by bevel-gears d dfl fast on the shaft d the 6 shaft being provided with a crank or handle, d. The contiguous ends of the boxes or chambers next the ends of the bed or table are slotted opposite the ends of thebottom plates b, to enable the feeding mechanism set in motion 7c by turning the crank d to act upon the lowermostcards of the partial packs B and feed them in succession out of the boxes or chambers upon the bed or table a the said cards coming upon the said bed or table from opposite directions and one after another in a common pile, ready to be taken up by the dealer. We do not desire to limit our invention to the exactform of feeding mechanism herein shown, nor to the exact devices employed to rotate the arbors b, forinstead of the devices shown we may use any other well-known or suitable means or devices to eject the cards one at a time from two or more boxes or chambers into a common pile. A 8

The card-receiving chambers or boxes 0. a" are respectively provided with covers 6* 6 to the under side of which are secured one end of suitable springs, e the other or free end of the said springs bearing upon the uppermost 9o cards of the partial packs when the covers are closed.

In the operation of our improved apparatus the cards are divided and part placed in one and part in the other chamber or box. The 5 covers are then closed and the operator turns the crank-handle d in the direction of arrow 20, to cause the disks b b to feed the 1ower= most cards in succession from the chambers a (1 the said cards falling one upon the other upon the base or table c the cards being in this manner thoroughly shuffled.

We claim-- 1. An apparatus for shuffling cards, it consisting. essentially, of two boxes or chambers to receive portions of the cards of the pack to be shuffled and a feeding mechanism to feed 10 the cards out of the Said chambers and deposit them in a pile between said boxes, substantially as described.

2. In an apparatus for shnfliing cards, two chambers or boxes to contain the cards, and a 1 feeding device to act upon the lowermost-card of the partial pack in each chamber, combined with means, substantially as described, to retate the feeding devices to feed the cards out of their chambers, as and for the purpose 21o specified,

3. In an apparatus for shuffling cards, two chambers or boxes to contain the cards, a feeding device to act upon the lowermost card of the partial pack in each chamber, and means to act upon the uppermost card to keep the low-. 2 ermost card in contact with the feeding device,

combined with means, substantially as de SILVANUS TINGLEY. CHARLPE \V. STETSON.


O. M. Conn, 18. L. EMERY.

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