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Publication numberUS3740297 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1973
Filing dateDec 29, 1971
Priority dateDec 29, 1971
Publication numberUS 3740297 A, US 3740297A, US-A-3740297, US3740297 A, US3740297A
InventorsVidinsky A
Original AssigneeVidinsky A
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Masking tape applicator
US 3740297 A
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` June 19, 1973 A. E. vlDlNsKY ,l 3,740,297


` ALFRED E. vlomsKY FIG.` 4

"L M. A

lUnited States Patent Oliice 3,740,297 Patented June 19 1973 3,740,297 MASKING TAPE APPLICATOR Alfred E. Vidinsky, 6245 Glenwood Drive, Mentor, Ohio 44060 Filed Dec. 29, 1971, Ser. No. 213,405 Int. Cl. B32b 31/00; B44c 7/00 U.S. Cl. 156-523 5 Claims ABSTRACT F THE DISCLOSURE Pressure 4sensitive masking tapes are so widely used both in industry and by ultimate consumers that a prolonged description or discussion thereof or of the various uses to which they may be put would be unwarranted. Such tapes come in a roll from which a piece of desired length is cut and then applied to the object it is desired to protect. One common use of such masking tapes, well known to all, is in protecting the baseboard and other trim While painting the walls of a room. Also, as well known to all, it is extremely diicult, if not impossible, to apply the tape precisely as desired.

With the foregoing in mind it is a major object of this invention to provide a masking tape applicator with which even the most unskilled operator, handyman, do-it-yourselfer can apply masking tape in desired coniiguration upon baseboards, moldings, door frames, and the like with accuracy and precision.

Another object is to provide a manually operated applicator which, while being well constructed and suitable for the uses to which it may be put, may be manufactured cheaply and hence sold at a nominal price.

Further objects will be apparent from the following description and the drawings in which.

IN THE DRAWINGS PIG. l is an underside view of the applicator.

FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken along the line 2-2 of FIG. l in the direction of the arrows.

FIG. 3 is a fragmentary view, with certain parts broken away, taken along the line 3 3 of FIG. 1 in the direction of the arrows.

FIG. 4 is a topside elevation view of the dispenser which also illustrates its use in traversing two intersecting surfaces.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION Referring now to the drawings, the applicator comprises a base 1 of more or less rectangular configuration having intersecting e'dges 2 and 3 and provided with a centrally located axle 4 extending perpendicular therefrom and which may be formed integrally therewith. Rotatably mounted on the axle 4 is a spool 5, having a boss 6 which forms a thrust bearing against the base 1. The spool is restrained against axial movement by a capscrew 7, threaded into the axle 4, and washer 8. This arrangement provides a simple, inexpensive mounting for the spool 5 whereby it may be easily removed to facilitate mounting of a roll of masking tape thereon.

The cylindrical outer wall of the spool 5 is adapted to frictionally engage the arbor 9 of a roll of masking tape,

such as shown at 10, and may be provided with a slight draft to facilitate mounting of the tape and to insure that it is retained in gripping engagement when bottomed on a ange 11 with which the spool 5 is provided. If required, a spacer, such as shown at 12, may be used to accommodate rolls of masking tape of various widths. My invention comprehends, for example, including with each applicator a plurality of spacers each having a dierent Width, so that the user may select the one required to accurately position a selected roll of masking tape on the spool S.

Iournaled in the base 1 and extending perpendicular therefrom are cylindrical rollers 13, 14, and 15. As shown, roller 13 is so located in the base 1 that the cylindrical side thereof is flush with, or extends slightly beyond, the edge 2, whereas rollers 14 and 15 are so located that the cylindrical sides thereof are llush with, or extend slightly beyond, the edge 3. Rollers 13 andl 15 are preferably disposed equidisant from and diametrically opposite the center of axle 4. The roller 14 may be located as desired along the edge 3 but preferably so that it is equally distant from the rollers 13 and 15.

Mounted on the base 1, or formed integrally therewith, is a triangular block 16 having sides 17, 18, and 19. If extended the sides 18 and 19 would intersect at an acute angle, however, as shown they are joined together -by a rounded nose 20 in line with the outer cylindrical surfaces of rollers 14 and 15. The side 18 extends rearwardly from the nose 20, parallel to the edge 2, and in line with the outer cylindrcal surface of the roller 13.

In loading the applicator the roll of tape after being inserted on the spool 5 is passed with the gummy side out in series sequence over the roller 13, nose 20, roller 14, and lastly roller 15. After loading the applicator is ready for use and in FIG. 4 I have shown a typical application wherein it is, for example, desired to paint a wall 21 without having the paint inadvertently run on the floor 22 or wall 23. In using the applicator it is held by means of a handle 24 secured to the face of the base 1 and pressed laterally against the wall 21, downward against the floor 22, and moved from right to left as shown in FIG. 4, thus causing the tape to unwind and be held in gripping engagement with the floor Z2.

As shown more clearly in FIG. l the outer ends of the rollers 13, 14, and 15 are convex and extend slightly beyond the edge of the tape, so that when the applicator is in use as described in the preceding paragraph they form a 3point contact with the wall 21, while permitting the tape as it unwinds to be placed on the floor 22 so that the edge thereof coincides with the intersection with the wall 21. The 3point contact with the Wall 21 provided by the rollers 13, 14, and 15 enables an operator to readily follow changes in surface contour while maintaining the applicator in rm slidable engagement therewith. By tilting the applicator in a counter clockwise direction the nose 20 forms a pressure line against the tape and assists in the firm adhesion of the tape to the floor. Similarly, the applicator may be tilted so that the roller 13 or roller 15 forms the maximum pressure line.

A major diliiculty encountered in manually applying tape is in traversing the intersection of two surfaces, for example, the intersection formed by a floor and a wall, or a baseboard with a door jamb. Such an operation is easily performed with my applicator by `virtue of having the nose 20 the apex of an acute angle formed by the tape with roller 13, nose 20, and rollers 14 and 15. Upon the nose 20 reaching the intersection of the iloor 22 with the wall 23, the applicator is tilted. to the position shown at 25 so that it is the section of tape between nose 20 and roller 13 that engages the wall 23. In traversing the wall 23 the applicator may be maintained in the tilted position shown at 2S or may be rotated clockwise about the nose 20 until restored to the original position as shown at 30. Thereafter the section of tape between the nose 20 and roller 15 will engage the Wall 23.

Disposed within the triangular block 16 is a tape cutoi 4knife 26 having an end blade 27 and operating handle 28 extending through the face of base 1. Normally the 'knife is held in retracted position within the block 16 by means of a compression spring 29. Upon the handle 28 being operated against the spring 29, the blade 27 is projected through the nose 20 to cut off the tape. Upon the handle 28 being released the knife is automatically retracted into the block 16 by the spring 29.

It will be apparent that the embodiment of my invention shown and described is by way of example only, and that Various modications can be made within the scope of the invention as defined in the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A pressure sensitive masking tape applicator, comprising a base provided with a perpendicularly extending axle, a spool rotatably mounted on said axle forming a holder for a roll of masking tape having a gummy and an ungummy side, a rst roller journaled in said base disposed on one side of said spool, a second roller journaled in said base, said first and second rollers disposed diametrically opposite the center of said axle, a nose disposed on said base extending perpendicularly therefrom and disposed laterally from said spool between said rst and second rollers and forming with said rollers the apex of an acute angle so that said tape when serially passed over said first roller with the ungummy side in contact therewith, then said nose and then said second roller forms a rst section between said first roller and said nose and a second section between said nose and said second roller, each section having the .gummy side out and available for gripping engagement with an object.

2. A masking tape applicator as set forth in claim 1 further including a third roller journaled in said base, the cylindrical surface of which engages the ungummy side of the tape between one or the other of said rst and second rollers and said nose.

3. A masking tape applicator as set forth in claim 2 wherein said rollers are provided with convex outer ends extending slightly beyond the edge of the tape away from said base.

4. A masking tape applicator as set forth in claim 3 further including a handle mounted on said base on the side opposite from said axle for manually moving said applicator along a desired path.

5. A masking tape applicator as set forth in claim 4 further including a tape cut-off knife normally retracted into a slot provided in said nose and manual means for projecting said knife from said retracted position through said tape and means for thereafter returning said knife to the retracted position.

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Cooperative ClassificationB65H35/0033
European ClassificationB65H35/00B2B2