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Publication numberUS374068 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 29, 1887
Filing dateSep 2, 1887
Publication numberUS 374068 A, US 374068A, US-A-374068, US374068 A, US374068A
InventorsMabtdt Luther Hickle
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US 374068 A
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(No Model.)


. BOX LOOP. No. 374,068.- Patented Nov. 29, 1887.





Box-too P.

SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 374,068, dated November 29, 3.887. 7' Application filed September 2,1887. Serial No. 248,586. (No model.) 4

My invention is an improved box-loop for retaining the free ends of straps secured by a buckle; and the invention seeks to provide an improved loop which will preserve its shape, render the insertion and removal Oftheend of the strap easier, and which will present a bet.

ter appearance than the ordinary box-loop in common use.

The invention consists in certain features of construction and novel combinations of parts, as will be hereinafter described and claimed.

In'the drawings, Figure 11s a perspective view of my loop as in use, the top plate being shown open in dotted lines; and Fig. 2 is a detail perspective view of the box-loop.

In the use of the ordinary leather box-loop, as is well-known, it becomes mashed by contact with the shafts or other parts of the vehicle, and in practice it is difficult to insert tugs or other heavy straps therein, it being necessary to fold or loop the said strap up between the buckle and the box-loop to permit the insertion of the end of the strap in such loop.' Said looping or folding of the strap,in addition to being in a measure laborious,is injurious to the strap, and the insertion of the end of suchlooped-up strap has a tendency to tear loose the fastenings of the box-loop.

By my invention I form the box-loop with its top plate constructed to open to enable the strap to be conveniently placed in and removed from it, and provide it with a catch or fastening by which it may be secured closed to retain the strap when so desired.

be plated, coated, or ornamented in any suitable manner desired. This loop A is formed 7 with a base'plate, 1, side plates, 2 3, extended up from the ends of said base-plate, andthe box-loop;

top. plate, 4. Such top plate is pivoted or hinged at one end at 5 to the side plate 2,and is provided at its opposite end with a catch, 6, to engage the upper end of the side plate 3. This catch is of the variety commonly used on albums and the like, and is easily moved by proper manipulation into and out of engagement with the side plate, but is proof against being opened by the action of the strap secured in the box-loop.

The box-loop, it will be seen, is secured in rear of the buckle B,which secures the strap 0, which is designed to be retained by the The buckle B shown is an ordinary 0ne,and

it is manifest any desired form or construction of buckle may be substituted for that shown without involving any departure from the invention.

In operation, after the strap is secured by the buckle the top plate of the loop is opened, the strap placed in such loop,and the top plate secured. Manifestly two or more box-loops may be applied to each strap. a

The box-loop may be secured by a rivet or in other suitable manner.

' Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new is- 1. The herein-described box-loop for harness use, having its interior fitted to receive the strap, and having its top constructed to open to receive the tug or strap and to close and'secure such strap, substantially as described, and for the purposes specified.

2. The combination of the strap,the buckle, and the box-loop, substantially as described, secured in rear of said buckle,and having its top plate constructed to open to receive or permit the removal of the strap,and when closed, to retain said strap in the loop, substantially as described,and for the purposes specified.


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