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Publication numberUS3749408 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1973
Filing dateSep 13, 1971
Priority dateSep 13, 1971
Publication numberUS 3749408 A, US 3749408A, US-A-3749408, US3749408 A, US3749408A
InventorsMills S
Original AssigneeMills S
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Golf putter
US 3749408 A
A golf putter comprises a head of hard metal having a face, walls extending rearwardly from the face surrounding a cavity in the head, and an adjustable weight such as lead tape with an adhesive backing is secured into the cavity. A removable cover plate extends across the back of the head closing the cavity and containing the weight. The cover plate also provides a surface for inscription of the owner's name. A hosel is fastened to the head and in turn is secured to the shaft.
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O Umted States Patent 1191 1111 3,749,408

Mills 1 July 31, 1973 GOLF PUTTER 3,185,483 5/1965 Klynman 273/162 F 3,199,872 10/1965 Taylor 273/171 x [76] Inventor. Stephen D. Mills, 2196 Merrimont 3,220,733 "/1965 saleebynm 273"." Troy, 01110 45373 3,240,497 3/1966 Taylor 273/171 x [22] Filed: Sept. 13, 1971 FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS [211 App] 179,377 197,815 5/1923 Great Britain 273/171 20,747 9/1909 Great Britain 273/171 52 us. c1. 273/171, 273 162 R OTHER PUBLICAT'ONS 511 1m. 01. A63b 53/04 8 ;p 8 7; 1 [58] Field 6! Search 273/77 R, 78, 80.2-80.8,

2731162 R-l62 F, 164, 167-175, 193 R, 194' Puma/7 ExammerRl =hard Pmkham R, 32 R, 32 A 32 B, 33 D Assistant Examiner-Richard Apley Attorney-LawrenceB. Biebel, Joseph G. Nauman References Cited et al.

UNITED STATES PATENTS 0209,215 1l/l967 Long 273/167 F ux [57] ABSTRACT 2,781,197 2/1957 Wiley 273/164 A golf P" compflses head 0f hard metal having 8 3,637,218 1/1972 Carlino 273/167 c x face, walls extending rearwardly from the face sur- 2,l55,830 4/ l939 Howard 273/l71 X rounding a cavity in the head, and an adjustable weight 2,9 2,5 4/19 0 May 273/l7l X such as lead tape with an adhesive backing is secured 2,405 7/1962 S0l heim 273/78 X into the cavity. A removable cover plate extends across g; 55: g the back of the head closing the cavity and containing elm 1,320,163 10/1919 FitzMaurice 273/171 f 'i plate Ti r. g i 2,846,228 8/1958 Reach 273/169 mscrpmn e 8 name' as 3,143,349 8/1964 Maclntyre 273/171 the head and m secu'ed the shaft- 3 Claims, 6 Drawing Figures L I l I z 21 GOLF PUTTER BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION In the construction of golf putters, it is desirable to provide a club which is, as much as possible, customized to the owner-user by proper control of the lie angle, the type of shaft (metal or wood) desired by a particular person, the weight of the head, and if all these factors are taken into consideration, some identification of the owner since the club is of particular value to him.

While various forms of golf putters have been suggested in the past, for one reason or another all of these features have not been combined in a single club. The use of a desirable hard metal for the club head makes it difficult to inscribe the owners name on it, and there are problems with adding adjustable weight to the club head, retaining the weight on the head, and concealing it from view. The provision for either metal or wooden shafts requiresthat different sizes of hosel be assembled to the head, and some provision must be made to accommodate these different size hosels. In attaching the hosel to the head, the angle of attachment will determine the lie of the head, and preferably this should be adjustable to the owner, since individual preferences will differ.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a golf putter in which the head is made of white tombisil metal, which is quite hard and gives good ball action when putting. This metal has high resistance to corrosion and stain. The face of the club head is properly angled, and the head includes rearwardly extending top, bottom, and end walls which surround and define a cavity internally of the head. At the rear of the head a recess is formed to receive a cover plate which is removably attached in the recess by means of a suitable adhesive. The cavity thus provides a convenient normally concealed place for addition of an adjustable weight, and the cover conceals this weight, closing the cavity, and in addition provides a convenient flat surface, which may be less hard than the head itself, on which the name of the owner, or other identification, can readily be engraved.

A suitable weight, which can readily be adjusted, is providedin the form of lead tape which has an adhesive attached to one of its surfaces. This tape is relatively heavy, but can easily be cut to a desired length, and the adhesive is useful in securing the weight within the cavity, in the desired position.

A steel hosel is fitted into a bore extending downwardly through the upper wall of the head into the lower wall. The angle at which this bore is inclined with respect to vertical can be adjusted to accommodate the particular desire of the club owner. Use of a hosel of this type permits the attachment of either a wooden or a steel shaft to the club. In the case of a wooden shaft, a hosel having a somewhat larger diameter can be provided.

Thus, the putter can be customized to the desires of a particular owner, by adjusting the lie angle, by adjusting the amount of location of weight within the cavity in the club head, and by inscribing the owner's name or some other desired indicia on the outer face of the cover plate. The cover plate is held in place by adhesive, and can readily be removed by inserting the tip of a small knife blade behind the edge of the plate, should it be desired to add or substract weight, or even to replace the cover plate for some reason.

The object of the invention, therefore, it to provide BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING FIG. 1 is a view of the head end of a golf putter as provided by the invention, looking at the rear of the club head with the cover plate in place;

FIG. 2 is a view similar to FIG. 1 with most of the cover plate broken away, revealing the internal cavity and a portion of a weight therein;

FIG. 3 is a cross sectional view taken on line 33 of FIG. 1;

FIG. 4 is a view of the face of the club head;

' FIG. 5 is a top view of the club head, taken along line 5-5 in FIG. 1 with the hosel shown in section; and

FIG. 6 is a somewhat enlarged cross sectional view taken through a hosel and a segment of the club head, showing the manner in which a wooden shaft can be attached to the hosel.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Referring to the drawing, the head of the putter is made of white tombisil metal, which consists of approximately 58 percent copper, 5 percent nickel, 12 percent manganese 22 percent zinc, and 3 percent of other materials. This particular metal is quite hard, and has been found most desirable in that it gives good ball action in use. It has high resistance to corrosion and stain. Other suitable materials, however, are well known and may likewise by used within the scope of this invention. The head 10 includes a suitably angled face 12, a top surface 14, bottom sole surface 15, and end wall 16, all of which extend rearwardly from the face and define an internal cavity 20 within the club head. At the rear of the head there is a recess 21 which surrounds the open end of cavity 20. v

A tubular hosel 24 is fastened to the head 10. The hosel has a head end 25 and an upper shaft end 26, which may be of somewhat larger diameter, particularly in the case of a hosel used for attachment to a wooden shaft as later described.

The head end 25 of the hosel is received in a bore 28 extending at the desired angle through the upper wall 14 and into the body of the head, terminating within the lower wall, and extending partially across the cavity 20. The head end of the hosel may be press fitted into the head, or if necessary a suitable high strength adhesive, such as an epoxy, can be used for this attachment.

The shaft 30 is suitably attached to the hosel, and in the particular arangement shown, the shaft end 26 of the hosel includes a counterbore 31 dimensioned to receive the end of the shaft 30, and to be attached thereto by a-suitable high strength adhesive. Other types of sahfts may be used, such as shafts constructed of a synthetic fiberglass reinforced resinous material, or of a temperaed chrome plated steel, which usually is of a tubular form.

Preferably an alignment mark 32 is formed in the upper wall 14, generally in the center of the head, to provide for alignment of the face center with the ball during play. It is desirable to have the weight of the club head adjusted to accommodate the feel desired by the user, and thus provisions are made to add an adjustable weight to the club head, particularly near the center of the face and beneath the alignment mark 32, although the weight can be added at various locations along the length of the head, as will be seen.

The weight 35 is provided in the form of s soft lead tape, which is commercially available, and which is essentially a compound containing a high percentage of lead, and having a suitable adhesive surface 36 provided on it. This tape can be cut to the desired length, in order to adjust the amount of weight added, and the adhesive holds the weight in the desired position within the cavity 20.

A customized cover plate 38 is fitted within recess 21, and has an adhesive backing 39 which holds the cover plate in position, containing and concealing the weight 35. The cover plate also provides a convenient surface for an identifying inscription 40, such as the name of the club owner. The cover can be made of a less hard material, thus making the insciprtion easier to apply. Furthermore, since the cover is removable the inscription can easily be accomplished on a flat surface. Removal of the cover, for example to change the amount or location of weight 35, is easily accomplished by prying the cover loose from the recess 21 with the tip of a knife blade or a similar suitable instrument.

While the form of apparatus herein described constitutes a preferred embodiment of the invention, it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to this precise form of apparatus, and that changes may be made therein without departing from the scope of the invention which is defined in the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

l. A customized golf putter comprising:

a. a hard metal head having a front striking face, a bottom sole surface, a top surface, a toe end wall, a heel end wall, a rear surface, and a cavity formed in said rear surface and extending into said head a predetermined distance toward said front striking face and extending longitudinally across said head from said toe end wall to said heel end wall, said cavity having internal upper, lower, front and side walls;

b. a hosel fastened to said head through said top surface and extending through said upper wall of said cavity across said cavity and partially into said lower wall of said cavity, said hosel receiving a shaft and fastening the shaft to said head;

c. an adjustable and removable weight means in said cavity;

(1. a shallow recess formed in said rear surface providing a shoulder on said rear surface which is coextensive with said cavity; and

e. a removable cover plate mounted in said shoulder,

to conceal and contain said weight within said cavity, and to provide a convenient surface or inscription of identification of the owner of the putter.

2. The golf putter of claim 1 wherein said adjustable weight further comprises:

a. a soft lead tape, and

b. an adhesive surface means on said tape to adhere said tape onto said front wall within said cavity.

3. The golf putter of claim 1 wherein said head is of white tombisil metal, wherein said cover plate is of a metal material softer than said head, and wherein said cover plate has an adhesive backing means to adhere said cover plate within said shoulder.

a e a: a e

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