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Publication numberUS3750312 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 7, 1973
Filing dateJun 30, 1972
Priority dateJun 30, 1972
Publication numberUS 3750312 A, US 3750312A, US-A-3750312, US3750312 A, US3750312A
InventorsBucher J
Original AssigneeBucher J
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Leg-stabilized embroidery hoop
US 3750312 A
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o r United [191 [111 a smm Eucher Aug. 7, 1973 LEG-STAMILHZED EMBROIDERY 11-1001 Primary Examiner--Patrick D. Lawson [76] Inventor 'gl gz g g f f g g 2 Box Attorney-Charles E. Temko [22] Filed. June 311, 11972 AMSTMAQT [21] App]. No.: 26%,179

An improved embroidery hoop structure of a type having inner and outer hoops adapted to be placed in con- Cl 223/109 R centric relation to clamp a piece of textile work therel M- 1305c A471) A4111 31/00 between. The inner hoop is interconnected to one end [58] 0f SlB'fill'Ch of a pivotally mounted upported n a vertically 109 108/43 disposed shaft, the lower end of the shaft in turn being supported from an upper surface of a horizontally dis- 6] melamine Cited posed table. Extending from a lower surface of the UNITED STATES PATENTS table is a vertically oriented stabilizing member or fin 3,309,303 3/1967 Wilson 38/1022 adapted to be clamped between the knees of Seated 2 547 573 3 953 Olson 103/43 user as the lower surface of the table rests upon the lap. 1,280,890 10/1918 Spencer... 223/109 R I 3,361,091 1/1968 lnman 108/43 3 Clams, 3 Dmwmg Figures LEG-STABILIZED EMBROIDERY HO]? This invention relates generally to the field of embroidery hoops, of a type adapted to conveniently support a tensed section of textile material before a user to enable work to be performed upon it. Devices of this general type are known in the art, and the invention lies in specific constructional details permitting increased convenience in use and facilitated storage.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PRIOR ART Cloth holders of the above described type are well known in the art, typical constructions being disclosed in US. Pat; No. 3,309,803 of Mar. 21, 1967. Devices of this type are adapted to be supported from the floor, and with adjustment they may be also be supported from a horizontal table surface. 'While it is possible to rest devices of this type upon the lap of a seated user, normally the device will not conveniently remain in position while embroidery operations are being performed upon the tensed cloth, owing to lack of a suitable anchoring means.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PRESENT INVENTION Briefly stated, the invention contemplates the provision of a table member supporting the work from an upper surface thereof, the lower surface of the same being adapted to rest upon the lap of the wearer. The lower surface of the table member is provided with a dovetail into which a vertically oriented stabilizing member or fin is positioned in such manner that it is maintained in position by frictional forces, and may be conveniently removed when it is desired to store the device. The fin projects between the knees of the seated user, and may be clamped by moving the legs together, thusobviating the need of a separate table to support the workholder, or the need for an excessively long supporting structure, as when the device is supported from the floor. Structure extending upwardly from the upper surface of the table is provided with a cork layer in which embroidery needles, when not in use may be engaged.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS In the drawings, to'which reference will be made in the specification, similar reference characters have been employed to designate corresponding parts throughout the several views.

FIG. 1 is a side elevational view of an embodiment of the invention in fully assembled condition.

FIG. 2 is a front elevational view thereof showing the same in position upon the lap of a user.

FIG. 3 is a fragmentary enlarged exploded rear elevational view thereof.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION or THE DISCLOSED EMBODIMENT In accordance with the invention, the device, generally indicated by reference character 10, comprises broadly: a base element 11, a vertical support element 12 and a hoop element 13.

The base element 11 includes a horizontal table 15 having an upper surface16 and a lower surface 17, and it is bounded by a peripheral edge 18. A vertically disposed stabilizing member or fin 19 is selectively associatecl therewith, and includes first and second surfaces 20 and 21, an upper edge 22 incorporating a resilient dovetail engaging member 23 and a peripheral edge 24. The dovetail member is provided with an axially arranged slot 25 providing a transverse resiliency to the portions 26 and 27, whereby the member 19 may be maintained within the corresponding dovetail slot by resiliently urged frictional forces.

The vertical support element 12 is generally conventional, including a hollow base member 30 secured to the upper surface 16 of the table 15 by screw means (not shown) at the lower end 30 thereof. The rear surface 32 is provided with a cork layer 33 for the convenient engagement of needles not in use. A hollow bore (not shown) communicates with a set screw 35 which bears upon a shaft 36 to determine a desired degree of vertical adjustment. The upper end 37 of the shaft mounts a clevis 38 having a set screw and wing nut 39 for retaining a pivotally mounted link member 40 therebetween. The upper end of the link member 40 mounts an inner hoop member 41 of the conventional type, the same being engagable with an outer hoop member 42 having a threaded contracting means 43 thereon.

FIG. 2 illustrates the device in position upon the lap of a user, the lower surface 17 of the table 15 straddling the thighs. The stabilizing member 19 projects between the knees, to be clamped lightly to prevent relative movement between the table and the user.

When not in use, the overall dimensions of the device may be reduced by removing the stabilizing member 19 by sliding it rearwardly as seen in FIG. 1 to disengage the dovetail, and reduce the height of the device by an amount equivalent to the height of the member 19.

I wish it to be understood that I do not consider the invention limited to the precise details of structure shown and set forth in this specification, for obvious modifications will occur to those skilled in the art to which the invention pertains.

I claim:

1. Embroidery hoop structure comprising a base element, a vertical support element, and a hoop element; said base element including a generally horizontally disposed table having upper and lower surfaces, and a vertically disposed planar stabilizing member rigidly fixed to and projecting downwardly from said lower surface; said vertical support element including a base member secured to an upper surface of said table, and having a vertically disposed bore, an elongated shaft adjustably positioned within said bore, and having a clevis at an upper end thereof; said hoop element including inner and outer rings, and a pivotally mounted link member interconnecting said inner ring and second clevis; said hoop structure being adapted to be supported upon the lap of a seated user with said stabilizing member positioned to be clamped between the knees of said user.

2. Structure in accordance with claim 1, including dovetail means for slidably engaging said stabilizing member with said table.

3. Structure in accordance with claim 1, said vertical support element including a planar cork member for the storage of unused embroidery needles.

4 i II! t

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