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Publication numberUS3750915 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 7, 1973
Filing dateJul 19, 1971
Priority dateJul 19, 1971
Publication numberUS 3750915 A, US 3750915A, US-A-3750915, US3750915 A, US3750915A
InventorsKearney P
Original AssigneeKearney P
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Wine pourer and resealer
US 3750915 A
A wine pourer and resealer comprising a housing adapted to be secured to the neck of a wine bottle. The housing has a neck portion for pouring wine and a cap for airtight closing of the neck portion. A vent adapted to extend into a bottle neck is integrally secured to the housing wall. Means for airtight closing of the neck portion and the air vent are provided.
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United States Patent 1 Kearney [111 3,750,915 Aug. 7, 1 973 WINE POURER AND RESEALER [22] Filed: July 19, 1971 [21] Appl. No.: 163,802

[52] US. Cl. 222/567, 222/484 [51] Int. Cl B65d 5/74, B67d 3/00 [58] Field of Search 222/567, 568, 479, 222/484, 546

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 3,117,701 1/1964 Stull 222/479 X 3,235,133 2/1966 Zimmerman et a1. 222/567 973,616 10/1910 Beck 222/479 442,696 12/1890 Thompson 222/567 X 1,237,773 8/1917 Gamble 222/568 X 2,639,839 5/1953 Sok01ik 222/4'79 2,642,207 6/1953 Renzi 222/567 X 2,753,090 7/1956 Fay 222/479 2,779,517 1/1957 Beall 222/567 UX 3,386,626 6/1968 Kearney.... 222/147 3,630,419 12/1971 Pierce 222/567 X FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATlONS 1,085,502 2/1955 France 222/479 419,887 6/1924 Germany 222/479 1,037,388 7/1966 Great Britain 222/479 112,182 11/1967 Norway 222/568 Primary Examiner-Robert S. Ward, Jr. Attorney-Jacob L. Kollin [57] ABSTRACT A wine pourer and resealer comprising a housing adapted to be secured to the neck of a wine bottle. The housing has a neck portion for pouring wine and a cap for airtight closing of the neck portion. A vent adapted to extend into a bottle neck is integrally secured to the housing wall. Means for airtight closing of the neck portion and the air vent are provided.

1 Claim, 5 Drawing Figures mm mm INVENTOR. KEARNZ-Y FIG. 3

LEWAW ATTORNEY WINE POURER AND RESEALER BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Theinvention relates to an improved wine pourer and resealer.

It is well known in the wine trade that when the original screw-on cap is removed from a jar or bottle for the first time and a portion of the wine is removed and the screw-on cap is replaced, much difficulty is experienced in removing the cap the second and subsequent times. This problem is caused by sugar or syrup deposits on the threads of the cap, on the neck of the bottle or jar and when the original cap is replaced this sugar or syrup deposit has the effect of an adhesive and causes a seal to form.

In the case of old people living alone, a hammer or some other hard object to break this seal has to be used. It is quite common for the jar or bottle to break and in such cases the tablecloth, carpets, rugs and floor are covered with this sticky, messy substance that is very hard to remove. To wine consumers this has always been a hazard, since to purchase wine economically one must purchase two or one gallon jars or flasks. These large jars or flasks cause the above trouble.

It is also well known in the wine trade and to consumers that, unlike alcohol or hard liquor of any kind, the air tends to interfere with the flavor, body and aroma of wine if left exposed to air for over minutes. most wine drinkers attempt to replace the cap as soon as possible. Heretofore pourers having an open air vent have been used. Such pourers are not air-sealed and the airvent is always open. To be left overnight exposed to the air in such fashion, completely ruins a bottle of wine, as it will go dead and sour and in cases of dark or fortified wines or sherrys these become cloudy. To use a wine trade expression, they become sick. The pourer and resealer l have invented completely eliminates these two major problems of air entering the jar or bottle through the spout of the pourer, or most important of all, through the air vent. This has been made possible by placing an air-seal button in the outside entrance of the air-shaft and by placing a sealing cap over the spout of the pourer.

The air vent itself is new and original both in construction and design. The entrance to the shaft at the shoulder or neck of the pourer on the outside is quite large and remains so for about three-quarters of the length of the shaft and is tapered to about a quarter of the diameter at the outside entrance. There are several reasons for this: Firstly, since the spout on the pourer is quite large to enable a consumer or server to pour fast, it is necessary to replace the vacuum created in the bottle or jar with an instant and correct amount of air, otherwise it will not pour. Secondly, air is already in the top end of the vent and is funnelled instantly into the vacuum, when used for the first time and the entrance to the air vent at its bottom portion is small, to prevent the wine entering it when pouring and thus causing air bubles which would impair speedy pouring. Finally, after first or second use, and with the air vent closed, after a period of a few hours, the dead air in the vent changes to wine fumes and on sudden release into the bottle will not act like fresh air on the wine.

When using my pourer-resealer, conwumers or servers will be able to pour desired amounts with speed and precision, eliminating spillage, dripping and overflowing of glasses.

These and other advantages and objects of the invention will become apparent from the following description and the accompanying drawing illustrating embodiments of my invention.

In the drawings:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the wine pourer, shown secured to the neck of a wine bottle;

FIG. 2 is a view of the wine poulrer shown in operating position;

FIG. 3 is a vertical cross-section of the wine pourer;

FIG. 4 is a section takenon line 4-4 of FIG. 3 and FIG. 5 is a partial cross-section of a modified form of the pourer.

Referring now to the drawing in detail, the device shown .in FIG. 1 comprises a pourer housing 8, a cap 10, formed with securing strip 11, having a longitudinal slot 13, through which extends a stud 11', integral with the pourer 8, provided with an enlarged head 12. The cap 10 is also provided with a tab 18, by means of which it may be detached from the: lip 9 of neck 15 and slid out of the path of the wine to be poured.

Referring now to FIGS. 3-4, it will be noted that the pourer 8 is provided with an air shaft 7 formed by a wall 25 of areuate cross-section and the wall of the pourer 8 proper. Theair shaft terminates as a tubular portion 22 spaced from the pourer wall, to allow the pourer to fit over the neck of a bottle 26. The air shaft tubular portion 22 has a small opening 23 which permits air to enter a wine bottle while the wine is poured, thus ,preventing the formation of a vacuum in the bottle, which would retardthe flow of wine therefrom. At the same time the flow of wine through the shaft 7, which would clog it is prevented by the small opening 23.

The wine pourer cap 8 is formed with threads 30 adapted to engage with threads 32 of a wine bottle 26 (partially shown) with a handle 28. The cap 8 is further provided with a ringshaped sealing gasket 24.

A modified form of the invention is shown in partial view in FIG. 5. Its construction is similar to that shown in FIGS. 1-4 and similar parts are indicated by similar numerals, except for the modifications. It will be noted that a tubular shaft 34 extends with its open end 36 through the wall 8' of the. wine pourer cap.

To prevent a spoilage of wine or other beverage, by air which would enter the bottle through the vent opening 36, there is provided a plug 38 of resilient material integrally secured to the slidable strip 39. The plug 38 is inserted into the shaft opening 366 when the bottle is not in use. The plug 38 is secured integrally to one end of a flat strip formed with a slit l3 slidable along a knob 12' secured to the wine pourers neck. The cap 10 is secured to the other end of the strip. By sliding the strip forward, after detaching the cap from the neck of the wine pourer, the plug 38 is removed from the vent opening 36, to permit air to enter while the wine is poured.

I claim:

1. A wine pourer and resealer comprising, in combination, a pourer housing having an open neck portion and an open base portion adapted for securing to a neck of a liquid container, vent means in said housing and means for airtight closing said vent means, said vent means being an air shaft having a lower end portion adapt to extend into a container neck for allowing the entrance of air into a container, said air shaft being a tube integral with the said neck part, said tube having an open upper end extending through said neck portion, said means for airtight closing being a plug of resilient material adapted to be inserted into said open upper end, a stud secured to said open neck portion, a strip formed with a slit, slidable along said stud, a cap for closing the open neck portion, said cap and said plug being secured to the respective ends of said strip. t I.

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