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Publication numberUS3759396 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1973
Filing dateJan 19, 1972
Priority dateJan 19, 1972
Publication numberUS 3759396 A, US 3759396A, US-A-3759396, US3759396 A, US3759396A
InventorsBest L, Davis R
Original AssigneeBest & Sons Inc John H
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Display stand
US 3759396 A
A display stand for rug samples or the like comprises a rotating wing having the lower end pivotally mounted on a base and the upper end pivotally mounted in one end of a horizontal arm. The arm is supported by an upright post, and the lower end of the post is somewhat loosely mounted in a tubular socket member which itself is part of a three-sided base support.
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United States Patent Best et al. Sept. 18, 1973 DISPLAY STAND 1,946,856 2/1934 HOuSiOn 211/163 [75] Inventors: Leon H. Best, Galva; Robert D. Davis, Kewanee, both of 7 3,351,211 11/1967 Best 211/169 [73] Assignee: John H. Best & Sons, Inc., Galva, lll. 3'658'283 4/1972 248/165 [22] Filed: A Primary ExaminerRamon S. Britts [21] Appl. No.: 218,960 Attorney-James B. Kinzer et al.

[52} US. Cl.'. 211/47, 211/169 [57] ABSTRACT 51 Int. Cl A471 5 l2, A47f 7 l6 E58} Field of Search 21 1/4148, 163, A i f f f a f on a base and the upper end p1votally mounted 1n one d of a horizontal arm. The arm is su orted b an u [56] References C1ted pp y p rlght post, and the lower end of the post 1s somewhat UNITED STATES PATENTS loosely mounted in a tubular socket member which itl 52 3 2 1 34 self is part of a three-sided base support. l:448:664 3/1923 11611 211/169 x s'fisiia'gsmamgsigma M'QQXW 9 9:6 omtk wc a n QQ'O O N Q -.6-..-.-. .6.1.M $$12-21-213$1 to x we\ ON 06 9 $909 on Q N0 9$w iwvsi I 20 r10 VOW. 6 $962.; .1 l O "6 o 0 i n 0 9. My 109 N' WXQ'Q' W 6 29x181 we 9 ,0. one. Q Q 20 '6 $2'2 2*i 2-%-$' *WVWQ WM WM 1 mm a 1 o 0. M i 3 :N:\- 9'0. woo 24- IQNIWQfii A 1, 0:9 o'o"&vf ON. "NW5 N9 $11 w mgg 25 u L x; A 2a ,161,661. 3 Wa g. Aft, 2 8

l DISPLAY STA D This invention r es to a isplay and for disp y amples of carpets nd he like- We envisioned during the course of conceiving the present in ntion. o a ec ngula ing or p el. e ontial y o a a ge heet of for minous me al c nfin y a r gid ame and uppo t d o a t i ngu a base for swinging movement, the openings in the foraminous ee aooept ng o ps r hooks whereby a arp samp ould be h ng the by. As a matter of o namen al doi ign. and n an effort to impart s abil ty. it was env oned that g d p st sh uld e tend up a d r m he hree oome s of the ase an r gi ed a th pp n s by a t angu a b a e oomp e tal with the base. ru tu e as th s c nce ved wa bu lt with the wing pivoted on hinge pins mounted in aligned openings formed in one of the sides of the base and in one of the sides f the top b ac bu it as. foun hat when e g. with its burden of samples, was swung forcefully the structure would tend to tip and hence amounted to what is known in legal te ninology as an attractive nuisance, tempting to children in the company of their parents in a department store or any other merchandise ns ce te wh re he d splay an ould e u ed- Having discovered the unstable character of a display stand hus oonstru t d e e ned urselves with a structure which would not topple even though the attractiveness and stability of the triangular base should be, retained. Accordingly an object of the present invention is to enable a swingingiwing or panel of the aforesaid kind, supported in part byv a triangular base, to be stabilised against toppling in spite of heavy rug mp e ha may be su p nded the eon for disp ay and to accomplish this object by extending a single postupd to he ase. the Post h ing an arm. xt nded 1 therefrom and the free or outer end of the arm providv inga pivot point for the top of the wing, More specifi callyobjectsof the invention are to stablize the base by three legs, one at each of the three corners of the base andjone of the legs being presented by the lower end of an upright socket; the socket telescopically receives the lower end of the post, and the arm which affords theupper pivot point is flexible so that the wing may be conveniently related to the remaining structure in the manner hereinafterdescribed. p

Other and furth'er objects of the present inven ion will; be apparent from. the following description and claims; and. are illustrated in the accompanying drawoss which. by ay o il u tration. s a Preferred embodirnent. of, the pliesent invention and the principle thereofand whatwe now consider to bethe best mode in which wehave contemplated applying that principle. Other embodiments, of the. invention embodying the same or equivalent principlesmay be used and struc- 2 FIG. 7 is a top plan view of the base shown in FIG. 6; and

FIG. 8 is a schematic view of .the earlier structure found unsatisfactory. t

The display stand 10, FIGS. 1, 2 and 3, comprises a revolving Wing or panel 12 pivotally mounted on a support l5, the support 15 comprising a base 16 and an upright post 17 extending upwardlytherefrom.

In FIG. 1 the wing 12faces the observer and in FIG. 2 it has been turned 90. It may be turned at any intermediate position, and in fact the present invention assumes that the wing 12 at times may be swung violently in a 360 arc.

The wing 12 comprises a rectangular frame 20 of molding strips such as disclosed in Best U.S. Pat. No. 3,351,21 l tightly confining a. sheet of tough foraminous metal 21 enabling rug samples or the like to be clipped thereto as by the clips disclosed in Best U.S. Pat. No. 3,195,733.

Referring to FIGS. 4 and 5 the base unit 16 is constructed in the form of an isosceles triangle, FIG. 7, consisting of a long base side 23 and two "legs 24 and each of square metal tubing. 7

As shown in FIG. 6, a pair of front legs 28 (square tubing) are rigidly attached to the opposed ends of the side 23 of base 16. The opposed ends of the tube 23 are squared off, and the front'ends of the opposed side tubes 24 and 25 are cut at 45 angles to fit neatly against the back of side '23. to which they are affixed. The rear ends of the leg member 24 and 25 are squared off and fit neatly against adjacent sides of an upright, square socket member 30. The. various parts of the base member thus described. are preferably joined by welds.

The socket member 30, FIG. 6, is of vertical extent, and the lower end. 31 thereof serves as a third leg so that the base surface.-

The socket memberSO is also of square tubing so that the lower end of the post 17 may be telescopically set' loosely therein as will be appreciated from what is shown in FIGS. 4and 5. Thus, the uprightpost is of less cross-section than the opening. in the. socket so that there is a slight amount of free play. Screws as 33 are against displacement; nonetheless, the post is free to wobble a slight bit.

I plumb line with a related opening 38 formed at the cen{ tural changes may be made as desired by those, skilled in the art withoutdepfirtingfrom the present invention.

In the drawings;

FIG. 1. is a front elevation ofthe display stand. of thepresent invention;

FIG. 2 is a side elevation of the stand shown in FIG. 1 but with the wingtmtlCdQO";

G- 3 is a pe pective. ew of he s a IGS. 4 an 1 -arerespeo i ely f ont and side elevaons of e upporting; s ru t re, or he ins;

FIG. 6is a front eleyationof a support; base;

' An arm 3.61s welded to the top of the. post to extend outward 'therefromcn aline normal to the span of side .3 ofthe base. Thefree or outer end of arm 36 is provided with an opening 37, and this opening is. on a terof, the span of the base tube 23. 1

The upper and lower crossmembersdefining frame.

20.are provided withhi'n ge pins 39 and 40, FIG. L'The lower hinge pin 40 is adaptedto be set in the opening 38 with a thrust washer 41, FIG. 2,.interposed between the frameof. the wing andthe upper surface of the base tube23.3A similar thrust washer 42, FIG. 2, is centered on the-upper hinge. pin 39; The clamping arm '36 may be easily flexedto. allow its opening 37 to register with and. accept the .free endjof the. upper, hinge pin.

The rug samples to besuspended by clamps or hooks anchored in the openings ofthe metalsheet 21are rela-- tively heavyascan be appreciated, and samples will be located on bothsidesof the wing which isto berotated may be stably supported on any planar in the course of the sales demonstration or as the customer himself may desire.

FIG. 8 is a schematic view of an earlier structure which was found to be unstable in exhibiting a tendency to tip when the wing, bearing rug samples, was turned rapidly. This tendency to tip is not exhibited by the display stand shown in FIGS. 1 through 7, and in fact the wing or panel 20, heavily burdened with rug samples, may be rotated as rapidly as possible by hand and yet the stand remains steady in all respects. Very likely the lack of absolute rigidity between the post 17 and the supporting base plays a role in that the upper end thereof displays a slight amount or precession or eccentricity about the longitudinal axis of the post when the heavy wing is swung rapidly, a phenomenon not possible with the earlier attempt, FIG. 8.

We claim:

1. A display stand for samples of carpets and the like comprising a triangular base with at least two equal sides and three dependent legs of substantially equal length, one leg at each comer of the base, an upright post secured to the corner of the base between the two equal sides, an arm extended horizontally outward from the top of the post, and a rectangular wing for supporting such samples, the top of the wing being pivotally attached to the outer end of the arm and the bottom of the wing being pivotally attached to substantially the longitudinal center of the side of the base opposite the comer to which the upright post is secured.

2. A stand according to claim 1 wherein one of the legs is the lower end of a tubular socket member, and v the lower end of the post being loosely supported within the socket member, whereby the post will undergo precession about its longitudinal axis when the wing supporting carpet samples is swung.

3. A stand according to claim 2 wherein the wing has a hinge pin at its top and a hinge pin at its bottom, the bottom hinge pin fitting in an opening in one of the sides of the base and the top hinge pin fitting in an opening at the outer end of said am, said arm being flexible so that it may be raised when registering the top hinge pin to the opening in said arm.

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