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Publication numberUS3760827 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1973
Filing dateJun 14, 1971
Priority dateJun 23, 1970
Also published asCA942154A1, DE7023427U
Publication numberUS 3760827 A, US 3760827A, US-A-3760827, US3760827 A, US3760827A
InventorsWeber H
Original AssigneeTelesco Brophey Ltd
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Handle or crown for umbrella
US 3760827 A
An umbrella handle having an inner plastic element fixed to the handle stick and a clip-on cover nesting part of plastic material suitable for ornamentation.
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[ Sept. 25, 1973 United States Patent 1191 Weber HANDLE OR CROWN FOR UMBRELLA 2,192,097 2/1940 Nicholson 2,474,516 6/1949 Inventor: Heinz Weber, Rhineland, Germany FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS [22] Filed:

Primary Examiner-J. Karl Bell [30] Foreign Application Priority Data Att0mey AIan Swabey June 23, 1970 Germany.............,....

t n e m k e C n S m P r e n .m m n A a R g T .m w m A h k d n a h h d r b m u 7 s M 02 5 BN4 59 3 lb ,u MAm W4 Nmm BN [51] Int.

fixed to the handle stick and a clip-on cover nesting References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS part of plastic material suitable for ornamentation.

1,795,268 Thomases........r...................'. 135/47 7 Claims, 5 Drawing Figures pmmmsms'm 3,760,827

ESERQ INVENTOR Heinz WEBER HANDLE OR CROWN FOR UMBRELLA BACKGROUND OF INVENTION 1. Field of Invention The present invention relates to an umbrella and particularly to a handle for an umbrella.

2. Description of Prior Art It is well known to make umbrella parts, such as the crown or handle out of plastic material. Plastic elements are suitably attached to the umbrella stick by using, for example, a cross pin passing through the plastic part and the umbrella stick. This is not entirely satisfactory, however, since the type of plastic required for rigid attachment with the stick is not necessarily suitable for ornamentation such as where metallizing coating is required.

SUMMARY OF INVENTION It is an aim of the present invention to provide an umbrella part connected to the umbrella stick, such as a handle or a crown which overcomes the above disadvantages.

A construction in accordance with the present invention includes a first inner part of predetermined plastic material, suitable for connection with the stick; and a second outer covering part adapted to be clipped onto the first inner part and being made of a second predetermined plastic material suitable for ornamentation.

It is of advantage, according to the present invention, for the handle to be formed of nesting cup-shaped elements whereby the inner part is cup-shaped, while the outer part is also cup-shaped and adapted to nest over the inner part and be clipped thereon.

The above simple construction results in a handle or crown which is extremely easy to produce and to coordinate. There are two main parts, that is, an internal part, which is directly attached to the stick; and an external part, which covers the outer surface of the internal part. Since the two parts can be made independently of different plastic material, best suited for the purpose of being anchored to the stick and for ornamentation, respectively, the ultimate in producing such a handle is, of course, met.

Furthermore, the attachment of the external part and the internal part is made without any separate attachment or fastening members.

It was found that by providing an inwardly-extending clip projection on the inner surface of the external part, cooperating with a retaining shoulder on the cupshaped internal part, all the requirements were satisfied, even under high stress. The clip projection and the retaining shoulder may extend about the complete peripheries of the respective parts or they may be sectioned off. In the latter situation, there may be specific angular locations where the two parts are connected together, or locked, and the external part can be provided with an eye for attachinga carrying loop.

The cup-shaped design of both nesting internal and external parts provides an annular chamber for the orderly retention of the ends of the dome ribs when the umbrella is in a folded and shortened condition and the umbrella isa collapsible umbrella.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS Having thus generally described the nature of the invention, reference will be made to the accompanying drawings, showing a preferred embodiment thereof, and in which:

FIG. 1 is a fragmentary view of an umbrella stick and handle in elevation;

FIG. 2 is a top plan view of the stick and handle" shown in FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 is an elevational view ofa detail of the handle;

FIG. 4 is an enlarged vertical cross section taken along lines lV--IV of FIG. 2; and

FIG. 5 is a fragmentary enlarged plan view of a detail shown in FIG. 4.

Referring now to the drawings, there is shown in FIG. 1, a stick 1 of hexagonal cross section provided with a handle 2 at one end thereof. The handle 2 comprises an internal part 3 and an external part 4, as shown more clearly in FIG. 4.

The internal part 3, as shown in FIGS. 3 and 4 includes a relatively thick bottom wall 12 with an upstanding peripheral wall 13. The upper edge of the wall 13 is provided with an annular inwardly-extending rib 14 which stabilizes the wall 13 and also provides a retaining edge for the ends of the dome ribs (not shown) which project into the annular space 15 when the umbrella is in a closed position.

The inner cup-shaped handle part 3 is also provided with an upstanding projection 19 centrally thereof and an annular sleeve 20 spaced a distance Z from the central projection 19. The sleeve 20 is adapted to be forcefitted on the end of the umbrella stick 1 and, of course, the projection I9 extends axially of the hollow stick. The abovementioned elements of the inner part 3 are all molded in one piece.

The second part, that is, the outer part 4, includes a bottom wall 6, and an upwardly extending peripheral skirt 16 which is provided at the top edge thereof with inwardly extending projections 16 which are adapted to engage or to abut the upper edge of the wall 13 of the inner part 3. The wall 16 is provided with a lower, enlarged portion which cooperates with inwardly extending clip projection 7. The clip projection can be continuous with the inner surface of the wall 16 orit can be in sections. The enlarged thickness of the wall 16 in the area of the clip projection 7 increases the stability of the clip at this point.

A camming surface 7 is also provided extending upwardly from the clip projection 7 for enabling the outer part 4 to be easily clipped onto the inner part 3. The thickness of the area near the clipprojection 7 is denoted by the letter Y; The walls 16 taper upwardly as wellas downwardly towards the bottom 6 from this enlarged portion. The walls 12 of the inner part 3 are also provided with perforations 18 as shown in the drawing for allowing the air to escape while the outer part is being clipped onto the inner part3.

It is noted that the bottom wall 12 of the inner part 3 is'relatively much thicker than the peripheral wall 13 and since a retaining shoulder 8 is near the bottom wall, on the outer surface 5 of the wall 13, it provides a relatively stable retaining shoulder 8. The outer surface of the part 4 is provided with vertically extending serrations 17 which increase the hand grip on the handle when in use. The wall 12 includes an annular, radiused shoulder 9 at the bottom wall 12 plane which will be engaged by the camming surface 7 as the inner and outer parts are assembled and as seen in FIG. 4, the outer part 4 has a peripheral recess below clip 7 which is complimentary to the shoulder 9.

I claim:

1. In an umbrella including an elongated stick and an assembly secured at one endof the stick, said assembly comprising an inner part including means connected to said stick and a bottom wall having an upstanding wall circumposed about the portion of the stick to which it is connected, said bottom wall including a peripheral retaining shoulder projecting in the plane of said bottom wall and outwardly beyond said upstanding wall; and an outer cup-shaped part telescoped on said inner part and including an inner clip rib projection engaged on said peripheral retaining shoulder and retaining the parts in assembled relation, said outer part including an upstanding skirt substantially embracing the upstanding wall of said inner part and including an outer surface for receiving decorative means thereon.

2. The structure as claimed in claim 1 in which said means connected to said stick comprises an upstanding projection integral with said bottom wall of the inner part, an annular sleeve circumposed in spaced relation from said upstanding projection and forming an annular space therewith, said stick being tubular and telescoped into said annular space between said projection and sleeve.

3. The structure as claimed in claim 1 in which said upstanding skirt is substantially thicker in transverse cross section adjacent said clip projection for reinforcing the outer cup-shaped part thereat, and said upstanding skirt tapers vertically toward its upper edge.

4. The structure as defined in claim 1, wherein the retaining shoulder projects from the outer surface of the wall of the inner part spaced from the bottom surface thereof a distance corresponding to the thickness of the bottom wall and adapted to receive the clip projection of the outer part.

5. The structure as defined in claim 4, wherein a cam surface is provided upwardly from the clip rib projection of the inner surface of the cup-shaped outer part.

6. The structure as defined in claim 5, whereby the clip rib projection is provided at the point of maximum thickness from the wall forming the external part.

7. The structure as defined in claim 1, whereby the bottom wall of the inner part is provided with ventilating passage means.

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Aug 10, 1983ASAssignment
Effective date: 19760505
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