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Publication numberUS3762597 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1973
Filing dateFeb 18, 1972
Priority dateFeb 18, 1972
Publication numberUS 3762597 A, US 3762597A, US-A-3762597, US3762597 A, US3762597A
InventorsKaminski E, Nadolsky F
Original AssigneeStolle Corp
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Can with easy-open captive tear strip
US 3762597 A
The application discloses, in a beverage can adapted to be opened for drinking therefrom, or for dispensing the contents thereof, a captive tear strip extending diametrically substantially entirely across the can end. The tear strip is torn open by means of a pull tab, which is provided with fulcrum elements which, upon raising the pull tab to initiate the tear, force a portion of the tear strip upward, thereby facilitating the tearing open of the tear strip.
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United States Patent 11 1 Kaminski et al. 1 1 Oct. 2, 1973 I54] CAN WITH EASY-OPEN CAPTIVE TEAR 3,415,411 l2/l968 Saunders .1 2211 54 STRIP 2.978.140 4/[96] Walsh .1 220/54 [75] Inventors: i s t c g t i l g ff Primary Examiner-Georgc T. Hlall a 0 s an a m 0 lo Attorney-John W. Melville et all [73] Assignee: The Stolle Corporation, Sidney, Ohio 221 Filed: Feb. 18, 1972 [571 ABSTRACT The application discloses, in a beverage can adapted to [21 1 Appl' 227424 be opened for drinking therefrom, or for dispensing the contents thereof, a captive tear strip extending diamet- [521 U.S. Cl. 220/54 ri lly su n ially mirely acr the can end. The [51] Int. Cl B65d 17/20 tear strip i -t n p y means of a p which iS [58] Field of Search 220/54, 48, 53 provided with fulcrum elements which, p raising the pull tab to initiate the tear, force a portion of the [56] References Cited tear strip upward, thereby facilitating the tearing open UNITED STATES PATENTS Of the tear 1 3,404,800 l0/l968 Arfert 220/54 5 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures W4C W CAN WITH EASY-OPEN CAPTIVE TEAR STRIP BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In Stolle U. S. Pat. No. 3,462,042, issued Aug. 19, 1969, there is disclosed a can with a captive tear strip. One of the great objections to the now universal easyopen cans is that the tear strip, after removal from the can, is discarded. It has been noted that in public parks, picnic areas and the like the ground is littered with discarded tear strips. This is not only unsightly but it is dangerous to small children and others who may be barefooted. Serious cuts and infections have resulted from stepping on such discarded tearstrips.

It has also been noted that, while careless persons will throw such tear strips on the ground, they will usually put the empty cans in trash receptacles, when such receptacles are provided. The philosophy of the above mentioned patent was that if the tear strip were captive on the can, most such tear strips would end up in trash receptacles rather than on the ground.

The present application discloses an improvement in the structure of said patent which overcomes an objection thereto. It was found that when the pull tab was raised to initiate the tear, considerable effort was required to tear open the rest of the strip. According to the present invention a pair of fulcrum elements are provided on the pull tab, one on each side of thepull tab, and preferably ahead (toward the tab nose) of the normal bend line of the pull tab. These fulcrum elements come into play when the pull tab is raised to initiate the tear, and cause initial portions of the tear strip to be forced upward, whereby the tearing open of the rest of the tear strip is greatly facilitated.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE SEVERAL VIEWS OF THE DRAWING FIG. 4 is a view similar toFIGS. 1 and 2, showing another modification.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION In said Stolle patent, there was disclosed a can having an end with a score line ll. A pull tab 12 was secured to the can end by means of .a rivetl3 disposed within the score line 11. The scoreline 11 was interrupted and the ends of the score diverged as indicated at 14 so that when the tear strip was torn open, it could not be completely removed from the can end butwas held captive.

The pull tab 12 has the conventional ring 15 by means of which the tab maybe elevated and by means of which the tear strip 16 may be torn open. The pull tab also has the nose 17 which initiates the perforation of the score line. The foregoing parts and elements are conventional and do not per se constitute a part of the invention.

When the pull tab 12 is elevated to a substantially vertical position, the nose 17 of the pull tab punctures the score line and initiates the tear. In doing so, the tear strip bends along the line indicated at l8..-The exact position of this bend may vary from a point substantially tangent to the rear of the rivet 13 to a point perhaps the nose 17.

The present invention contemplates the provision of fulcrums or lugs 19, one on each side of the center line of the pull tab and disposed in front of the bend line, i.e. toward the nose of the tab 17. The exact position of the lugs 19 is not critical except that preferably they should be in front of the bend line 18 and preferably fairly close to the bend line. It will be clear that since the elements 19 function as fulcrums, they will provide greater leverage if they are closer to the bend line 18 than to the nose 17. It will be clear as seen in FIG. 3 that as the tab 12 is raised to the vertical position, the tear strip 16 istorn upwardly in the region 16a. From thispoint on, it is a simple matter to tear open the tear strip all the way by pulling backward on the ring 15 of the pull tab 12.

In FIG. 2 a slight modification is shown where the fulcrums 19a are in the form of abutments or offsets rather than in the form of projecting lugs as in FIG. 1. They are also shown closer to the bend line 18 which is considered advantageous.

In FIG. 4 another modification is shown wherein the fulcrums are provided by interference between the sides of the tab, and theportion of the area within the scoreline which hasbeen depressed downwardly; and these fulcrums provide the same camming action described above. Thus, it will be observed that the score line 11 extends laterally beyond the tab as indicated at 11 and crosses under the tab at 19 to provide the above notedinterference resulting in fulcrums to provide the camming action.

It will be clear that many modifications may be made in the configuration and exact location of the fulcrums orlugs 19 and 19a and therefore no limitations other than specifically setforthin the claims is intended or should be implied.

The embodiments of the invention in which an exclusiveproperty or privilege is claimed are defined as follows:

1. In a beverage can and the like. having a tear strip in one end thereof extending diametrically substantially entirely across said can end and being defined by a score line, and a pull tab for tearing open said tear strip, said pull tab being secured by a rivet or the like to said end within said score line adjacent one end of said tear strip, and having a nose to initiate a tear upon lifting up of said pull tab, said score line at the other end of said tear strip being interrupted so as to make said tear strip captive when torn open, said pull tab, when raised, causing said tear strip to bend downwardly along, a transverse line behind said rivet; said pull tab being provided with a pair of fulcrum elements, one on each side of the centerline of said tear strip, said fulcrum elements being disposed between saidbend line and said nose, and serving to pull the tear strip upward behind the rivet and facilitate removal thereof.

2. The structure of claim 1, wherein said fulcrum ele ments are disposed nearer said bend line than said nose.

3. The structure of claim 2, wherein said fulcrum elements are constituted by lugs extending laterally beyond said scoreline.

4. The structure of claim 2, wherein said fulcrum elements are constituted by offsets in the, pull tab extending outwardly beyond said score line.

5. The structure of claim 1, wherein said score line the sides of the tab and the portion of the area within extends laterally outward beyond the tab and crosses the score line which has initially been depressed in raisinwardly under the tab on both sides ahead of said bend ing the tab.

line to provide said fulcrums by interference between

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U.S. Classification220/270, D09/438
Cooperative ClassificationB65D17/165
European ClassificationB65D17/16B2