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Publication numberUS3762 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 27, 1844
Publication numberUS 3762 A, US 3762A, US-A-3762, US3762 A, US3762A
InventorsWilliam T. Peters
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Executor of ithiel town
US 3762 A
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miran srarns Arana onrion. i




Specification of Letters PatentNo.

. ings.

The nature of this invention consists in forming bricks hollow, with cross partitions therein which strengthen the outside of said bricks, by which means they can be made lighter, burned more equally, and rapidly and be at the saine time of suflicient strength.

The construction is as follows.V The bricks can be molded in any suitable mold and by any machinery which is now used for that purpose.

shown in Figures l, 2, 3 and of every other form required, and of any thickness, but fg of an inch I deem sufficient for the thickness of the sides and partitions. The sides may be Imade straight or otherwise on the underside or that which when in the wall is downward. There are holes `that are pierced to the upper side entirely through or nearly so, as may be deemed advisable.

These holes may be pierced from any side and may be square, round, or polygonal, buttheform whichI deem most preferable is a hexagon. These holes may be of any size and of the same or diderent dimensions at top and bottom being made a sufficient dis- The form of the exterior a, a,`- can be oblong, square, or other shape as 3,762, dated September 27, 1844.

tance apart for a partition suliiciently strong between them. The holes may be larger or smaller in proportion to the thickness of the partitions, but should remove at least one half of the material of a solid brick. A portion of clay left near the top above the holes may form a horizontal partition and on the top there may be slight depressions the same size as the holes and opposite to them. This horizontal partition is for the purpose of holding` mortar and preventing waste, but is not absolutely essential to thc plan. Horizontal partitions may be made in any part of the brick required.

It will be obvious that the brick will be more equally burned, more rapidly, and with less expenditure of fuel and by this means bricks of almost any size can be manufactured without danger of warping and they will be found much more light to "handle than those of ordinary manufacture.

Having thus fully described the improvement of the said ITI-HEL TowN what I claim therein as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is Y The method of constructing bricks of the forms herein described in the manner and for the purpose set forth having the interior hollow and intersected with partitions as described.

WVM. T. PETERS, Excma-tor of the estate of [2f/biel T own.



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