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Publication numberUS376832 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1888
Filing dateNov 29, 1887
Publication numberUS 376832 A, US 376832A, US-A-376832, US376832 A, US376832A
InventorsGael Schummel
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US 376832 A
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( No Model.)



No. 376,832. Patented Jan. 24, 1888.


u. PUERS. Plwto-Lithograplmr. Wzlhlnglnn. 0.1;




, I SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 376,832, dated January 2 4, 1888.

Application filed November 9.9, 1887. Serial No. 256,415. (No model.) d

To all whom it may concern.-

' fication.

Be it known that I, CARL SOHUM EL, of Hoboken, Hudson county, State of New J ersey, have invented a new and Improved Ice- Qreeper, of which the following is a specifica-.

tion. 1

This invention relates to an ice-creeper which can be adjusted to fit heels of different sizes.

Theinvention consists in the various features of improvement more fully pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a top view of my improved ice-creeper. Fig. 2 is aside view thereof. Fig. 3 is a bottom view thereof, and Fig. 4

The letter or represents a plate ofv horseshoe form, carrying at its center the upwardlyturned perforated lug a, which isengaged by the screw 12. The two shanks of the plate a are embraced by a pair of slides, 0, having the upturned lugs c,which carry-the pins or screws (1.

From the bottom of plate a there project downwardlythree prongs or spurs, eff, for preventing'slipping on the ice, and of which the spur e is at the center, while the spursff are nearer the ends of the plate. The spurs f serve at the same time for attaching the slides c to the plate a, such slides being provided with a longitudinally-slotted bottom for the accommodation of the spurs. Each spur f carries a collar, 9, beneath slide 0, such collar prosecuring the slides a to plate a.

aside view of a modi- V jecting beyond the edges of the slot, Fig. 3, to hold the slide upon the spur. The spurs f should be squared, so that they can be grasped. 5'

by a key.

They are screwed into the plate a.

In use the slides a are first adjusted to the size of heel, and then the spurs f are tightened up to hold the slides in place. The creeper is then attached to the heel by means of the screw b. In Fig. 4. the screw b carries a rowel, b, and adapts the device to be worn as a spur by riders. In that casegthe spur 6 may be omitted, and the spurs f are used merely for What I claim is 1. The combination of plate at, having lug a, with the slides a, embracing the'ends of plate a and provided with lugs c and with the fasten.-

ing devices b d, substantially'as specified.

2. The combination of plate awith the slides 0, having slotted base, and with the spurs cf, the spurs f extending through said slotted base, and with collars g onspurs f,substantially as specified. 3. The combination'of plate a with the slides 0, having slotted base, and with spur e and the squared spurs f, screwed into plate a and'carrying collars g, and with the fastening devices 7 d b, substantially as specified. I n CARL SGHUMMEL. Y




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Cooperative ClassificationA43C15/066