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Publication numberUS376871 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1888
Filing dateJul 2, 1887
Publication numberUS 376871 A, US 376871A, US-A-376871, US376871 A, US376871A
InventorsAustin D. Elwell
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Combined wash-stand and water-closet
US 376871 A
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A. D. ELWELL. COMBINED WASH STAND AND WATER CLOSET. No. 376,871. y llatented Jan. 24, 18-88.

, N. Pain; Ph o-Iaflwgn pher. Walhingion. D. c.






. SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 376,571, dated January 24, 1888.

Application filed July 2, 1887.

water thereinto, and adapted tobe moved from said closet when the latter is required for service, the construction and operation of the parts being hereinafter fully set forth.

Figures 1 and 2 represent perspective views of a combined wash-stand and vvater'closet embodying my invention, the same being shown in different positions in the two figures.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts iuthe two figures.

Referring to the drawings, A represents a water-closet, and B represents the lid or cover thereof, the. same having an opening, 0, therein, the closet in other respects being of usual construction.

D represents a wash basin or bowl, which is secured to a shelf, E. the latter being hinged to the wall, as at F, above the water-closet, said shelf being adapted to be swung laterally, as shown in Fig. 1.

, In order to strengthen the connection of the shelf with the wall, the inner side of said shelf has attachedto it a board or back-piece,

G, which is secured in position by brackets H. The hinges J are screwed to the back-piece G and to the wainscoting or facing K above the water-closet, thus providing a firm connection for said hinges.

In the bottom of the bowl D is-an automatically-closing valve, L, to which is connected a rod, M, the latter passing through the back-' piece G, and being adapted to strike the facing K or adjacent portion of the wall of the room.

Depending from two sides of the shelf are curtains N, which, as will be seen in Fig. 2, conceal the top of two sides of the water-closet. To the side wall of the room is secured a cleat Serial No. 243,209. (No model.) 7

on the wall adjacent to said ledgewhen the bowl isin position (see Fig. 2) for preventing lateral motion of the shelf.

Spigots or cocks R for hot and cold water,

or for either, are secured abovethe water'-v closet, and so located as to direct water into the basin.

The operation is as follows: When service' As the shelf 7 or ledge, P, and to the shelf E is attached 'a latch or bolt, Q, or other fastening, which is I adapted to engage with the ledge P or a keeper bowl is placed in communication withthe opening 0 of the lid B, said rod then"opening the valve L. Water may now be. turned on from the spigot or spigots andused for washing purposes, it entering the basin and escaping into the opening 0 in the lid, fromwhence it is directed intothe water-closet.

The shelf is supported on the ledge P so as.

to be prevented from sagging and to relieve" the hinges of downward strain, and the top of the water-closet is concealed by the shelf and bowl, the curtains, and the back and side walls of the room. Where the water-closet does not occupy the corner of a room, a curtain may be provided $3; the side in front of the board or piece G in ig. 1. v

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire vto secure by Letters Patent, ist 1. In a combined wash-stand and .watercloset, a swinging frame with a basin thereon, the latter having a discharge-pipe with an automatic valve therein, and a water-closet with lid having an opening therein, said valve being open and said opening in lid registering with V I said discharge-pipe when said swinging frame is closed over said water-closet, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

2. A wash-stand and water-closet having a of said stem with facing K of stand when discharge-pipe registers with said opening in lid, 10 substantially as described.


5 swinging frame with basin and discharge-pipe,

a valve in said discharge-pipe with projecting Witnesses: stem M, and a water-closet with Opening in lid l J OHN A. WIEDERsHEIM, thereof, the said valve being closed by contact I J As. F. KELLY.

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