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Publication numberUS376939 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1888
Filing dateMay 20, 1880
Publication numberUS 376939 A, US 376939A, US-A-376939, US376939 A, US376939A
InventorsChaeles K. Beadfoed
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US 376939 A
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No. 376,939. -Pa nted Jan. 24; 1888.-


LASTING-AWL, i 'f SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 376,939, datedJ'anuay 24, 1888'. ,Application fueaMny so, issu. serial Noname; (Nomads A .To @ZZ whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, CHARLES K. BRADFORD,

Massachusetts, have invented a new and useful Tool, of which the following is a specication.

My invention is a new tool more especially adapted for lasting boots and shoes.V It is a curved awl having near its outer end a threadcarrying hook vwith an inwardly-inclinedpoint, the hook being formed in the edge of the curved portion of the awlthat is to say, not upon the outer nor the inner surface of the curved lpart but upon the edge of the curved part.

View of my new tool, and'Figs. 2, 3, and lare enlarged Views of its shank and point. I

a is a stock or handle adapted to receive the awl b, .which is curved and provided with the hook d on one ofthe edgesf of the curved part of the awl. This hook 'd is 'to carry the thread which the Workman places .in it after puncturingthe material on which he is operating; and as the point of hook d (which is on the edge of the curved part of the awl) is inclined inwardly-#that is, toward'the back of the hook, as shown-the point of the hook does not catch on the material from which it is withdrawn after puncturing. This inward inclination of the hook I have found to be an important feature of my awl, because it does away with all danger of the point of the hook catching in the stock when the awl is withdrawn; and this catching of the hooks point in the stock sometimes injures the stock, and is a serious hinderance to the workman, as will be plain to all skilled in the art.

I amaware thata straight awl having a hook-shaped notch near the point is described in Patent No. 189,934, dated April 24, 1877 5 In the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective but such'an awl cannot be used in doingrnany JHAELEs K. BRADFORD, oF LYNNFIELD, AssIeNoE To GEORGE E. F, FLAGG kinds of work, as will be readily understood;`

the edge of its curved part, whereby it is Vand my tool dil'ers essentially from suchanLA vawl in being curved and in having its hook on adapted for many kinds of Work impossibleto be done with an awl of the class to which'that described in said Letters Patent belongs. My awl 'also differs essentially from the awl de-y scribed in Stickels patent, No. 296,084, dated April l, 1884, in having its hook on the edge of the curved part, as above explained. Thev notch in Stickels awl is on the under side of f thecurved part of the awl, and consequently Stickels awl is practically worthless as alasting-tool.

. I am aware, also, that a curved notchpointed77 needle isshown-in Dunhams patent, 1

No. 36,396, dated September 9, 1862;'but this needleis practically worthless as an awlfof lasting, because the point of its hook is not inclined iuvvardlyx` I am aware of Strains patent, N o. 106,092, dated August 2, 1870, for a'sewing-machine needle. I disclaim all that is described in the patents above mentioned.

The handle or stock a is preferably made of metal, or Weighted and faced with metal," so` that it can be used conveniently as aharnmer.`

What I claim as my invention is' The awl b, curved, asshowmand having gou the edge of'its curved part the hook d, with an 'i inwardly-,inclined point, substantially as and

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Cooperative ClassificationD05B81/00