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Publication numberUS3770947 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 6, 1973
Filing dateAug 20, 1971
Priority dateAug 20, 1971
Publication numberUS 3770947 A, US 3770947A, US-A-3770947, US3770947 A, US3770947A
InventorsD Deily
Original AssigneeCity Nat Bank Of Detroit
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Tool control
US 3770947 A
System for control of tool drive with respect to at least X and Y axes to trace a first path segment and to approach a second path segment (e.g., for tool offset, or to trace an inscribed curve tangent to the two path segments), by steps comprising storage of data descriptive of X and Y positions corresponding to current X and Y tool positions and of a first function the value of which is dependent upon the perpendicular distance from the X and Y positions to the second path segment, updating of the stored data upon advance of the drive during the tracing of the first path segment, and interruption of the tracing of the first path segment when the function assumes a predetermined value.
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United States Patent 1191 [111 3,770,947 Deily 1451 Nov. 6, 1973 TOOL CONTROL 3,500,150 3/1970 Foster 318 572 [75] Inventor: Don Delly, Lexington, Mass. Primary Examiner Eugene G Botz [73] Assignees: City National Bank of Detroit, Assistant Examiner-Jerry Smith Detroit, Mich.; Robert C. Fisher AttorneyJ0hn N. Williams [22] Filed: Aug. 20, 1971 [57] ABSTRACT [21] PP NO-I 173,408 System for control of tool drive with respect to at least X and Y axes to trace a first path segment and to ap- 52 us. Cl 235/151.11, 235/152, 318/572, P 9"? Path Segment -1 for Offset, of

318/573 to trace an inscribed curve tangent to the two path seg- 5 1] Int. Cl. G06f 15/46 men), by stepsfiomprising g of data descriptive [58] Field of Search 235/151.11, 152; of X and Posmcms 9 Current X and 318561569470, 572 574 Y tool posmons and of a first function the value of which 18 dependent upon the perpendicular distance [56] References Cited frocrln the Xfanhd Y posiitigns to the segond patlt tiegmient, UNITED STATES PATENTS up atmg o t e store ata upon a vance 0 e rive during the tracing of the first path segment, and intergekrFhenmcdcr ruption of the tracing of the first path segment when c 1 3,416,056 12/1968 Motooka et al. 318 573 the funct'on assumes a predetermmed Value 3,423,656 H1969 Tripp 318/570 8 Claims, 23 Drawing Figures j COMPUTER I 5O 22 0 1 7901 m 6O 34 i PM 62 p M 3 W i l 5X 38 l AX 4O 5M w 1 SF 5 i l ADD/SUBTRACT 44 l PAIENTEDMJV 6 ma 3770.947 Y sum 030F 20 v PAIENTEDNM 6 ma v saw one; 20

FIG 6 SHEEI OSUF 20 whm w 7 RPM PATENTEllxnv 5197s 3.770.947 'SHEET [NW 20 PATENTEDuuv 6 I913 sum near 0 I N GE - SHEET 100F2'0 mmv , Mm QwN PATENTEUNUV 5 I973 PAIENIEUuuv ems 3.770.947

sum 120F 20 FIG I4 PATENTEBNUY. sma- 3.770.947

, SHEET 130F 20 PATENTEUuuv 8I973 31770 7 SHEET 1m 20 FIG I6 PAIENTEDmv 5 I975 3,770,

sum 15 or 20 III-IM- PATENTED UV 6 I973 SHEET IBM 20 ON 0E PATENIEUNuv 6 I973 SHEET 19UF 20 FIG 2|

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U.S. Classification700/186, 318/572, 318/573
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