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Publication numberUS37713 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1863
Publication numberUS 37713 A, US 37713A, US-A-37713, US37713 A, US37713A
InventorsD. Van Houten
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Improvement in horse-powers
US 37713 A
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Specification .forming part of Letters Patent No. 37,713, dated February 17, 1863, y

To all whom it may concern.- l

Be it known that I, D. VAN HOUTEN, of

.Fu` lei's Corners, in the county of Whitley and State of Indiana, have invented a new andl Improved HorsePower; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full,-clear', and

lpower is taken, and within a very limited space, so that a very compact and portable machine will be obtained, at the same time a durable one.

The invention is more especially designed for driving threshing-maehines, but may be advantageously used for other purposes.

To enable those skilled in the -art to fully understand and construct my invention, I will proceed to describe it.

A represents the frame of the horse-power, which may be of rectangular form, and provided, if desired, with sides to inclose the principal working parts ofthe device.

l5 is a shaft which is placed vertically'in the frame' A, its lower end being stepped in a .cross-piece, a, and its upper part fitted in a bearing, b, in a cross-piece', c, ofthe frame. On the upper end of this shaft B the drivingwheel O is secured, said wheel being above the frame A. In the frame A, near one end of it, there is placed another vertical shaft, D,

4the lower end of which is stepped in a crosslatter. The lower end ofthe shaft F is stepped in a cross-piece, h, of the fra-me A, and its upper part is ttedI in a bearing, i, in a crosspiece, j. On this shaft F there is placed a pulley, G, of small diameter, around which a belt, H, passes, said belt also passing around a pulley, I, on the shaft D, the pulley I being considerably larger in diameter thanG. O11 the, shaft F there is also placed a bevel-wheel, J, which gears iito a bevel-pinion, K, on a horizontal shaft, L, the latter passing through one of the sides ofthe frame A, and havingI a pulley, M, on its outer end. (See Fig. 2.) The belt E, which passes around the driving-wheel O of shaft B and the pulley g of shaft D, passes between idle-pulleys N N, which are tted on slides O, placed on crossbars P P on the frame A, the slides being secured at the desired point by-bolts or screws k. The idle pulleys N N give the belt E a good'bearing around the pulley g, and admit of said belt being tightened when necessary, as will be seen by referring to Fig. 2. The power is taken from the shaft L, andthe horse or horses are connected to sweeps which are attached horizontally to the wheel O. These sweeps are not represented, as they are aii old and well-known device, and may be seen onJn any horse-powers in common use.

By this arrangement of the several parts,

as herein described, itwill be seen that a high speed is transmitted to the shaft L from the wheel O by a very compact nlcehafnisni. The shaft L, from which the power is taken, is quite close to the shaft B, on which the power or drivingl wheel O is placed` and this is effected by avery simple arrangement ot the pulleys, shafts, and belts, as set forth.

aving thus, described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

-Thearrang'ement of the four shafts B, D, F, and L, provided, respectively, lwith the wheels O, pulleys g I, pulley G, and bevelwheel J, andthe bevel-pinion K and pulley M, in connection with the belts E H, to form a new and improved horse-power, as herein set forth.




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