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Publication numberUS3773461 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 20, 1973
Filing dateJun 29, 1971
Priority dateJun 29, 1971
Publication numberUS 3773461 A, US 3773461A, US-A-3773461, US3773461 A, US3773461A
InventorsM Arimoto, T Fukui
Original AssigneeM Arimoto, T Fukui
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Golf-ball heater
US 3773461 A
A device for controlled heating of golf-balls, equipped with a compact cylindrical main body with a top-trap and lower ball-ejecting hinged door. The main body having in its bottom part a heating device with which to apply necessary heat to the golf-balls stored in a vertically lined-up way in the cylinder. Cold balls are inserted from above, in turn, in order to eject, by the action of a curved spring installed therein, properly heated balls at the lower opening.
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United States Patent 11 1 Arimoto et a].

[ GOLF-BALL HEATER 3,269,597 8/1966 Passavanti 221/289 x 3,066,925 12/1962 Smith 263/5 R [76] Invemms: Amfmm, Futabachm 3,351,330 11/1967 Kobayashl 263 5 x Takao Fukul Ohashlcho, both 2,977,023 3 1961 Meyer 221/256 x f Naga Kobe, Japan 1,333,479 3 1920 Farmer 221 256 [22] Filed: June 29, 1971 Primary Examiner-Manuel A. Antonakas [211 App! 157937 Attorney-Ernest G. Montague [30] Foreign Application Priority Data [57] ABSTRACT Mar. 30, 1971 Japan 46/22711 (utility model) A device for controlled heating of golf-balls, equipped 52 us. 01. 432/185, 126/263,221/256- with a compact cylindrical main body with a P 51 Int. Cl. .LIT: F23d 21/00 and lower ball-ejecting hinged (low The main y [58] Field 61 Search 221/150 11, 251, 256, having in its bottom P a heating with which 221l257, 271, 289 306 126/263; to apply necessary heat to the golfballs stored in a 263/4 5 165/47, 80 186 vertically lined-up way in the cylinder. Cold balls are inserted from above, in turn, in order to eject, by the [56] References Cited action of a curved spring installed therein, properly UNITED STATES PATENTS heated balls at the lower opening.

2,272,340 2/1942 Hampton 126/263 X 7 Claims, 6 Drawing Figures A l h 101 /1 8/ j y i i ,K i 5 r Nov. 20, 1973 V J IIIIIIIIIIIII/ PATENTEU "UV 2 0 I975 snm 28F 2 FIG. 6

FIG. 5

GOLF-BALL HEATER BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Golf-balls manufactured with gutta-percha cores have a tendency to change their elasticity along with changes in the atmospheric temperature. Especially during cold seasons this elasticity drops down to such an extent as to result in possible errors of various kinds including shorter runs, directional miss-shots, etc. on the golfcourse. Since golf-plays, naturally, require very delicate control of shots, this elasticity factor of the ball plays a vital part in cold climate in particular. This invention, in this connection, provides here a highly handy means of a long-awaited counter-measure against the above.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to an entirely new device for heating golf-balls, being designed to provide a golfplayer in cold seasons with properly heated balls with the full elasticity, and is characterized by a handy container of compact size equipped with a heating device and ball-storage and ejection means so as to facilitate easy loading/heating of cold balls and obtaining appropriately heated balls.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS In the accompanying drawings, showing by way of an example one form of the embodiment of this invention,

FIG. 1 shows the front view of the invention;

FIG. 2 shows the side view thereof;

FIG. 3 shows the cross-sectional side view along A-A line of FIG. 1;

FIG. 4 shows the cross-sectional view of the invention in the process of heating golf-balls;

FIG. 5 shows a cross-sectional perpendicular view of the invention whereby the ball, ready-heated, is about to be ejected therefrom through addition of a spare ball from the upper opening;

FIG. 6 likewise shows the said cross-section after the heated-ball has been ejected.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Referring now to the drawings, an embodiment of this invention for heating golf-balls, by way of an example, is'illustrated as comprising in combination,

a cylindrical main body 1 which is slightly larger in its inner diameter than golf-balls and equipped with a top-trap 2 and several protruding vertical streaks 10 on the inner wall of the cylinder 1;

a heating device 4 with its heater 3 open upwardly;

an opening 5 with an upper arc-shaped part thereof, cut out in the cylindrical wall 1 above the heater 3, preferably fitted with a hinged door 6 and a pan 7 designed to receive a heated ball when it is to be ejected;

a spring 8, curved upwardly and fitted at one end to the inner wall of the cylinder 1 at a position slightly higher than the pan 7, serving to sustain, several golfballs inserted from above in turn.

In accordance with the present invention, the heater 4, easily dismantled, is ignited with fuel, e.g. benzine, etc.. Of course, the heater can alternatively be operated electrically without any use of inflamable fuel therein. This device of the present invention, contains several balls therein in series, the lowermost ball being sustained by the curved spring 8. The device is easily portable with its book 11, mounted on the outer cylindrical wall 1, and can be hitched to a golf-bag or waist belt of the player either directly or by a strap.

Golf-balls 9contained in the cylinder 1 are heated in turn by the heater 3 from underneath, and as a necessary means of preventing the ball directly above the heater 3 from being heated directly and also excessively beyond a reasonable limit, the receiving pan 7, when preferably provided, serves its protective purpose against scorching of the balls by intercepting the direct heat from the heating source 4.

Now in taking out the heated ball from the device of the present invention, the trap 2 can be opened and a space golf-ball 9 inserted into the cylinder 1, whereby the golf-balls 9 already in the cylinder 1 will bear against the curved spring 8, the lowermost ball 9 pushing down the curved spring 8 (FIG. 5) and at the same time being pushed outwardly toward the direction of the lower opening 5.

With the receiving pan 7, the heated ball 9 is received onto the pan 7, whereby immediately the hooked state of the hinged door 6, so hooked by the upper arc thereof, is disengaged, and the resilient force of the spring 8 automatically opens the door 6, thereby ejecting the heated ball 9 out of the cylinder 1. The heated ball, in the presence of the pan 7, can be securely received by the pan 7, the perimeter of which is bent upwardly for this purpose, more conveniently than in the absence of such pan.

After the ejection, the curved spring 8 springs back to the original state (FIG. 4) and holds the balls in the cylinder 1.

The balls 9, while in the cylinder 1, are constantly pre-heated by the circulation of air inside, heated by the heater 4, and receive more heat as they are pressed down toward the bottom and, in the lowermost position, after long pre-heating, they have received ample heat so as to be maintained approximately about the designated temperature required when in use on the golf-course, thereby obtaining high heat efficiency as well.

In addition, element 12 are ventilation openings formed on the cylinder wall 1 for preventing overheating, and a hole 13 is formed in the hook 11. The cylinder may be covered with insulating materials, e.g. asbestos, etc., and the main body may be made of any materials, e.g. metal, plastics, etc.

From the foregoing, it will be clear that, according to the present invention, golf-balls are ready-heated in the cold seasons in order to maintain the desirable elasticity thereof for play on the golf course, thereby keeping experienced golfers, let alone beginners, from making miss-shots and constitutes a large contribution to golf.

Particularly the special characteristics of superior and novel performancewere not heretofore known, e.g., the device is compact, light-weight and portable; when spare balls are pushed into the cylinder 1, properly heated balls are readily obtainable in turn, and can be securely received by the pan 7 of the door 6; the balls, as they draw near the ejecting position, receive more heat, and consequently the balls, hot enough as well as appropriately hot, are always obtainable.

Furthermore, other advantages include easy removal of heated balls; no untimely dropping of balls nor uneven heat given to respective balls; simple structure and inexpensive cost thereby contributing remarkably to the golf. 7

We claim:

l. A heater for golf-balls comprising a cylindrical main body having an inner wall slightly larger in inner diameter than the diameter of golfballs,

a top-trap, on the top of said main body through which golf balls are to be inserted,

a heating means at a bottom portion of said main body,

said cylindrical main body having an opening above an adjacent said heating means,

a door hinged adjacent said opening, and

a curved spring means morgnted at one end thereof in said main body to said inner wall at a position slightly higher than said door, said curved spring means for operatively vertically sustaining a lowermost golf-ball being held in position by said curved spring means in a storage condition.

2. The heater, as set forth in claim 1, further comprisa pan secured to said door disposed above said heating means and below said curved spring means and holding said lowermost ball in cooperation with said curved spring means in an ejection condition,

said curved spring means mounted so as to urge said lowermost ball toward said door in said ejection condition, and

said pan serving as a heat shield protector for said golf-balls.

3. The heater as set forth in claim 1, wherein said spring means further for laterally pressing said lowermost golf-ball against said door for opening said door and ejecting said lowermost golf-ball in an ejection condition upon pressingly inserting another golf-ball into said main body through said top thereof.

4. The heater, as set forth in claim 3, wherein said spring means constitutes a spring having a substantially horizontally oriented portion for holding said lowermost golf-ball in said storage condition, and

said spring is mounted so as to bend downwardly upon pressingly inserting said another golf-ball into said main body for lowering said lowermost golf ball and pressing the latter laterally against said door.

5. The heater, as set forth in claim 4, wherein said spring is biased concavely upwardly and gener ally oriented horizontally in said storage condition,

said spring is pressed substantially linearly inclined downwardly in said ejection condition.

6. The heater, as set forth in claim 4, further comprisa pan means secured to said door for receiving said lowermost ball when said another golf-ball is pressingly inserted into said main body.

7. The heater, as set forth in claim 6, wherein said pan means having upwardly depending edges for holding said lowermost golf-ball after said door is opened.

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