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Publication numberUS3774773 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 27, 1973
Filing dateAug 14, 1972
Priority dateAug 14, 1972
Publication numberUS 3774773 A, US 3774773A, US-A-3774773, US3774773 A, US3774773A
InventorsB Brent
Original AssigneeB Brent
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Magnetic medical tool holder stand
US 3774773 A
A portable medical tool holder stand with a removably coupled magnetic medical tool holder arranged to be placed proximate an operating field so as to present a magnetic purchase for medical tools within the convenient reach of the operator. The tool holder is capable of being removably coupled to various different support members suitable for different procedures and including support structure capable of being mounted upon a dental examining chair, a hand table and the like, with an articulated linkage extension being provided either for direct coupling between the tool holder and the support members or as part of a supporting structure.
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United stateS Patent [1 1 Brent MAGNETIC MEDICAL TOOL HOLDER STAND [76] Inventor: Burton David Brent, Oak Park, 111.

[22] Filed: Aug. 14, 1972 [21] Appl. No.: 280,111

, Related US. Application Data [63] Continuation-impart of Ser. No. 229,732, Feb. 28,

[52] US. Cl. 211/60 T, 211/D1G. 1, 248/226 A, 248/282 [51] Int. Cl A47f 5/00, A47f 7/00, E06b 7/28 [58] Field of Search 211/60 T, 60 R, DIG. 1; 248/226 B, 226 A, 282, 283, 287, 281, 280, 298, 445

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 161,026 3/ 1875 Grummon 248/226 A X 218,210 8/1879 Alling et a]. 248/281 1,211,527 l/1917 Berndt 248/226 A X 1,495,189 5/1924 Mack 248/226 A X 2,470,439 5/1949 Kohler 248/226 A X 2,530,478 11/1950 Parent 248/226 B X 51 Nov. 27, 1973 Primary Examiner-Ramon S. Britts Attorney-4. lrving Silverman et a1.

57 ABSTRACT A portable medical tool holder stand with a removably coupled magnetic medical tool holder arranged to be placed proximate an operating field so as to present a magnetic purchase for medical tools within the convenient reach of the operator. The tool holder is capable of being removably coupled to various different support members suitable for different procedures and including support structure capable of being mounted upon a dental examining chair, a hand table and the like, with an articulated linkage extension being provided either for direct coupling between the tool holder and the support members or as part of a supporting structure.

5 Claims, 9 Drawing Figures PAIENIED um 21 I975 SHEET 10? 3 PATENTEUHUV 27 ms SHEET 2 [1F 3 PMENTEBnavm ms sum 3 0F 3 3.774,?73

MAGNETIC MEDICAL TOOL HOLDER STAND CROSS REFERENCE TO OTHER APPLICATIONS FIELD OF THE INVENTION This invention relates generally to a medical instrument or tool stand and more particularly provides a novel, portable medical tool stand having supporting structure capable of installation for use in diversified situations, such as, on a dental examining chair, or on a hand treatment table and/or on other medical facilities, said stand being characterized by the provision of aremovably attached, sterilizable magnetic tool holder offering a magnetic purchase for said tools conveniently oriented relative to an operating field so as-to facilitate handling of said tools by the doctor.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION In said co-pending application, there was disclosed a portable stand with a removably coupled, magnetic tool holder arranged to overlie the patient on an operating cart such as encountered in an emergency treatment center of a hospital or similar institution. The medical tool holder was oriented so as to present a magnetic purchase for the medical instruments to be held within convenient reach of the operating surgeon. As disclosed, the stand had a flat base capable of being engaged beneath the mattress supporting the patient on the operating cart. The tool holder included an autoclave sterilizable bar member having a magnetic purchase surface for the medical tools, which surface was canted preferably about 45 relative to the plane of the mattress so that the tools held thereon were oriented most conveniently relative to the operating surgeon. The distance of the bar member relative to the platform was variable by suitable adjustment means amd means also were provided for varying the angle of orientation of the bar member relative to the patient.

The invention herein is concerned primarily with modifications of the supporting structure comprising said stand so that the field of use thereof may be expanded to other medical situations, including dentistry. Modifications are provided in coupling the bar member to the supporting structure so as to increase the versatility of the resulting structure, without loss in any advantages found in the earlier tool stand.

DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS bodiment of the invention adapted for mounting upon.

a hand treatment table.

FIG. 4 is a perspective view of the tool stand of FIG. 3 illustrated in assembled condition as used in the performance of procedures upon the hand of a patient.

FIG. 5 is a perspective view of a hand treatment table illustrated with a portion of the tool stand of FIG. 4 assembled thereupon.

FIG. 5A is a perspective view of the tool stand of FIG. 3 as applied to a hand treatment table but illustrated with the tool holder thereof oriented longitudinally of the table.

FIG. 6 is a perspective view of a modified embodiment of the invention illustrated in the process of assembly to a modified hand treatment table.

FIG. 7 is a partially exploded perspective view of another modified embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 7A is a view of the embodiment of FIG. 7 illustrated as assembled and in use.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS As stated above, the specification and drawing of my copending application identified hereinabove is incorporated by reference in this application and made a part hereof.

Referring now to the drawings herein, the portable medical tool stand constructed in accordance with the invention is illustrated diagrammatically in FIG. 1 as installed upon a dental treatment chair 12 in the course of dental procedures being performed on a patient 14. The portable stand is designated generally by reference character andis shown arranged removably mounted on a conventional dental chair 16.

The stand 100 has an offset elbow 118 of generally cylindrical configuration. The upper end 120 of said elbow 118 is coupled releasably at 122 to one arm 124 of elbow 126. The lower end 128 of offset elbow 118 has a depending shaft 130 terminating at its end in a ball formation 132. Bracket or plate 134 is pennanently secured to the dental chair 1 16 by screws 136 or the like fastening means. Plate 134 includes a top opening socket 138 for receiving ball 132 and permitting the elbow to swivel about its vertical axis, per arrows 140. The other arm 124' of elbow I26 terminates in portion 142 carrying a relatively flat, elongate blade 144 secured therein.

The tool holder 146 is generally the same as that described in the co-pending reference application and, reference is made to such application for a detailed description thereof. Blade 144 is received in the longitudinal slot 148 formed in the instrument holder 146. The blade 144 is engaged telescopically and removably within the holder 146. The blade is provided with a pair of spaced apart recesses or notches each opening to one edge of the blade. Detent means are provided in intercepting relation with the longitudinal slot so as to be capable of detachably securing the blade 144 in the holder 146 in various longitudinal relative positions. In this manner, the horizontal positioning of the holder 146 relative to the patient 14 can be adjusted to at least two positions. It will be noted that slot 148 opens to at least one end face 147 of holder 146 and preferably, opens to both ends of the holder 146 so as to facilitate reversal thereof.

The medical tools 150 are readily removed and replaced on the holder 146 so as to facilitate the use thereof during the procedure and to eliminate the need for an intermediary handling the instruments for'the operating surgeon.

Referring now to FIGS. 3-5A, a modified embodiment of the invention is illustrated which enables the magnetic tool holder 146 to be utilized in conjunction with a hand treatment board or table 154, that is, a table or platform employed in medical procedures which are preformed upon the hand 156 of a patient 114. The stand designated 100 comprises the tool holder 146' and supporting structure in the form of a pair of elbows and base 158 to secure the supporting structure to the table 154. I

The magnetic tool holder 146 differs from holder 146 in that the slot 148 is absent and a socket 160 is provided on the rear face 146" of the holder 146' between the ends thereof. An elbow 162 terminates at opposite ends 164,166 in projections 168,170 each terminating in a ball formation 172,174. One arm 176 of the elbow 178 has a formation 180 carrying a socket 182 adjacent its end, said socket-182 capable of receiving ball formation 174 therein. Ball formation 172 is seated within the socket 160 carried by the tool holder 146'. The other arm 184 of elbow 178 terminates in a projection 186 carrying a terminal ball formation 188.

The base 158 includes a standard 190, preferably hollow, the upper portion 192 of which mounts a cap 194 provided with a socket 196. The lower and opposite end 198 of the standard 190 includes an internally threaded formation 200 accommodating a threaded rod 202 having an aperture 204 through which is passed handle 206. A side opening vise-like formation 208 is provided on the circumference of the standard 190 closely adjacent the threaded formation 200. The formation 208 includes a pair of parallel plates 210 which may or may not be ribbed or otherwise scored and which are spaced apart a sufiicie'nt distance to accommodate the thickness of the longitudinal edge of handboard 154 as a unit shown installed in FIG. 5. Because of the ball and socket formations above described, the various portions of the standard 190 such as the pair of elbows 162,178 can be pivoted or swiveled one relative to the other for selective positioning of the medical tool holder 146.

Referring now to FIGS. 4 and SA, the structure 100' is illustrated with the tool holder 146' shown in different positions relative to the hand table 154. In FIG. 4, the tool holder 146 is arranged above and transverse the table 154 while in FIG. A, the tool holder 146' is arranged above and substantially parallel to the table 154. The eblows 162 and 178, as well as the tool holder 146' are capable of being demounted and sterilized using conventional procedures such as autoclave sterilization.

In FIG. 6, the stand according to the invention has been modified so that the tool holder 146 and elbow 162 are utilized as coupled adjustably to a standard 212, the lower end of which is secured permanently to one arm 214 of channeled base member 216. A slot and key formation is provided, defined by the channel 218 of said base member 216, of size and crosssectional configuration to be received slidably upon the key or enlarged glide portion 220 formed along one longitudinal edge of a modifed hand table 154'. Means are provided in the form of hand screw 222 to be threadably engaged in opening 224 formed in the cross member 226 to enable entry thereof into the channel 218 so as to bear against the glide 220. Accordingly, this enables the location of the stand 100 along the platform to be adjusted selectively, released and readjusted securely to another location therealong.

In FIGS. 7 and 7A, a modified embodiment of the invention is illustrated as being coupled to a standard 228 similar standard 190 by way of the block 230. Block 230 has a depending projection 232 terminating in a ball formation 234. A three bar articulated or pivotal extensible linkage formation 236 links the block 230 to the tool holder 146. The bars or arms 240 and 242 and 244 are coupled by pivot couplings 246 with bar 244 terminating in a ball formation 248. Ball 248 is received within the socket of holder 146'. The articulated three bar linkage extension means enable thelocation or situs of the tool holder to be varied depending upon the particular situation being considered so as to provide unusual convenience and versatility in the use of the medical tool holder and stand.

What I claim is:

1. In combination with a dental tool stand of the type to be placed on a portion of a patient supporting surface such as a dentists chair, a vertically arranged support formation comprising a portion offset from the vertical axis of said stand, first coupling means for releasably securing said support fonnation to a portion of said patient supporting surface, a dental tool holder means including at least one planar surface having magnetic means for releasably engaging said dental tools thereon to provide a purchase for dental tools in conveniently accessible position and extending in the direction of a dental operating field defined by said patient supporting surface, second coupling means securing said dental tool holder means in right angular relationship with respect to said offset portion in overlying relation to said first coupling means and in close juxtaposition to said operating field, said dental tool holder means comprising a substantially rectangular body having an elongate, longitudinally extending passageway opening to one end face thereof and said second coupling means including an elongate, longitudinally disposed member adjustable with respect to said offset portion and releasably engaged in said longitudinal extending passageway for an appreciable length thereof and dimensioned to be snugly and frictionally secured in said passageway to form the sole support of said dental tool holder and said second coupling means to facilitate quick removal after use.

2. The structure of claim 1 wherein said first coupling means and said second coupling means comprise means for respective angular adjustment of said stand with respect to the patient supporting surface and for angular adjustment of said dental tool holder with respect to said vertically arranged offset portion of said stand.

3. The structure of claim 1 in which said substantially planar surface has a plurality of parallel, longitudinal grooves formed along the length thereof and wherein said magnetic means are seated within said grooves.

4. The structure of claim 1 in which further means are provided for selectively adjusting the effective height at which said dental tool holder means is disposed relative to the base and means for selectively adjusting the orientation of said dental tool holder relative to the stand.

5. The structure of claim 1 in which said dental tool holder means comprise a body having a plurality of parallel longitudinal grooves formed along one face of said surface, said magnetic means being seated within said grooves and said first and second coupling means comprising swivel formations respectively formed on said vertical support formation and said base and on said offset portion and the opposite face of aid dental tool holder body.

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