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Publication numberUS3776481 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 4, 1973
Filing dateDec 29, 1971
Priority dateDec 29, 1970
Publication numberUS 3776481 A, US 3776481A, US-A-3776481, US3776481 A, US3776481A
InventorsIchikawa K
Original AssigneeFujia Photo File Co Ltd
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Apparatus for taking up a web
US 3776481 A
Apparatus for taking up a web which has one rotary shaft, in turn a plurality of shafts for mounting the cores of the rotatably wound web extended radially in the perpendicular plane to the rotary shaft, and a device drives the shafts for mounting the cores so as to selectively rotate and stop them at equidistant circumferential positions.
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O Umted States Patent 1191 [1 3,776,481

Ichikawa Dec. 4, 1973 APPARATUS FOR TAKING UP A WEB 411,608 9/1889 Pope 242 56 A [75] Inventor: Ko [cl 1 Minami 3,477,657 11/1969 Norblsrath 242/64 X Ashigara-Machi, Japan 73 Assignee: Fujia Photo File c6., 1,111., Primary Examiner-George Mautz Kanagawa, Japan Assistant Examiner-Edward J. McCarthy An R' h dC. S h ta]. 22 Filed: Dec. 29, 1-971 omey at me e [21] Appl. No.: 213,490

' 57 ABSTRACT [30] Foreign Application Priority Data Dec. 29, 1970 Japan 121440 Apparatus for taking up a web which has one rotary WW shaft, in turn a plurality of shafts for mounting the US. Cl .J 242/56 A, 242/64 cores of the rotatably wound web extended radially in Int. Cl B6511 19/06, the perpendicular plane to the rotary shaft and a 1 [58] Field of Search 242/64, 56 A, 56 R vice drives the shafts for mounting the cores so as to selectively rotate and stop them at equidistant circum- [56] References Cited ferential positions.

UNITED STATES PATENTS 601,495 3/1898 Cornell 242 56 A 2 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures APPARATUS FORTAKING UP A WEB BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention This invention relates to anapparatus for taking up aweb, andmore particularly toan apparatus for taking up a web adapted for readily replacing the wound web cores.

2. Description of the Prior Art An apparatus for taking up a web after the web such as paper, plastic, metal, etc., is treated, is used in various technical fields, but in any field, this type of apparatus for taking up a web lowers itse'fficiency in .the whole by the operation for replacing the core, that is, the operation of removing the core wound with theweb and of mounting'new vacant core.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is, therefore, an object of this'invention to provide an apparatus for .takingup a web which readily replaces the core so as to improve the efficiency of the .taking up step.

According to one aspect of .thisinvention,.:there is provided an apparatus for takingup a web which comprises one rotary shaft for mounting the cores of the wound web-which are rotatablyprovided on. a" plurality of shafts which extendedrradially in .thevertical'plane with the rotary shaft, and.a device'fordrivingithe shaft for mountingthe cores to selectively rotate or stop it at equidistant circumferential:positions.

The other objects, features and .advantagesrofthis invention will become apparent .from the following. de-

- scription taken in conjunction with thetaccompanying drawings.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE '.DRAWINGS FIG. 1115.3. side'view-of the apparatus of this'invention.

.FIG. 2 isa front view of :theapparatus of FIG. 1.

' FIG. 3 is a partially cut side view of the 'essentialparts of the apparatus.

FIG. 4 is a plan view ofaportion of .thezapparatus.

DESCRIPTION OF TI-IE 'PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Reference is now madetothe drawings, which show one embodiment of the apparatusaccording tothis invention.

The apparatus fortakin'gup a web ofthis'invention comprises a take-up. unit i 2 rotatable about one "main shaft 1, in which unit L2, fourshafts 21, 22,123 andk24, for mounting the coresextend radially in the vertical plane with the main shaft 1. This take-up..unit.2 may rotate intermittently 90 degrees around .theaxis of the main shaft 1 so that the respective shaftsi21 to..24..are brought, in turn, to equidistant circumferential .positions, particularly in sequence to a vertical upstanding position. lnthe apparatus of .this embodiment, this intermittent rotation is conducted bya thick wheel'3 of a genevagear and a follower '4, but may'also bedone by anothertmeans such as onecyclemotor.

In FIGS. 2 and 3, the structural detail of the-take-up unit 2 and its driving system .areshownAArdrive shaft 6 havinga take-up shaft transmission gear 60 is. supported by aframeS provided at the side of :theapparatus,.and the a'belt on the pulley: 61 fixed tothe drive shaft. 6. A turret :plate 7 is fixed to the main shaft 1, and four take-up transmission shafts 81, 82, 83 and 84 are supported in parallel by the turret plate 7.'To the take-up transmission shafts 81 to 84 are fixed take-up shaft rotary gears 91 to 94 engaging the take-up shaft transmission gear 60 and interlocking gears 11 to 14. The interlocking gears 11 to 14 are disposed in the take-up unit 2 and always in engagement with the take-up gears 25, 26,27 and 28 of the end of the take-up shafts 210, 220, 230 and 240 fixed to the shafts 21 to 24 for mounting the core of the takeup unit 2. The take-up unit 2 has keep rollers 31, 32,

' 33and 34 for winding the web onto the core mounted to the shafts 21 to 24 without looseness. Bearings 41 to 44 rotatably support the take-up shaft 210.

In the take-up unit 2 thus constructed, if the take-up shaft rotary gear 91 is engaged with the take-up shaft transmission gear 60, when the drive shaft 6 is rotated,

the take-up transmission shaft 81 is rotated through the transmission gear 60 and take-up shaft rotary gear 91,

and the takesup shaft gear 25 is rotated by the interlock gear 1 1 so that the shaft 21 for mounting the core fixed to the take-up shaft 210 is rotated.

Whereupon, the other shafts 22, 23, 24 for mounting the core are stopped. Then, if the core is at first .mounted onto the shaft 21 for mounting the core in the .above state so that the web is taken up thereon and when the taking-up is completed the web is cut out at the same time the main shaft 1 is rotated at an angle of .inthe direction as shown byan arrow in FIG. 1 by the;.geneva gears 3 and 4, with the result that the takeup shaft rotarygear 94 is engaged with the take-up :shaft transmission gear 60 so that the rotation of the .drive shaft-.6 is transmitted to the shaft 24 for mounting the.core,:shaft24 moving to vertical upright position.

Here, in FIG. 1, the web brought to the right side together withthe core, which is removed, where vacant core is installed. Whereupon, the shaft 24 already starts to take up the web sothatthe taking-up is continuously conducted.

Therefore, it is not necessary that a special step and time for replacing the web roll after completion of taking up occurs, so that the time of the taking-up step is greatly shortened.

The replacement of the core is conducted only if the core is pulled in the direction of the take-up shaft, and vacant core is not installed with sliding axially and accordingly the operation is very simple.

ltshould beunderstood fromzthe foregoing description that since the take-up shafts are radially provided -with respect to the main shaft of the turret so that this .is rotated around the main shaft in the apparatus of this invention, the apparatus may be simply constructed so .as to greatly improve the effiency of the steps of the operation thereof.

What is claimed is:

1. Apparatus for takingup a web comprising:

.a horizontally disposed rotary shaft,

a pluralityof rotatable core mounting shafts extending radially in the vertical plane from said rotary shaft and rotatable as an array therewith about the axis of said rotary shaft,

means for indexing said rotary shaft to dispose each core mounting shaft of said array at sequential equidistant circumferential positions and to dispose a selected shaft in vertical upright position, va driving mechanism, and

said indexing means further including means for opgear wheel and follower are provided to rotate the rotary shaft about its axis from one index position to another.

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION Patent No. 3, 776 481 v Dated December 4, 1973 Invefitofls) Kohei Ichikawa.

It is certified that error appears in the above-identified patent and that said Letters Patent are hereby corrected as shown below:

In the Headihg:

The Assignee's name was misspelled. Should Be: 7

-- Fuji Photo Film 00., Ltd.

Signedand s elled this 6th day of August 1974.

(SEAL) Attest':

MCCOY M. GIBSON, JR. C. MARSHALL DANN Attesting Officer Commissioner of Patents FORM PO-IOSO (10-69) USCOMM-DC 6O376-P69 v! U.S, GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: I969 0-366-334,

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